Pirate Slots for Free

Avast ye! Your timbers will never be so shivered when you see our fabulous pirate themed slot machines jam packed with pieces-of-eight, a cast of canons and possibly parrots. Take the helm as once did Long John Silver and Captain Black Beard and set sail with NeonSlots on an adventure of a lifetime. Set in a time in which daring men set sail in search of treasure and a better future, piecing together half remembered tales of gold buried on faraway island and described on faded treasure maps, but does X mark the spot? Find out while playing pirate slots for free.

Reasons to Play Online Slots with a Pirate Theme

All aboard! Join a pirate crew in search for treasure and increase your winnings. So many legends of hidden gold have been told over the years that it is sometimes difficult to say where one story ends and another begins, or to tell fact from fiction, but in many pirate themed online slot machines you get a chance to visit treasure islands that, although virtual in nature, reveal hidden treasures in every sense of the word.

Most Popular Games

Well, taking to the high seas as a pirate is certainly not easy money, watch as you find yourself amidst sudden sea battles with cannons blasting instant, and not so instant, death to a multitude of victims, both friends and foes alike in Cannonball Bay, developed by Genesis, where cannons and gunpowder are our main tools in achieving wealth beyond our wildest dreams.

Pirates Island, designed and developed by iSoftBet, in which the key to gaining great treasures is in the use of a treasure map and swords to strike through anyone and anything that might attempt to prevent you reaching your goal.

Ghost Pirates, produced and developed by NetEnt, is a pirate themed slot machine with a twist, and what a twist! While fighting some of your adversaries you quickly notice something terrifying, some of them are not alive, not alive at all, the old pirates have left the world of the living and joined the ranks of the undead together with their unearthly and malevolent familiars they continue to seek out treasures in this world. In this game you will experience double the fear, the thrills of enemy pirates competing for your rightful treasure and also the ghosts of long dead pirates and their pets, perhaps you should ask yourself, how can a ghost pirate be stopped, can a ghost pirate even be killed?

Booty Time, by Microgaming, is a game in which pets are also ambitiously looking for their own fair, or perhaps unfair share of loot, a macaw, a parrot and a pelican take to the seas as pirates and begin bickering over how the treasure should be distributed among them. But who will decide, who can? Not a To-can. If you think you've seen it all, you have not, until you have seen Booty Time, one of the most popular online slot machines in this genre.

General Game Features

Most of the symbols used with online slots themed to pirates relate to treasure, pirate ships, hidden treasure maps, cutlasses, canons, the skull and crossbone flag, gunpowder, rum and the exotic pets we associate with this genre. With this incredible variety of symbols, we do not see any real repetition of symbols from one online slot machine to the next, although, as we would expect, we still have the traditional Scatter, Wild and Bonus symbols.

Online slot machines themed to pirates typically represent the life and times of pirates with all the additional exaggeration we look and hope for in a tale well told. Playing these games provides us with the opportunity of feeling like we are the main protagonist facing the same challenges as they once did, fighting tooth and nail against all odds to acquire riches, even bonus rounds are furnished with all the trimmings of pirate history and legend.

Most free spin rounds are activated with 3 or more specific symbols, as with the Scatter, Wild and Bonus symbols and you can often receive additional free spins and perhaps even the much coveted bonus which multiples a player's winnings. There is often a game of risk such as when the player is presented with a card face down, hiding its value from the player, which may be red or black, if you guess the cards value correctly then there is the chance of doubling your winnings.

As with many other themed slot machines, there is great demand for this particular genre of gambling game and the biggest worldwide developers are making great efforts to meet demand, the most popular developer along with their most sought after games are as follows:

  • Microgaming - Booty Time
  • NetEnt - Ghost Pirates
  • Genesis - Cannonball Bay
  • Isoftbet - Pirates Island

For many, tales of pirate adventures on the high seas, desert islands, lost treasure maps, the search for treasures and all the fun of shivering your timbers, a yo ho ho and and a bottle of rum, crazy talking parrots crying pieces of eight and also perhaps hinting as to the location of hidden treasure or the occasional dead man's chest, all featured largely in our childhoods, spilling over into our adult lives in the form of films, books and TV shows as well as games, and now, as perhaps a logical progression, online slots. New models are being developed and released all the time and here at NeonSlots we do our best to keep on top of all the latest news and views so that you don't have to.