Tips and How to Win at Slot Machines

This page is dedicated to giving some of the myths and nonsense a thorough debunking whilst emphasizing the information that will allow you to play smart using the real tips on how to win at slot machines. Real tricks are based more on a genuine understanding of online casinos and their games and how to best make use of their own terms and conditions, welcome bonuses and casino bonus codes.

Tricks for Winning at Slots

Now we'll consider in turn the tricks for winning at slots that work and those that do not. Below we sort the wheat from the chaff in our True or False bonus round. Below you'll find information about free spins, welcome bonuses, wagering requirements 'cold' slots and 'hot' slots.

True - Use free spins and Welcome Bonuses

Each casino has its own free spins bonus which may come as part of the welcome bonus and or during promotional periods. There's variety between one welcome bonus and another. Some have more or less free spins (or free plays), money or money's worth of cash to spend.

True - Not all wagering requirements are the same

Each casino has its own wagering requirements which are the conditions under which each casino places payouts arising from bonuses. These conditions are applied differently from one casino to the next. Before choosing an online casino, you might like to play smart by spending a little time looking at and comparing which. One casino might offer more free spins and a higher welcome bonus at face.

True - some games pay out more often

If you are looking for regular wins and enjoy that thrill then some slot machines and casino table games pay out more frequently than others. Starburst online slot is configured in this way with what the industry often refer to as a low variance game meaning relatively more frequent wins. This means that payouts will often be lower (which does not preclude the possibility of high payouts).

True - play for free

Use your bonus codes . Whatever gives you an edge, a free play or spin gives you the chance to get a feel for the games before putting a hand in your pocket is good for you. You can do this at no deposit casinos right away with nothing to pay with their no deposit bonuses. The phrase to remember is, if it's free, its for me. Again, some bonus codes are better than others, so winning here could be taken to mean making use of the best codes for you. Comparing what's on offer will soon have you making the right choice for you.

False - previous spins affect future spins

No. The idea is that historic result will affect the result of future spins. Modern online slots use random number generators to produce their results and previous results do not affect future results. Imagine you have a bag and in the bag there are ten numbered balls and you bet on one being drawn from the bag at random. After each draw the initial conditions are reset, with ten balls back in the sack. Other people take the view that if a slot machine has not paid out in a while, then it has 'gone cold'. Not true. Just play for favorite game and enjoy yourself.

False - Slots go hot and cold

'it is smart to have a system' to walk away from fruit machines when not paying out or continue playing when they are. Again, as above, there are no hot or cold times for online slots. Your chances of winning remain the same from one spin to the next, one session to the next on one day to the next.

False - secret patterns on reels indicate imminent wins

certain patterns can be seen on the reels, if you know how to look for them, indicating that a game is close to making a big payout. Again, this is poppycock. Some players swear by a 'V' shape on the reels comprised of images appearing in a 'V' formation, or an 'X' or whatever it is that they seem. Again, this is the human brain seeking some advantage by finding patterns that indicate how to achieve your goals. But there are no such patterns. That said, as a bit of fun, trying to find patterns can add a new dimension to your game.

False - time of day matters

There are players that believe that the time you play a game determines when a machine will pay out. Some games do seem to pay out more at certain times but it is not the time of day that produces a win, but this is like putting the cart before the horse, one thing does not follow the other. Rather it is true that there are more people playing at given times of day and so the true causal relationship is that more games being played at those times translates into more possibilities that a win will be produced.

Paytables - Paytables Matter

Paytables provide information about уach online slot comes with a paytable. It's worth taking some time to compare one game's payout table with another. Once you have found a game you like, check out its paytable and see how it compares to other games you enjoy. Then you can make a more informed decision.

7 Lucky Tips for Winning

Playing smart will help you, not old wives tales, magical thinking, touching your nose before spinning the reels or any other superstition. Playing a magical thinking game can be part of the entertainment but it won't influence the result. That said, here are some top tips that smart players use to keep ahead of the game. Winning isn't this scene isn't necessarily 'winning it big', it is enjoying the game as entertainment.

  1. Never bet more than you can afford to loose.
  2. Decide what you will be spending before you settle down to your game
  3. Strict time limits for playing
  4. Time out periods, to cool off and regain perspective
  5. Play for real money means play for fun - your aim is not to win, but to enjoy yourself
  6. Never play on borrowed money
  7. Slow down, take it easy and play in style