Animal Slots for Free

Animals really captured our imaginations as kids in cartoons, books and films. in our adult lives they continue to do so as we anthropomorphise and personify all our favorite animals animating in cute, cuddly and sometime ferocious humanised versions of themselves in farm animal slots, wild animal slots and more with Money Bees, the bees of Beehive Bedlam the huff and puff of the Big Bad Wolf, the lion of Mega Moolah and a touch of African Spirit. Whatever takes your fancy, you'll surely find it here among our selection of Animal slots for free provided courtesy of our team here at NeonSlots.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

If wild animals are your favourite, then why not try out the games designed around your favourite locations and landscapes, from the savannahs of Africa to the jungles of India, wherever takes your fancy? You will be able to appreciate creatures like, tigers, buffalos, monkeys, hippos, crocodiles, coyotes, wolves, lions and hyenas as well as a diverse population of birds, reptiles and insects in these types of games. If pets are more your cup of tea, there are many games with traditional pets like cats, dogs and goldfish. Overall, if you love animals, you are bound to find your favorite animal in one of these online, animal themed slots games.

The images that you will find on the reels of these machines usually have things such as fish tanks, mice with grass and little sound toys, as well as the adorable pets that enjoy these types of objects. There are also some machines that focus entirely on one type of animal, such as horse games that offer equestrian images or games with wild wolves that have snow-capped mountains and full moons.

Developer and most Popular Games

The developers of slot machines that have slot machines with animal themes is quite extensive and those that are the most popular from the main developers are:

Wild Safari

Wild Safari by Rival Gaming gives visitors the chance to photograph the wild animals that can be found whilst on safari in Africa. Feast your eyes on the magnificant Elephants and powerful Crocodiles but watch out for the Angry Rhino who may charge your way! Pay attention to the gamekeeper and keep your eye on the wildlife through your binoculars as you ride through the terrain on this adventure of a lifetime. 

Wolf Run

In Wolf Run, developed by the company IGT, you will be transported to a cold mountain somewhere in the world where you will feel total freedom. The presence of some Indian feathers and an ancient totem pole, will remind you of the importance that the wolf has in the ancient Indian cultures of North America, where it is considered a mystical, wise and powerful creature.

Panther Moon

In Panther Moon, designed by Playtech, you will find yourself in a magical environment where panthers roam free and the night is not only dark but harbours some mysteries to be solved, secrets to be uncovered and surprises to astonish us, which is demonstrated by the images of exotic flowers that only open their petals in the light of the moon, as well as the abundance of nocturnal animals such as the owl, the lone wolf or the fluttering firefly.

Coyote Moon

In Coyote Moon, created by IGT, you enter this slot game on a darkening evening, from deep inside the coyote´s desert, showing how different a place can be depending on the time of day. The image of a cow's skull together with that of a desert lizard will remind you that this isn't an easy environment to survive in. Having said that, you also see the tiny image of a hummingbird and an impressive stag with its branch-like horns, reminding you how beautiful things can be even in the harshest of climates.


Gorilla, developed by Greentube, has us exploring the depths of the African jungles, home of the last wild gorillas, where it's images on the reels show us just how hard life in the jungle can be, they also display the gentle beauty of the birds found in these areas, so inaccessible to humans, and how together with the native flowers in bloom, offer landscapes beyond compare.

Siberian Storm

Siberian Storm, designed by IGT is a game which has been developed in the context of a cold and inhospitable white Siberian forest. The game includes a series of beautiful symbols that draw on some of the typical characteristics of Siberia, like the magnificent Siberian white tiger. Whilst the five symbols of lesser values are well-drawn relics, the best paying symbols include the white tiger and the orange tiger, as well as the game's logo " Siberian Storm. "

Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey by Playtech is hosted by a funny little chimp dressed in a shirt and sunglasses, playing a drum. These symbols together with that of a palm tree and a straw hut are the images that will accompany you in this simple but very entertaining online slot game.


Birds from Betsoft, offers realism and a complexity of graphics not unlike that seen in the animated films from Disney. In this game you will find a variety of colourful, cute little bird animations, perched on top of overhead street cables that offer you fun with a new and dynamic gameplay.

General Game Features

The title of these online slot machines usually indicates the type of animal used in the theme of that particular game. Just as the surrounding graphics normally reflect that of the animal's natural habitat and in doing so, makes you also feel like you are part of the same environment. This allows you to become fully immersed in the game and to enjoy it in a very different way. The bonus games that you can find are also usually based on special characteristics of the environment that surrounds the particular game such as the Free Flights Feature, the Rising Moon Bonus or the Free Spins Bonuses and they are launched by 3 or more Wild, Scatter or Bonus symbols.

In this type of theme, when games of risk are activated, they usually provide you with a great deal of added excitement as well as the possibility of doubling your prize winnings! For this, you must choose the hidden colour of a card, between red and black.

The theme of animals can attract a vast range of animal lovers from around the world, which is why the big developers are constantly creating new games, with themed bonuses and game play options. Different, exotic, novel and fun, these animal-themed machines offer us a different way to enjoy the animal kingdom, so go ahead and enjoy theme!