Online Slots - Themed Sports

If you are passionate about sports and enjoy playing slot games, then you are in luck because here at NeonSlots we give you the opportunity to merge these two passions as you play our range of online sports slots for free. Which sports? Which would you like? Try out our selection with boxing in Rocky, Basketball or swing a stick in hockey and we present football in Football Champion Cup as well as football with a Spanish twist in Bicicleta (yes, we know this usually translates as 'bike', but here it means dribbling the ball. We had to look that up). Game on.

Online Slots themed to Sport 

Within the Sports theme you can find slot games such as Bicicleta, developed by Yggdrasil, you will feel like a real soccer player as you fight to win the World Cup. You will need to launch the free spins and with a little luck you will see the symbols of this prestigious trophy which will allow you to win extra prizes, so prepare, aim, shoot and score the winning goal!

In free play online slot Hot Shot developed by Microgaming where you will enter the world of baseball and feel like you are playing in the big leagues. You can almost smell the hot dogs and popcorn as you listen to the sound of the people in the stands there is a real feel of authenticity, so run fast to your seat so you do not miss the next Strike or home run! Or if Basketball is your preference that another slot created by Microgaming Basketball Star. In this game the image of basketball shoes will make you want to enter the field of play to get the gold medal that appears on the adjacent reel, the bottles of refreshing water are ready so ... defend, run and crush the ring to get great winnings as you have fun.

Online Ice Hockey slots developed by the company Playtech, will bring you closer to the action as right from the beginning you will have to select the teams you want to participate in the game and from then on everything will be fun on ice. As you watch the symbols of the skaters you will be reminded that this is not an easy or soft sport, so, put on your skates on, hit the ice and lead your team to victory and don´t forget your helmet.

The Rocky slot machine, developed by the PlayTech company, has opponents like the Siberian bull Ivan Drago and the champion Apollo Creed also known as the master of disaster or Clubber Lang and you will need to draw strength from anywhere and everywhere in order to beat them. In your corner you will have Adrianne, Rocky´s wife and his stubborn, vague, but always faithful brother-in-law Poly, between blows you have the chance to win good prizes which will make the beatings you have received worthwhile.

Characteristics of Games with a Sports Theme

It is usual for online game machines with a sports theme to have symbols of the players and images of the objective of the game such as goals, hoops, scoring zones as well as the sporting equipment that is used to practice the sport. The bonus games will also be based on the special characteristics of the sport including the Knockout Bonus, the Will Shot Feature or the Pass the Puck Bonus. Free spins rounds are usually activated by getting 3 or more specific symbols, such as Scatter, Wild or Bonuses and you can also win extra multipliers for your winnings. Some games they have also give you an extra chance to double your prize by correctly choosing if a face down card will be red or black.

There are many slot machine developers that have created slot machines with sports themes and at NeonSlots we have selected the most recognized games that you can play online for free including:

  • Microgaming - Hot Shot, Basketball Star
  • PlayTech - Rocky, Ice Hockey
  • Yggdrasil - Bicicleta

Sports are extremely popular around the World and the wide range of different types of sports gives game developers lots of opportunities to design new games with a specific sports theme, creating new bonus rounds that take into account the rules of the particular sport.