Halloween Slots for Free

If it's trick or treats you seek, look no further than the horrifically horrifying halloween slots found on this dark, dark page.... For halloween fans everywhere NeonSlots has brought together a spin-chilling (spine-chilling), blood-curdling, goosebump-provoking set of halloween slots for free. Are you ready for the House of Fun? But who will be having the fun and at the expense of whom. And for the truly courageous you may like to try your luck with Devil's Delight. Play for free amid ghosts, skeletons and skulls. You can always play for something a little more valuable than sweeties.

Free Halloween Slot Games

We can also find games where the typical Halloween images of pumpkins, black cats and skeletons will appear. The different ways they are represented will be highlighted in this theme as we can find really scary graphics or childrenĀ“s drawings, so play our range of slot machines with a Halloween theme to discover which one scares you the most!!!

All the symbols in these games are related to the tradition of Halloween, from its most characteristic figures to the more usual, this makes the Halloween theme unlike other types of themes used for online slot games, as the same symbols tend to be used alongside the basic symbols of any slot machine, such as Wild symbols, Scatters or bonuses.

Slots Themed to Halloween

We do not know exactly when the celebration of Halloween began as a fun and unique party, but it has enable game developers to create a creepy feeling that is produced by the noise of the reels accompanied by dark and macabre sounds. An example of this is the online slot Halloween created by the company EGT, which has a Gothic style, its symbols have nocturnal characteristics and the sound effects are captivating. You will see a sinister man with the characteristics of Dracula, the gloomy image of a basket with sweets, a big witch's cap next to her magic broom, a big black cat and a hairy giant tarantula. A different take on this theme is found in online slot Halloween Fortune, developed by Playtech. You will see three beautiful witches dressed in different coloured dresses, with their wide brimmed hats, riding their brooms. They are responsible for making your luck on this gloomy day as good as possible, using magical potions and good luck amulets to counteract the bad omens that the images of black cats and crows give us.

Another different approach can be seen in the slot game Black Widow designed by the company IGT. A beautiful woman known as the black widow, who has black hair and light eyes, seduces a group of businessmen. The black widow is a spider who first seduces her victim, before capturing them and feeds from them little by little until they die and this is precisely what she intends, so do not let her weave her web on you because you will be lost. Another completely different approach is shows in Devil's Delight a game developed by NetEnt, where the graphics are represented in the form of cartoons. You will find a small red demon with a trident in his hands, a demon with a cigar wearing a jacket and tie, death and his scythe and a sexy little devil with a seductive look.

One of the first online slots games with these types of features is Haunted House a game produced by Playtech, it has a simple gameplay with only a few paylines and uses basic graphics. The story takes place in the castle of Count Dracula, where you hunt down the mythical vampire, trying to find his coffin through the dark castle where the only lighting comes from the dim light of candles. To kill the vampire you will have objects like a blessed dagger, a sacred crucifix and garlic. Although this is a simple game it is still very addictive with the prizes that you can collect when playing it.

Generally, online games machines with Halloween themes usually have symbols that are related to this theme on the drums. This will make you feel like you have been immersed in the dark and gloomy environment of the Halloween celebrations. Even the bonus games will be based on features of this party or the main story of the game.

Most rounds with free spins will be activated when landing 3 or more specific symbols, such as scatter, wild or bonus symbols. Once you access these rounds you can obtain additional free spins and bonuses that multiplies your winnings. Risk games give you the possibility of doubling the prize, by decided if the colour of a hidden card is red or black. In slots with this theme you will also find different free bonus features such as Free Spins Bonus or Witches' Brew Bonus and these special games will either be played on the same game screen or on an additional screen.

There are many developers of slot machines that have created Halloween themed slot games and we at NeonSlots have the most recognized titles from the main developers available for you to play for free, including:

  • IGT - Black Widow
  • EGT - Halloween
  • NetEnt - Devils Delight
  • Playtech - Halloween Fortune, Haunted House

The theme of Halloween has many fans around the world and the large slot developers are constantly creating new games within this theme as this is a subject that has many possibilities for designing new forms of bonuses and game play.