Slots by Themes

Online Slots Classified by Themes presents a world of online gaming where all online slots are classified by themes to make each game easier to find as well as allowing you to see at a glance other games in the same or similar genre which you might also like to play. Whatever your particular interest, rest assured, we will have a comprehensive selection of games for you to enjoy.

4 Fantastically Egyptian Inspired Themes

Egypt is such a powerful and popular style of slot machine that we at NeonSlots thought it worthy of 4 fantastically separate themes, as follows.

Egypt theme is dedicated to the history and heritage of the land of Egypt, home of ancient civilisations, with adventurers battling against booby traps, puzzles, solving riddles and deciphering hieroglyphics all to reach treasures (not pirate treasures) beyond their wildest dreams.

Cleopatra, last pharaoh of Egypt, a lady who regained the throne against all odds, played power politics with some of the most powerful men of the ancient world including Julius Caesar and Mark Antonio, is celebrated in these online slots just as she has been in countless works of film, TV and theater.

Pyramids: these iconic edifices of the ancient world represent so much to so many, with hidden treasure (not pirate treasure), lost secrets, cunning traps all set against a backdrop including the majestic river Nile and endless flowing golden landscape of Egypt, a tremendous setting for your online gaming.

The all-powerful Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, considered the living incarnation of deities in their time, supreme rulers of life and death and for whom the pyramids were erected as doorways to the afterlife are celebrated in this theme.

Classic, Sevens, Vegas, Neon and Fruit Machines

What could be better than enjoying the real atmosphere of Las Vegas sitting in front of neon or classical fruit machines with bells, bars and (lucky for some) sevens.

Classic themed slots are for all those feeling a little nostalgia for the 'good old days' of classic gaming machines with their bars and fruit on three reels.

The lucky seven symbol is present in all these slot machines themed to Sevens, a number that just keeps on cropping up in history as well as in religious texts such as the bible.

Viva las Vegas! This is a theme set to all those slots that are reminiscent of the style of the capital of the gaming world.

The Neon themed online slots are futuristically styled with neon symbols set on a contrasting dark background providing striking imagery for the game.

Fruit games on three reels are always worth dipping into, with their traditional fruit and bars (which once represented the different flavoured chewing gum prizes you could win playing the original slot machines) are gathered together in this theme. For those of us old enough to remember the mechanical machines, it's a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and for everyone else it's a glance into yesteryear and how things once were.


Take a break from reality to play the role of your favourite adventures on epic quests to recover lost treasure, fend off evil super villains, or rescue a world on the very brink of destruction. Rewards abound if your luck holds out, your timbers may never be so shivered.

Pirates, all slots that are pirate-like innature have been brought together here for your convenience, including anything that says argh, shiver my timber or fires a cannon ball.

Treasure, hoards of treasure, treasure rooms and all things treasure that are not pirate treasure await here within.

Who has not enjoyed living the thrill of adventure of our favorite Greek heroes vicariously through books and film? Well, now we can do the same with gaming with online slots each with a clearly defined hero to save the day.

Superheroes with superpowers and super costumes are here to save the day, fwart dastardly super villains and, perhaps, receive the gratitude of the people.

Magic and Mystical Games

Hubble bubble, toil and trouble, battles between good and black magic, bog-eyed monsters and fiery death raining from forboding black skies are just some of the delights which await the right player, at the right time. NeonSlots can show you the way, but it is you who must walk the path alone.

The world we see before our eyes is not enough for everyone, explore, here, realms otherwise hidden to us, feel the Magic, cast spelling and seek out magical potions.

In our Monsters themed slots we include the undead, vampires, immortales and other creatures of the netherworld, some truly terrifying while others rather humorous offering a lighthearted take on the world of horror.

Halloween has its own theme here at, but will it be trick or treat?

Perhaps the most inspiring of all the mythical creatures are Dragons, and here we present the best, the scaliest, the most noble and terrifying dragons in the gaming world.

Lifestyle Games

Incorporated into game here are all those games especially dedicated to those aspects of our lives that make life worth living. Where would we be without our favorite music, sports, food, eroticism, TV shows and Films?

Some of us adore our Music, and the online slots available under this theme combine music with gaming.

The world of Sports and betting have always been inextricably linked to gaming and that tradition continues with some of our most popular sports represented on the reels.

Sweets, glorious sweets, weather you live to eat or eat to live all your culinary gaming needs are catered for here with the chance of winning your just deserts.

Good clean jiggly fun here, with online Sexy slots bristling with ripped muscles, gleaming tans, athleticism in all its glory and a great deal of hot steamy action coupled with the thrill of the game.

TV and Films, here we have the opportunity to play in a world of imagination alongside the cast and characters of some of our favorite TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters, with the music, sights and sounds immersing us completely in the game's narrative.

History, Culture and Nature Inspired Games

There is something for everyone, be you a history buff, an animal lover or even looking for something innovative and different, there will be something in the following games categories for you.

Animals, if it went on the ark two by two and it is the defining characteristic of the slot you are looking for, it will be here be they wolves, panthers, coyotes, gorillas, or funky monkeys.

Seashells, cockle shells, dolphins, sharks and ships include some of the symbols in Ocean themed online slots. Feel the relaxing, cool sea-breeze, the sun on your skin and play it your way.

Beautiful Asian princesses abound in this theme, awaiting a valiant hero to assist them with their quests and perhaps even to receive their graces.

History, if you dream of walking in the footsteps of historical figures, through ancient worlds and civilizations during pinnacle moments in human history, this is the theme for you.

This is a popular theme filled with Jewels of every type, shape and colour. So why not add a little sparkle to your life playing these immensely popular games replete with bursting, exploding and disappearing precious stones.

Innovatively Different Online Slots, here have brought together all those slots worthy of a theme each in their own right, those hard to define, genre-defying themes that strike out into uncommon territory in alternative game design, plot, narrative or gameplay.