Pyramid Slots

In Pyramid slots for free you will encounter all the spelend of the Valley of the Kings and Ancient Egypt together with the mysteries and marvolos of the Aztec Empire, Tenochtitlan. Travel the dark paths taken by the pharaohs on their final final journey to the afterlife, to the treasure vaults which await the bravest of heores to liberate their immense riches from their long departed owners. Beware of death traps, forgotten curses and other hidden dangerous that lurk in the dark, awaiting the unsuspecting.

The Popularity of Pyramid Themed Online Slots

Both Mayan and Egyptians separately developed the world's first writing systems as well as their own distinctive works of art and architecture and systems of knowledge. Today the remains of these great civilizations continue to hide their secrets, myths and legends, some of which can be rediscovered playing Ancient Egypt and Mayan themed slot machines. In these games, you will be transported to faraway places shrouded in mystery such as the Sun and Moon pyramids of Teotihuacan, the pyramids of Cuicuilco, Tolan, Saint Cecilia, and as well as Ancient Egypt, in search of the treasure of Ra, the Sun god, or Horus, the falco-headed god or of the captivating Cleopatra, exploring the varying character and particular artifacts of these two ancient and enchanting civilizations, such as sarcophaguses, indian knives, the golden sphinx or the feathered headdress of the aztecs, mommies, or the busts of ancestral Mayas and, of course, the very pyramids themselves.

Both the ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations arose thousands and thousands of years ago and at great distances from each other and although they did not have any contact with each other, the religious buildings around which their greatest cities lay took the same form, that of the pyramids. Egyptian pyramids served as a tomb for pharaohs who were entombed with their servants, treasure, secrets and stories, while the Mayan pyramids served as temples to various deities and were the place of ceremonies, and of course, are also a great source of legends and myths. These two cultures separated by thousands of miles and a vast ocean both became fascinated with the pyramids so it is no surprise that today, our own culture shares that fascination and incorporates aspects of them into our own lives, be it at costume parties, fairs, games and of gambling games in the form of themed slot machines.

Games Developers and Most Popular Slot Machines

Treasure of the Pyramids

In Treasure of the Pyramids, developed and designed by 1x2 Gaming, you begin your adventure seeking out the Pharaoh's sarcophagus which is said to be packed full of treasures beyond your wildest dreams. You will experience a truly gripping storyline together with a great many cultural artifacts and relics of the age including: a splendidly engraved sarcophagus, the pharaoh's bust, an Egyptian jar, the sacred beetle of Khepri, the eye of Horus, the pyramids in all their glory, a range of parchments with mystical symbols and much, much more.

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid is a online slot by Realistic Games that is themed to the Pyramids of Egypt and has a classic gameplay with 1 payline and 3 reels. As you explore the pyramid you will see the classic slot game symbols of bars and the number 7 spinning on the reels as you try to land the themed Pyramid symbols which will launch the Great Pyramid Bonus Round. This bonus round takes you on a trail through the pyramids collecting rewards on your way, you will also discover Nudge and Super Spin Features and may receive a random series of Holds to help you find the biggest rewards.

The Pyramid of Gold

The Pyramid of Gold slot by Casino Technology will take you on a journey to discover the elusive Aztec Gold. Spinning on the reels you will see tribe members, tigers, eagles, masks, gold pyramids and , gold statues. You will be given the chance to double your winnings with the risk game where you need to correctly identify the colour of the facedown card and if the Aztec Gods admire your gameplay they may reward you with a round of free spins. So sit back, relax and admire the symbols of the famous Aztecs, their culture and religion, as you try to acquire some of their hidden gold.

Characteristics of Pyramid Themed Online Slot Machines

Of course, pyramid themed slot machines also have bonuses and special functions. In some, you will find bonus games of various levels that will take the player to a new screen, themed to the interior of a pyramid where there is treasure to be found after completing certain tasks such as unlocking doors to advance further and further towards the heart of the Pyramid choosing the necessary tiles, making cogs turn just as in the many films about Ancient Egypt and the Aztec Empire or perhaps to jump over the right pedestal. It is also possible to obtain free plays, which are activated automatically after 3 symbols appear, namely, the Scatter, Bonus and Wild symbols, thereby obtaining additional rounds during free plays. The prize may also be increased during the risk games, where you must correctly guess what colour a card which is placed face down is, with it be red or black?

Imagine, when you are playing your favourite Egyptian pyramid themed slot machine, as the symbols spin on their reels giving the possibility of winning valuable prizes from Egyptian or Mayan hieroglyphics, from symbols marked 10, J, Q, K and A, explorers in their period dress and distinctive beige hats, compasses, Egyptian gods such as Ra, the Sun god, or Horus the falcon-headed god, Mayan and Aztec gods such as Itzamna the creator, the eye of Horus, Egyptian sphinx and golden Mayan statues, the sacred beetle, Coleoptera, sacred books, the pharaohs sarcophagus or an indian chief's bust, Egyptian pyramids with a triangular summit, stepped Aztec pyramids topped with a temple, carts, the river Nile, Egyptian boats, papyrus, the ankh (which appears similar to a Christian cross, but with a vertical oval shape at the top meeting the intersection of the cross rather than a vertical line), spinning doors with special inscriptions, panthers, cats, snakes and more, all of which relate to the culture surrounding the pyramids of Ancient Egypt and the Mayan civilization that these slot machines are dedicated to.

Pyramid themed slot machines are very popular and also related to other themes which are highly fashionable at the moment, such as falcons, Cleopatra and the Mayans and many other variants currently available and well sought after in the market today.