Dragon Slots for Free

Here be dragons! Imagine, rains of fiery death from above, producing terror throughout the land by dragons that return to their lair where they sleep at night, whenever they are not out marauding or kidnapping virgin maidens from villages and hamlets, upon a huge, huge piles of gold. But not all dragons be foul, some are benevolent acting as our guardians and our guides in magical realms in which their protection and favour may be essential to our quest. Look out for Tian Long, the 'Heavenly Dragon', and others in parallel universes not unlike our own but where the unreal can become real while playing dragon slots for free.

Beware who Enters Here …

When you play our free online dragon slot games, you will commence a fantastic journey in which you will be transported to a mystical world of fantasy in a land long, long ago, where these huge flying giants dominated the skies without any significant adversary. Can you visualize in your mind what a world like this would really be like? With epic battles between the masters of the air and humans below, it must have been incredible to see and horrifying to experience. The closest animal we have in our days is possibly the Komodo dragon, well, if you cannot imagine a true dragon of the skies, just take the Komodo dragon and … scale it up! Whatever the case, you don't need to imagine anymore, because from our portal you will find these creatures online and free, we have brought dragons to you! Well, only really the one on your computer screen, but each of our slot games is full of incredible images and symbols of when these creatures dominated the skies, making you feel like you are there with these magnificent beasts. It is not necessary to play for real money, all you must do is find your favourite game and enjoy! Dare you enter here?

Dragon Themed Online Slot Features

Most of the symbols that you will find in this type of game are related to the subject in question, in this instance, dragons, their abilities to launch fire and the treasures that they may have hidden within their lairs. This makes them unlike other types of themes used to create games, the symbols can often be repeated from one game to another, although all the games will continue to have the presence of the basic symbols of any slot machine, such as the Wilds, Scatters or Bonus symbols.

Quite often games with a Dragon theme have creative theme based bonus or special features that will make you feel a part of the adventure, these are usually launched by the Wild, Scatter or Bonus symbols. You can find free spins, a Bonus Bet Round or a Bonus Wheel or you may be rewarded with additional multipliers. Some games will have a double or nothing game that you can activate after a winning spin, and your only task is to decide if a face down card will be red or black to receive double your winning amount.

Most Popular Online Slots Machines

2 Dragons

2 Dragons is an online slot developed by EGT in which you get to appreciate the image of an emperor with his royal blue hat, typical of Chinese culture, as well as the beautiful Empress with her glittering crown of jewels. The symbols of the gold and blue dragons are also very impressive.

Dragon´s Pearl

Dragon's Pearl is a 5 reel online slot by Amatic wtih up to 50 paylines. It has a Wild and a Scatter that triggers a round if 5 free spins. The slot has a Wild symbol that can substitute for most of the symbols except the Scatter and any winnings can be multiplied 2 or 4 times in the gambling round.

Red Dragon

Red Dragon is designed and produced by 1x2Gaming, a game in which symbols of Asian culture such as a sushi roll, an artisanal fan, a Nunchaku, which is an ancient weapon made up of two 30 cm sticks joined at one end by a chain, and a Pagoda, being a traditional multi storey building with the eaves (a roof overhanging the building walls) on each floor, can be found.

Double Dragons

Double Dragons, a slot developed by Yggdrasil, is a game in which the dragons are the main protagonists. You will find the images of two majestic dragons, one red and one blue, as well as symbols of different coloured dragon eyes.


Draglings, which is also developed by Yggdrasil, is a story that is 100% focused on dragons, with special attention on the birth of baby dragons. We get to see different coloured dragon's eggs with various textures, and at the same time two baby dragons, one red and the other blue. This, along with well-mastered graphics and incredible music will make you enjoy your leisure time as you are entertained in this fantasy adventure.

The theme of dragons has many followers around the world and it is for this reason that major developers are constantly offering new models and machines, without forgetting that this is a theme which offers many possibilities for creating new forms of bonus and introduce novel changes in the structure and content of the games.