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TV & Film Slots for Free

The show must go on! And what a show, at NeonSlots we are beyond pleased to provide some of the best, the very best, TV & film slots for free, including some modern classics such as action hero Rambo, Tomb Raider and Jurassic Park together with a trending favorite Game of Thrones. If you loved the films, you'll love these slots which are jam packed with our top heros, and anti-heros immersed in worlds of fantasy and alternative universes that have become so familiar to use throughout our lives. Our TV favorites are here too with the cast of Family Guy and many more.

Characteristics of TV and Film Themed Slot Games

In these games we find numerous super stars and actors from the big screen and television visible throughout the game and on the reels when we place our bets. For fantasy lovers, there are box office hits like Game of Thrones and Tomb Raider, while fans of action films will find Gladiator (starring Russell Crowe), King Kong and Terminator. Science fiction fans will find a varied selection too such as Jurassic Park. For more light-hearted entertainment incorporating some humour and laughs into our gameplay, we can follow the hilarious adventures of the cast of Family Guy. For the thrills and fear factor of horror fans we have Nightmare on Elm Street and Psycho. What better way to enjoy our favourite TV and cinema productions? Sit back, relax and enjoy that cinemagraphic experience while perhaps winning the chance to make a little money. You can play for real money or play for free, so don't delay, lights, camera, action!

Most symbols found in these games relate directly to the story and characters of the TV show or film in question, be they the heroes and their chums or the villains and their minions, the treasure or prize they are seeking, the special powers they hold and even their individual weaknesses might all be represented in the game. Given the variety of possible symbols, few are repeated from one slot machine to the other, with the exception of the most traditional symbols, namely, the Scatter, Wild and Bonus symbols.

Most Popular Slots inspired by Films and TV Shows

Within these TV and Film themed online slot machines you will find the most frequently played and most popular listed below.

Games of Thrones

Games of Thrones, developed by Microgaming, in which you encounter the imposing image of the Iron Throne, with the swords of all those enemies that got in the way of the rulers who have occupied it, as well as the shields with the insignia of the noble houses of the West.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park, developed and designed by Microgaming, in which the images of the main characters of this saga are featured alongside terrifying dinosaurs such a Tyrannosaurus Rex against a slowly moving background of the jungle.

King Kong

King Kong, produced and designed by 888games, is the famous story of a giant gorilla who ran amok in New York city, a beautiful girl and the hero whose only task is to keep the girl safe, not an easy job given the temperament, size and strength of King Kong.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider, produced by Microgaming, sees the beautiful Laura Croft taking us through various temples hidden away in remote areas of the world and confronting a seemingly endless set of tasks and dangers such as wild animals in search for lost treasures.


Psycho, designed and developed by Amaya, allows us the opportunity to live, breath and feel the fear generated by this classic cult film - Psycho. Among the symbols used in the game we will see: a man in a wide brimmed hat typical of some other era long ago and with a most serious look upon his face, the image of a women with clear signs of worry and stress written across her face, an eye peering out of an opening together with the key to room number 1 in the legendary Hotel Bates, and you will want to keep your volume on, or not, to hear the accompanying sinister and scary music and sound effects!

General Features of the Games

Play any of these online slots themed directly on your favourite TV shows, stories and actors from the silver screen. Live and experience the adventure first hand through their eyes with a good amount of your own vivid imagination, gaining the possibility to win a little money along the way or, maybe, just maybe, something a great deal more with which you could even return to the cinema to watch more of your favourite films and actors which could become the next free to play or play for real money online slot machines.

Most of the free spin and bonus rounds are activated when 3 or more special symbols, such as the Scatter, Wild and Bonus symbols appear on the reels. Once accessed, these rounds give the golden opportunity to get additional bonuses that could potentially multiply your winnings. You will often find risk games, which give a chance to double your winnings, to do so, you must choose correctly if the hidden card is red or black.

TV & Film Themed Game Developers

There are many gambling game developers actively designing online slots themed to the most popular and iconic TV series and Films and NeonSlots would like to provide you with a list of the most popular and most frequently played:

  • Microgaming - Games Of Thrones, Jurassic Park, Tomb Raider
  • 888games - King Long
  • Amaya - Psycho

TV and film themed online slot machines have a truly global fan-base of followers creating a demand which no developer could possibly ignore, and they in turn spend tremendous efforts to meet the growing demand by developing existing games and their subsequent sagas, as well as producing new games using current technology of online slot machines. These games are accessible without deposit, registration or the need to make any downloads and offer a potentially endless source of adventure. Come join the fun, thrill, and action today!