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Supernatural powers and superhuman strength, crime fighting and protecting the world from the evil doings of dastardly villains are all in a day's work for the average superhero. Follow Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and the Green Lantern on their quest to save the world and rid the world of the scurge and malevolence of the enemies of the free world. Play superhero slots for free and join the adventure, walk in the shoes' of giants, see through their eyes. Lend a hand and share in the rewards. Don't delay, unite with NeonSlots and let us take the battle to them.

Superhero Slots Theme

If you like comics, especially those that feature Superheroes, and enjoy playing slot machines, then you are in luck as there are many online slots that are themed to the most popular Superheroes from the world of comics. Among the slot machine games with a comic theme, you will find Green Lantern from the developer Amaya, where characters with rings of extra-terrestrial power will lead us flying through the galaxy to struggle against the occult powers of the universe, led by a villain with pink skin.

When you meet with the 1970´s Batman and the Jokers Jewels, designed by Playtech, Batman along with his faithful companion and young boy wonder Robin, have at their disposal all the tools imaginable, the Batmobil, the Batcycle or the Batarang, which help them to fight against the Joker and his destructive plans. When he appears again in the Batman and Batgirl Bonanza, thanks to the bravery of Batgirl when it comes to fighting crime, you will feel relieved when you see her image spinning on the reels.

Continuing this fight between good and evil you will also find, Jack Hammer, a slot developed by NetEnt for lovers of the more human type characters. With his gangster hat, a pistol in his hand and his tough-guy appearance, Jack is always ready to solve the problems and bad news that is published in the newspapers. In this game a phone rings, it's a woman who calls to alert Jack to Dr. Wüten's diabolical plans. He is planning to throw a bomb with toxic chemicals from a hot air balloon over the city, as fast as he can Jack runs after him to stop it !!!!

Most of the symbols that you find in these types of games will always be related to the character, their most well-known enemies, the powers they may have and their weak points too, this makes them different from other types of themes used to create games. Even the symbols for Wild, Scatter or Bonuses will remain true to the characters and theme of the slot.

Comic books were first seen in New York in the 1930's with a variety of different characters. Very soon after, Batman appeared and changed the world of comics books. The young (and not so young) were eager to read the next adventure of millionaire Bruce Wayne. Within this online slot theme, we also find Daredevil, from the designer PlayTech, a character who fights crime dressed in his red suit with the appearance of a demon, whose story is based on a superhero that is blind, however, his other senses are highly developed since he came into contact with a radioactive substance. Daredevil is dedicated to the fight against crime and the evil plans of the villains in the city of New York, using his skills in martial arts in addition to his supersenses. On the reels of this fabulous slot machine, you can also find the beautiful heroine Elektra, as well as the terrifying villains Kingpin (the king of crime) and Bullseye.

Within the huge variety of comic titles used in the slots online, you can chose to play with superheroes from all different periods. Some of our heroes originate from ancient legends, while others belong to the most recent pages of comic books. Not forgetting some of the younger generations will also recognise them because of the success of recent superhero films, with characters such as the Green Lantern, which is based on the main character of the original comic book. In the game, the main character does not look like Ryan Reynolds, but we can see Green Lantern with his alien ring, which is where he gets all his fantastic powers, that enable him to do everything possibly imaginable. His green and black suit, which is the uniform of the guard corps of the universe called "Lanterns", is unmistakeable. The alien villain known as Sinister, also makes an appearance in this free online slot, his pink face and evil features will remind you that he was a former member of the "Lanterns" but is now transformed into a super villain.

In other superhero titles you will find a Batman and Batgirl Bonanza, a slot machine developed by Playtech. Surprisingly it uses the characters from the 1970´s and you will see a much less muscular Batman than you see in recent years. You will also have the help of his always faithful companion Robin, with his teenage appearance and the beautiful Batgirl, together with them you can enjoy using several of their tools to fight crime, such as the Batbelt and the Batcycle.

This same retro design is used in the online slot machine Batman and the Jokers Jewels, also produced by PlayTech, where you have to fight against the evil Joker and his particularly bad humour to avoid him seizing the cities jewels. Luckily, you have access to all of Batman´s fantastic tools such as the Batmobile and Batcycle, which gives you confidence to defend the good!!

Most developers know there is a large number of followers who own and enjoy comic book´s and this prompts them to constantly develop new games, using new characters. The fact that this theme has a broad spectrum, enables developers to be creative when designing new games. NetEnt use a classic comic design to their games, like Jack Hammer, who is a detective that wears a gangster hat and has a gruff appearance. He takes us on a case where he is after the evil Dr. Wüten to avoid the release of a powerful bomb with toxic gas over the city. We can follow the story of the game through the traditional comic book window design.

Online slot machines with this theme, usually have the comic characters on the reels that makes you feel like you are one of the heroes of the adventure, battling evil in order to save the world. Even the bonus games will be based upon some special feature of the heroes or preferred villains. Most of the rounds with free spins are activated by getting 3 or more specific symbols, such as Scatter, Wild or Bonus and during them we can get additional free spins.

Quite often there are also additional bonuses that can multiply winnings as well as double or nothing risk games, where a payout can be doubled if the face down card is correctly identified as being red or black. Other features specific to games within this theme is the addition of different bonus functions, like the Bonus Bet which activates an extra bonus feature.

Developers - Slots Themed to Superheroes

There are many developers of slot machines that offer comic themes in their catalogues. On the NeonSlots website you will see the most recognized titles from the main developers including:

  • Amaya: Green Lantern
  • Playtech: Batman and the Joker Jewels, Daredevil & Batman and Batgirl Bonanza
  • NetEnt: Jack Hammer
  • Cryptologic: Superman

The subject of comics has many followers throughout the world, which is the reason that large developers are constantly creating new games with imaginative designs, bonus features and game structure.