Magic Slots for Free

Do you believe in magic? No matter, because magic believes in you. Walk down the yellow brick road to a world of make-believe, of fantasy, a place where dreams are made and where they may even come true. Here, NeonSlots offers you the chance to make the real unreal and the unreal real again while playing our magic slots for free. You'll meet fiery horses, fairy queens, and discover the mysteries of an immortal romance. Who, if they could, wouldn't wish to perform magic, real magic, play out a truly magical adventure as? Are you ready for a little hocus-pocus?

Characteristics of Slot Machines Themed to Magic

We can be transported to mysterious worlds with sinister, dilapidated houses in the middle of nowhere lost and alone searching for help, perhaps because our car has a flat tyre, or we've ran out of petrol and our mobile phone battery is dead, as dead as can be and we are left with little alternative but to look for help at some ominous looking building perched precariously on the jagged outcrop of a mountain someway off the beaten track - where no-one can hear you scream. Perhaps to, by some strange and unexpected concatenation of circumstances we meet along the way some long lost true love residing in that house, unbenounced to us, long ago the romance was lost when some foul being from the underworld met their acquaintance turning them into a vampire. Magic is certainly in the air, as is seduction but, to what end?

The magic, the stuff of dreams come true, and often our dreams come true translate into the acquisition of power and riches, and all our hearts desire, so why not try your hand at wizardry and witchcraft, throw a coin into the well and make a wish, surely some magically themed online slot machine will allow you to play for free and maybe, just maybe, grant you a wish or two.

Most of the symbols you are likely to come across playing these online slot machines include the main characters or an image representing a magical power or artifact relating to the game's storyline, and given the almost endless range of possible symbols that this could generate, few are repeated from one online slot machine to another, although we generally find the Scatter, Wild and Bonus symbols typical of all such games.

The Most Popular Magic Themed Online Slots

Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe

Love is often mixed with a little seduction, and this is exactly what we find in Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe, by Greentube, in which the gorgeous protagonist makes great efforts to seduce us using all the arms traditionally deployed during the war of the sexes, also at her disposal are lucky charms, a rabbit's foot, a horseshoe or a four-leafed clover or even a crystal ball all used in order to get what she wants. If we want our will to overcome Lady Luck's own ambitions, then we must use whatever we can to do so at any cost.

The Wish Master

The Wish Master, produced by NetEnt, is a game which sees the genie of the lamp appear together with many other treasures found in a mysterious cave, and the various combinations of magic gems will go some way to satisfying, our desires to a certain extent, although rather certain combinations will produce winnings with which we can spend on our own desires.

Fire Horse

Mystical amulets and magical beings are so frequent within this theme that we are rather likely to find games designed specifically to them. This is seen in Fire Horse, designed and developed by IGT, game with a genuinely thrilling and action packed adventure which turns upon the fate of a magical horse wrapped in a mystical flame, sometimes the flame is blue like the inner glow of a glacier, sometimes in red flames when it appears with a coin with the a horse's head upon its face and other more traditional symbols, such as the traditional suits of cards, the game offers great entertainment, distraction and that chance to win, win, win.

Fairy Queen

Fairy Queen, a game designed and produced by Greentube, is set in a kingdom populated with magical animals, enchanted forests, elves, fairies, magical mushrooms and woodland creatures together with their own queens, princes and princesses, through which we will have as our guide a beautiful fairy who will show all the secrets of the magical forest and its inhabitants, where we will meet amazing and astounding characters such as small dragons with ladybird wings, the spirit of the forest represented as symbols together with others selected from a myriad of possibilities of those available to magically themed online slot machines, all we need to do is select one from which we might try our luck and seek our fortune.

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance, designed by Microgaming, in which the game's characters discover the great secret which each of the others keeps, the young and beautiful Amber cannot control her feelings for our enigmatic hero, Troy, who finds himself constantly under the scrutiny of Michael who is deeply in love with Amber. Michael counts on Sarah's support, a beautiful women with a notable hidden interest in the couple which have not yet found themselves together, through this story reminiscent perhaps of the staging of a Greek tragedy, not only do we see the development of a love story but something else which is not made clear to us at the outset, will you have what it takes to find out?

General Game Features

Magically themed online games of chance usually offer an endless representation of distinct reels, designed to the storylines, characters and narrative of the stories they are telling as well and the symbols and images themself are further designed to carry us along each distinct plotline and further immerse us in the adventure at hand, the fight against embittered foes, the seek for special artifacts and the achievement of our goals, including gaining the chance to play free bonus rounds which can be used to activate special symbols such as the Scatter, Wild and Bonus symbols. Once we have managed to reach such rounds, we me be lucky enough to obtain bonuses which may potentially allow us to multiply winnings.

This type of slot machine generally provides some additional game of risk as in a game where the player has to choose a card and bet on it being red or black when turned over revealing its value, guess correctly and you stand the chance of doubling your winnings. A game of risk make take the form of a card game or also the form of the flip of a coin calling heads or tails. When playing online slot games for free you might also encounter The Escape Bonus Round or the Free Spins Bonus, the majority of special games being played out on either the same screen or an additional screen.

Wherever one might be in the world today, just as in any other period in history, there are a seemingly endless number of people drawn to at very least the idea of magic and magical game play which has resulted in the success of many online slot machine themed to magic, the most popular of which often lead to follow up games, later editions or even sagas based on the original game. New games are being produced all the time and here at NeonSlots we work hard to keep up to date with the very latest news on new releases so that you don't have to. And Remember, those who do not believe in magic, shall never find it.