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Innovatively Different Slots for Free

In this section we at NeonSlots have included all those slots that are truly beyond the realm of mainstream gaming, those that defy the usual categorization and are so inventively different they each deserve a category of their own. They include some of our most favourite games and it is often difficult to pull our researchers away from them long enough to write game reviews about such already popular and innovatively different slots for free, all designed and developed by world famous software producers.

Why and How NeonSlots Classifies Slots under Different Themes

NeonSlots researchers categorise slots according to many key factors relevant to each game, including: the time and place in which the game is staged, the characters found in the game, already clear genres such as Superheroes or TV shows; all to make it easier to find both the most popular games of a specific category as well as those games that fit gamers' particular tastes and mood. So, games with Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt, are classified (after considerable discussion in the office) under slots themed to Cleopatra, games that are somewhat risque that might leave players feeling slightly hot under the collar are themed as Erotic, whereas games with Chinese symbols and orientalism are themed to Asia. It is sometimes a little more complicated than that and NeonSlots has made great efforts in allowing users to find the games they are looking for, slotting them into their natural categories, but some games are so innovatively different that, amazing as they are, they just refuse to fit any easily definable mould or classification. And so, we have named this category in dedication to the wonders with which these games have been lovingly created – Innovatively Different.

Most Popular Innovatively Different Online Slots

Trying to decide which of the innovatively different themed online slots are most popular has been the cause of often heated debate here at NeonSlots, our researchers have split into separate warring factions, each group with some very clear ideas about which is the best game, or even which is the best of the best and even the very best. After some bloodletting (mostly metaphorical) we have reached a tentative agreement listing the most popular games in this category having listened to both novice and seasoned players and played the games extensively ourselves. Among the most popular in this category include, but are by no means limited to: Sassy Bingo by Wagermill, Immortal Romance from the popular designer Microgaming, Chain Reactors Trails by OpenBet, Aloha Cluster Pays by NetEnt, Gears of Fortune developed by Gamevy and from Igrosoft we have Resident, Garage and Gnome as well as Sweet Life. And Sweet Life 2. And then there's Aloha! Cluster Pays. And … well, the list just goes on and on.

Characteristics of Different Online Slots Plot and Storyline

While online slots with classic themes such as TV and Film, Super Heroes and the like aim to develop an already existing plot, narrative or story line within an established genre with well-known characters, innovatively different themed slots strikeout to create something original with new characters, settings and bonuses to provide us with both the same thrills and excitement we'd expect from online gaming but also to surprise us with something different in terms of graphics, style and gameplay albeit within the general format of online slots.

Aloha! Cluster Pays by NetEnt

Aloha! Cluster Pays, is set on some faraway oceanic island reminiscent of Hawaii with gentle music you could sing Aloha to. Dancing whilst playing is optional as is the grass skirt. The main screen has 6 reels (6!) with a placidly erupting volcano in the background itself rising above the beautifully calm waters of a blissfully tranquil bay. In the foreground to the right of the reels we see our game companion - a wooden statue (can statues be wooden?) - a crowned, eyebrow-wiggling, occasionally gangster shade-wearing, guitar-playing, aloha-dancing deity typical of fantasy islands idols everywhere. The music played whilst receiving prizes and bonuses is particularly exciting.

Immortal Romance by Microgaming

Immortal Romance, as its name suggests, involves quite an amazing backstory of love and lust between the sinister yet tremendously attractive characters in this game, including Amber, Sarah, Troy and the dashing Michael (NeonSlots team favourite). Amber, is a witch to die for, stay on her right side and she'll happily provide you with free spins ten at a time, but cross her and you'll be in reel trouble (reeeeel, trouble, eh?). Amber is Sarah's best friend, and Sarah is in love with the majestic, intelligent and dark university professor called Michael (NeonSlots team favourite and probable villain of this tale). Amber senses the hidden dangers of this forbidden relationship but will she be able to prevent the foreseeable death and destruction that it forebodes? What sharp teeth you have, Michael (who is likely allergic to garlic and steak). Then the earth moves with the arrival of Troy, but is he here to assist our heroes, or is he a trojan horse working for the forces of evil. As the game music warns, there is darkness ahead of us.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus Rounds in innovatively different online slots can share all the usual features generally expected of such games like the double or nothing round or, as in the case for most Igrosoft games, a two level bonus round, the first of which must be completed before you are able to go through to the risk game, for example, in Gnome, the bonus game begins with five wagons which the gnome must select at random in order to find treasures that can be converted into prizes while hoping to avoid a splattering of mud which would end the round, collect all the prizes and go on to the double or nothing where you can risk it all to double your winnings.

Gears of Fortune is another online slot that is a break from the norm in that in this game, rather than spinning reels to produce a winning combination of prizes there is one giant spinning wheel in the centre of the screen, which itself is surrounded by the game's symbols and you will collect symbols (trying to avoid the hazard symbols) to receive prizes of between 100% and 800% of your bet. Bonuses such as the jackpot can be won by answering questions on trivia to receive even higher payout percentages of your total bet, from 2,500% to 100,000%.

Control Panel

Online slot control panels do not differ greatly in-so-far as their main buttons are concerned, although the style and artwork which surrounds them will vary according to the game's general theme. Igrosoft, for example, have settled on a standard formal for its control panels in most of its online slots giving customers what they want and expect, an easy-to-use, simple and elegant design which is pleasing to look at without being distracting to the eye, the focus being on the main game play in the centre of the screen.