Historic Slots for Free

History themed online slot machines provide the opportunity to see history unroll before your eyes with a variety of free to play online slot machines. Join the vikings whilst they disembark upon unknown coastlines on an epic adventure of conquest and blood, or take an adventure with the ancient aztecs or amazons, join the valiant Spartans as they face their greatest foes, victory is at your fingertips with rewards and riches beyond your wildest dreams, perhaps even treasures befitting of an empire, so come now, and take the battle to them playing historic slots for free.

Characteristics of History Themed Online Slots

History is, beyond doubt, of incredible importance to many people around the world with governments, universities, private institutions and individuals dedicating vast resources, effort and time to the conservation and teaching of historical knowledge and the preservation of historical sites, monuments, ruins and artifacts; all of which have legal protection from both national and international law. Great empires such as those forged by Alexander the Great, the Romans and the Spanish all produced their fair share of distinct stories, heroes, villains, soldiers of immense bravery and adventures.

Return to the times of the Roman Empire and witness the Coliseum in all its splendor, become a great gladiator, seek out ancient riches, Aztec gold and much, much more. Travel to another time, wear a cowboy hat and load your gun ready for a showdown in the wild, wild West. These online games are not some dull, drab history lesson, rather, a chance to live the action through live interaction with you as the protagonist. Whichever path to destiny you choose, along whatever timeline you might find yourselves in, playing slot games for free at online casinos certainly serves as thrilling entertainment and who knows, with luck, the chance to win, too.

Most of the symbols found in these games are related to the historical characters of the game in question, the obstacles our hero faces within each adventure and the distinct objects you encounter along the way. This being the case and given the incredible number of potential artifacts, trinkets and treasure you might find allows these games, unliked those of other themes, to have unique symbols although of course, the classical Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols will be used just as in most other online slot machines of this type.

Games Developers and Most Popular Games

Within history themed online slot machines there are a number of games which are perhaps more well-known and more popular than others, as follows.


Avalon, developed by Microgaming, is a game in which the impressive image of the "Lady of the Lake" reminds you during each spin of the reels that nothing which happens in the city escapes her gaze as she offers you the chance to win great treasures. Within the gameplay it is import to note that you must always try to please and heed the advice she gives, something well worth bearing in mind if you are to receive her wisdom and magic to guide you to the greatest treasures offered in this city.

Aztec Power

Aztec cities were very different from many others in the ancient world and this fact is reflected in online slot machine, Aztec Power, developed by Greentube. This is a gambling game in which the culture of this once great civilization is represented by the idols adorned with silver, golden pyramids, native period dress with feathered hats, face paint and the tools used by the Aztecs. Discover the your inner Aztec princess or warrior, play with a wild spirit, or enter a temple to experience Aztec dreams of gem bedecked altars. These games allow you to become the adventurer in search of the legendary treasure of the aztec priest and people, along the road you will experience all the emotion and thrill of being the main hero in your own tailor-made adventure. Make the reels spin with just one click and perhaps you will see the jaguars or a Huitzilopochtli, God of Sun and maybe a warrior princess will appear during the night and fill you with intrigue and enthusiasm for yet another adventure, whatever the case may be, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a culture lost long, long ago as well as being able to use special symbols to form winning combinations during each spin, simply and quickly.


Gladiator, by Playtech, is set in Ancient Rome in the age of empire and in which Maximus Decimo Meridio, former commander of the legions in Gaul, is now a gladiator who inspires an entire nation from the arena fighting for equality of conditions, backed by certain members of the senate, the beautiful sister of Emperor Quinto as well as his loyal companions in arms, he just might fulfill his objectives whilst inspiring all of Rome. Find out what happens next playing this innovative game and take a journey through time in search of equality, honour and the recompense deserving from a fair fight.

General Game Features

Online slot machines usually have the characters from the theme represented within the gameplay of each particular slot machine on the reels making you feel what the heroes feel during the adventure fighting against all manner of adversity in order to obtain your objectives, even within bonus games you will see numerous characters from the storyline. Most rounds with free spins are activated when 3 specific symbols, being, Scatter, Wild and Bonus symbols land on the reels. Once you gain access to these rounds you might obtain additional free spins and perhaps even the much sought after bonuses which multiply any winnings. In this type of themed game of risk, there may be there may be a chance of doubling your potential winnings, to do so, you must choose correctly the colour of a hidden card, will it be red or black?

Online slot machines such as this one often have special bonuses specifically to fit the narrative of the game, as is true here, with the Coliseum Bonus and the Bonus Round, most special games are played on the same or an additional screen.

There are many gambling games developers who actively design online slots themed to historical situations, people and places, we at NeonSlots would like to provide you with a list of the most popular and most frequently played:

  • Greentube - Aztec Power
  • Playtech - Gladiator
  • Microgaming - Avalon

History themed online slot machines have an enormous number of passionate followers creating a demand which big name developers strive to meet by developing existing games and sagas as well as producing new games to meet the current and future trends of gambling games such as online slot machines. History themed slot machines offer a potentially endless source of adventure and storylines with which to create better and better games.