Asian Slots for Free

Welcome to our online slot games themed to Asia, a vastly diverse continent populated by many people from different cultures, with combined histories and mythology and a seemingly impossible number of languages. Here you will find a wide variety of images representing Asia's extensive history as well as the modern, technologically advanced landscape it has become today. Martial arts, Samurai sword play fortune festivals and traditional oriental symbols of good fortune and luck are all characteristics common to Asian slots for free.

Characteristics of Asian Themed Slot Games

Within the gameplay for these slot machines, you will encounter many symbols representing the numerous ancient dynasties that defended and fought for control of this continent, as well as symbols representing their culture, mythology and artifacts. Fiery dragons, golden temples, The Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and of course the Great Wall of China, with building work beginning in 771 BC and continuing in stages for around 2,000 years. However, at the turn of the millennium, we now see a modern, technologically advanced super state intensely and enthusiastically routed in its long past and tradition. During gameplay, we are presented with symbols reflecting this, such as: skyscrapers and symbols that represent fortune and big business. This culture has spread world-wide, often embraced by and incorporated into western culture, including creations such as papermaking, gunpowder and printing as well as the notion of the civil service, and (it is claimed) Cinderella, albeit Chinese Cinderella but there is definately a glass slipper. In fact, when you play Asian free to play online slots, you will also see traditions that have survived the passage of time, like fireworks and Chinese New Year celebrations, Geishas strolling in their wooden shoes, huge sumo wrestlers or even ninjas and the enigmatic panda. These slot games provide a truly authentic adventure! It is extremely easy for you to play online, without any problems or worries, and you do not require any prior technical knowledge on how to play these games, simply sit back and relax, select a demo game and enjoy the online slots experience.

Almost all of the symbols used in these slot machines are themed to Asia, be they historic characters, cultural items or be they selected from Asian myths and legends, such as the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, including the dragon, even symbols representing the modern age such as skyscrapers or perhaps native animals emblematic of the continent like the panda. Given that many of these symbols are representative of the history and culture in general of an entire continent, we are likely to see similar symbols, from one slot machine to the next although the variety of artwork and different designs, certainly allows each game its own individual feel. Furthermore, the traditional symbols associated with all such online slot machines which we have come to love are present in online slot machines themed to Asia, namely, the Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols.

Developers and Most Popular Games

NeonSlots would like to present a list of some of the most popular and best Asian themed games out there, as follows.

China Mega Wild

China Mega Wild, by Games OS, provides another opportunity to delve deeper into Asian culture and includes symbols representing the panda, the bengal tiger or a primate that is only found in this area of the world, a vase from the Ming dynasty, a lotus flower, the Geisha and a dragon which is used as the Wild symbol. These will help you to discover a little more of this culture which has endured and evolved through the ages.

Asian Beauty

Asian Beauty, a game developed and designed by Microgaming, is a game which takes advantage of some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the Asian continent. In this game we see 4 Geisha┬┤s, a lotus flower and two traditional forms of headdress, one gold, the other silver, you will be able to immerse yourself in Asian culture whilst enjoying all the usual sensations generated playing online slot machines.

Koi Princess

In Koi Princess, developed by NetEnt, you will see images of a beautiful Chinese princess drawn in a style similar to that seen in Japanese Manga cartoons. Images of curious little green and orange dragons, shaped like adorable cute teddies, which together with images of traditional ancient coins, offer you a range of novel perspectives on Asian culture.

General Game Features

These online slot machines usually display symbols representative of the theme in which the game is based, the idea being to make the player feel like they are participating in a real life adventure with the images depicting the storyline and setting in which the adventure takes place, even the bonus games will be themed to Asia as some subplot to the main storyline in a distinct but related location.

Rounds with free spins or the different bonus features specific to each free slot machine such as the Asian Beauty Mirror Bonus, the Bonus Wheel or the Bonus Round, are activated by getting 3 or more specific symbols, such as the Scatter, Wild or Bonus symbols. You might also be offered the chance to multiply your winnings further in the double or nothing risk games where you need to decide if the hidden card is red or black.

There are many developers of slot machines that offer slot machines themed to Asia in their catalogues, so in our portal we have opted for the most recognized titles from the main developers, amongst which we have:

  • Red Tiger Gaming- Wild Fight, Fortune Fest
  • NetEnt - Koi Princess
  • 2 by 2 gaming - Mandarin Fortune

The theme of Asia has many followers and major developers are constantly designing and developing new games and bonus features and evolving the game structure.