Treasure Slots for Free

If you are here looking for treasure you have definitely come to the right place. Don your Indiana Jones hat and let the adventure begin. Treasure of all kinds, shapes and sizes await you. Be it Diamonds from the mines of Africa you seek or the lost treasures of the pharaohs. If you prefer, why not take to the high seas to chase after pirate treasure or take a trip back in time in search for the cities of gold and lost Mayan treasure. Whatever your pleasure, we at NeonSlots are sure to have it right here. Try theĀ treasure slotsĀ for free before going for gold.

There's Gold in Them Thar Hills ...

With our range of online slot machines it is perhaps the best moment in human history to unite the many treasure hunting fans in their various quests to seek and recover treasure. Play for free without deposit, without registration and without any downloads of any type whatsoever. Can't say fairer than that, right? Ancient Mayan gold may be recovered from temples in South America, we can discover the hidden diamond mines of Africa, or the lost treasure of some sunken ship, this will provide us with the opportunity to seek out vast sums of money and make our fortune when we discover all the of the treasure that is out there just waiting to be uncovered. Playing online slot machines themed to treasure hunting is a great way to enjoy your free time, placing bets, spinning reels and enjoying the thrill of being able to win, maybe, just maybe, huge sums of money. Various options are available to play for real money, so why not spend some time playing these gambling games.

General Features of the Games

The symbols we find in these slot machines are always related to the search for treasure, this theme will fill the reels full of symbols relating to the history and atmosphere of the adventures in which we are set to immerse ourselves. The symbols we see depending largely on the particular adventure in which we find ourselves, allowing us to play action packed adventures, face all manner of difficulties and adversity and overcome challenges just as our heroes might with their own special skills and powers in a variety of settings and situations, to obtain treasure and play bonus games based on special sidelines related to the main theme of the slot machine in question. All of the bonus or free spin rounds are triggered by 3 or more Scatter, Wild or Bonus symbols they often can be extended and/or multiply winnings.

Games Developers and most Popular Games

There are many developers who have worked to produce treasure hunting or treasure themed slot machines, and NeonSlots would like to list here just some of the most popular and fun to play games in this genre:

  • OpenBet - Treasure Island
  • Betsoft - Treasure Room
  • Pragmatic Play - Forest Treasure

Treasure themed slots have a huge fan base in countries all around the world which have produced a demand which gambling games developers are continuously trying to meet with new and exciting games, adding new bonuses, new challenges, variations on popular games, their structure and gameplay.