Classic Slot Games

Most of us like to dip into a bit of nostalgia from time to time and all things retro or vintage are most definitely in right now. Thanks to easy access to the internet, we can instantly peer back into the past, at historic eras when everything was, or at least seemed to be, simpler and less complex which is just what a vast array of free online slot games with classic themes are designed to capture. Classic 3 reelers, with traditional symbols such as bars (which as you may know, represent the traditional prize of a packet of chewing gum), fruit and of course multiple versions of the lucky number 7 abound. Choose among the wide range of classic slots for free at NeonSlots.

Take a Journey Back in Time

To traditional casino games presenting the same glamorous artwork and decor you'd expect of a genuine 1950's casino in Las Vegas. Yes, the old gaming machines actually did have physical rotating spinning reels, one-armed bandits really did have an arm (or lever) on the side that mechanically span the drums hidden within the machine itself.

Many modern electronic games have tried to imitate the excitement, thrill and the glamour of this golden age of the gambling games, but as technology has advanced along with graphics and special effects and the emergence of games with very specific themes, making gameplay increasingly interactive and personalised to players' tastes, we have seen a truly seismic shift in all directions at once. That said, our own nostalgia and historic interest as well as current trends fashioned from period dramas and films set in Las Vegas all serve to continuously relight the passion for this particular genre based upon simpler machines albeit in very exciting times. It is for this reason that we have decided to keep things simple with regards to our variety of classic online slots: three lines and one to five paylines, just as you could find back in the old days, maintaining all the original, classic symbols of the games, such as cherries, bells, BAR's and the famous lucky sevens. It seems that old styles are just as fashionable today as they once were in the past. So, don't be afraid to take a little trip down memory lane, your nostalgia may lead to a stroke of luck. You will not need to register, just open each online slot in your browser and play for free, it is simple, easy and fun, just as in days gone by.

Game Features

Online slot machines usually include characters to represent the type of theme it is related to, but in the case of the classic themed slots there are obvious differences because as its name suggests, its use of symbols is necessarily self restricting in order to maintain the very nature of the genre, consequently, they do not have bonus games or free spins rounds. Most of the symbols that you will find in games with this theme will be the same as those that made Vegas great such as BAR, lucky 7, the bell, cherries and diamonds, which together with a classic design, will offer you a generous number of pay outs.

Developers and most Popular Games

The following games all follow the tradition of classic slot machines adapted to online slots:

  • NetEnt - Jackpot 6000
  • MGA - Mr. Magnifico, La Taberna
  • Realistic Games - Pentagram

Slots with classic themes have both a regular fanbase as well as guests who dip into this theme from time to time, and major developers are constantly offering new models and machines, new bonus functions, yet novel changes in the structure of the games are normally avoided, since maintaining the traditional feel of these games is precisely what attracts players to them.