Ancient Egypt Slot Games

Online slot machines themed to ancient Egypt incorporate many of the traditional characteristics generally associated with Ancient Egypt slots, including the emblematic Egyptian pyramids, tales of pharaohs, the most famous of all perhaps being Egypt's last pharaoh, Cleopatra, together with a multitude of Egyptian gods and goddesses, hieroglyphics and more all set along the great river Nile and perhaps the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Ancient Egypt slots for free are available via NeonSlots right here and right now.

Why Games with an Egyptian Theme are popular?

The long and enduring history of one of our greatest ancient civilizations lives on in popular culture, in films, books and history lessons at school. It endlessly entices us with its myths, legends and formidable personalities, of whom we have written sagas, and produced a myriad works of art and now ancient Egypt lives on in arcade games and Egyptian themed slot machines. These games will take you on epic journeys down the Nile, the birthplace of civilizations, through the ever changing landscape of the desert, all in search of some hidden lost oasis, forbidden treasure or perhaps the pharaohs treasure itself, exploring the inner sanctum of the final, or not so final, resting places of the pharaohs to uncover riches beyond your wildest dreams, golden sphinxes, azure beetles and precious stones. Will you be unfortunate enough to fall for the powerful Cleopatra's wiles, or perhaps lucky enough to receive her grace and assistance? And what of the secrets of the ancients as described by Egyptian hieroglyphics, what secrets might they reveal, perhaps messages from the gods themselves, or warnings against curses or traps to avoid, or possibly their messages may form part of the traps themselves? Beware who enters here!

Egypt Themed Online Slots

And now, at long last, we have slot machines designed specifically for egyptophiles, lovers of ancient civilizations and anyone interested in the thrill and adventure such games generate. Given the worldwide popularity of these games, it is not surprising to find that practically all of the largest games developers in the industry are working furiously to produce, improve and innovate games designed specifically with this in mind, pinpointing the most successful aspects of each game, be they cultural, the Gods, characters or artifacts, in order to incorporate them into future versions, later sagas and new games within this theme.

Book of Ra Classic

Book of Ra Classic, by Greentube, is themed to the God, Ra, the Sun God who was reportedly swallowed by Nut, the God of the Sky, only to be reborn every morning as the new dawn, this most eminent of gods within Egyptian mythology appears in countless tales throughout the kingdoms and various epochs of egyptian history. The book Amduat, also know as the book That Which Is In the Underworld, the Book of Horus of Ra or more commonly as the Book of the Dead is a funerary book reserved for royalty and tells of how to travel through the underworld to be as one with the God Ra. It names the malignant monsters sent to hinder their passage and names pharoahs who may be summoned to their aid, an invaluable relic in our quest for riches and immortality. The book will serve to guide the player through a series of trials and tribulations, each one more difficult and deadly than the one before.

This exciting game takes place in an ancient Egyptian pyramid and is completed by means of the Scatter symbol represented itself by the Book of Ra, and the Bonus Symbol, which the player may choose between the sacred beetle Khepri, the explorer, the pharaoh's sarcosuchus and the golden sphinx, among others. Thanks to the intrigue generated from the plot, this online slot machine in particular has enjoyed tremendous success and has given Greentube considerable reason to continue to develop this game and they have in fact created a saga based upon the the original game as in Book of Ra Deluxe and Book of Ra Deluxe 6.

Book of Ra Deluxe and Book of Ra Deluxe 6

In the Book of Ra Deluxe and Book of Ra Deluxe 6, we see the graphics from Book of Ra Classic improved from amazing to beyond amazing, the conservation of the original game's most popular features including the game's symbols and scenery, as well as the charm of the Egyptian pyramids.

The Mummy

The Mummy, developed and designed by PlayTech, is inspired by the silver screen's box office hit The Mummy, by director Stephen Sommers. The first in the saga of online slot machines follows the storyline and subplots of the films, namely: The Mummy, The Return of the Mummy and the The Return of the Dragon Emperor. These films were epic box office smashes and couldn't fail as slot machines in which Rick O'Connell, played by Brendan Fraser, and Evelyn Carnahan, played by Rachel Weisz explore a lost city but instead of finding treasure, they unwittingly discover Imhotep, a priest mummified some 3000 years previously, played by Arnold Vosloo, who upon being resuscitated begins to see his powers grow, but in an effort to increase his power still further, to godlike proportions, needs the book of Amon Ra and to sacrifice Evelyn. These characters and other icons from the storyline are taken as symbols within the actual game, such as treasure, a sarcophagus, pistols and the book of Amon Ra, all of which draw the player into the game to better enjoy the passion of the era, the thrill of faceoffs between powerful enemies and the terrible Imhotep, in a bid to save Evelyn through a slick, easy to use and high quality interface with multiple bonus options.

Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra

Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra, by Playtech, is another online slot machine based on the search for treasure by a valiant, intrepid and daring explore, Daring Dave (who is very daring, and just a little dashing), to be precise, who during the bonus game enters deep into the heart of a pyramid and has to open distinct doors, one after another in order to reach his objective, the last and innermost chamber where he will be faced with the prized eye of Ra and the most difficult of challenges yet, as well as games of fortune. You must make life and death decisions, choosing the right tile, hieroglyphic code or pedestal which in turn open doors that themselves have been sealed with various powerful curses for thousands of years. After each successive victory, prizes are awarded, drawn from symbols such as lions and falcons charged with guarding the doors to the pyramid, the sacred beetle, the eye of Horus and many, many more.

Egypt Sky

In Egypt Sky, another online slot machine by EGT, you assume the role of another curious explorer, but this time with the objective of discovering the landscape and culture of Ancient Egypt, entering the tepid waters of the river Nile, upon magnificent Egyptian ships, or traveling by impressive horse drawn carts, set to deciphering mysterious hieroglyphics and learn of the powerful gods of ancient Egyptian mythology. The cultural items of this mythology are represented in the game with symbols such as the river Nile, the sphinx, the pharaoh's sarcophagus or Cleopatra, the Ankh or Egyptian cross which represents the Wild symbol and a grand oasis best by palm trees as well as an Egyptian city and pyramids representing the Scatter symbol.

Characteristics of Egyptian Themed Online Slots

Naturally, Egyptian themed slot machines have all the usual bonuses and special features we have come to expect from such games, some with different levels which will take the player to separate screens with similar related themes such as the inside of a pharaoh's tomb, in which a number of tasks must be completed in order to continue on through the various levels or gain further opportunities to win, double or otherwise multiply winnings. In other games, players can choose from a selection of special symbols which appear during free spins which will be gathered into a separate basket separate from the other symbols collected, increasing the chances of winning a final prize. Additional rounds might also be acquired along the way, which are automatically activated when 3 special symbols appear, being of course, the Scatter, Wild and the Bonus symbols, some prizes may be multiplied, or winnings may be doubled with a game of risk in which your fate may be decided upon the turn of a single card which at first appears face down, hiding its true value, which may be either red or black, choosing correctly can provide the opportunity to double the player's winnings. Special games take place either from the same main screen or on an additional screen all of which will be themed to some aspect of Ancient Egypt relating to the storyline.

Just imagine, playing your favourite Egyptian themed online slot machine, waiting in anticipation while the symbols wheel past your eyes as the reels spin again and again, just waiting for the symbols you need for a winning combination, or perhaps even to win the special Pharaoh's prize with the sought after card symbols 10, J, Q, K & A. The adventurous explorer dressed in beige with a distinctive explorer's hat, Egyptian Gods such as Ra, God of the sun or Horus the falcon headed God, golden coloured sphinxes made of stone, Cleopatra herself, Egyptian jewellery, pyramids of all sizes, the sacred azule beetle, horse drawn carts, the river Nile, the sacred book, the sarcophagus, the pharaoh's bust, papyrus, the ankh Egyptian cross, panthers and the sacred demigod cat, all of course, related to Ancient Egypt, their kings and queens, myths and legends carefully crafted together to assist players to immerse themselves into their chosen game.

Big games developers have rushed to meet the ever growing demand for this type of online slot machine, particularly Egyptian themed slot machines given their immense popularity and success, creating numerous games, versions and sagas based upon the most popular games and features already available. NeonSlots provides you with a list of the most prominent developers and designers in the industry together with their most popular and frequently played games of this type, that are available to play for free.

The popularity of these games is truly unprecedented, it is so great in fact that new developers with more limited resources dedicate a disproportional but, in the circumstances, highly appropriate, share of their time and effort in developing online slot machines themed to Ancient Egypt where they can be played in online casinos, games platforms and regularly feature on these websites' most popular games lists.