FAQ about online casino games

Frequently Asked Questions

Online casino games attract more and more admirers every day. Today, experienced players can match real experts in the gambling industry. However, players who are just beginning to master online gambling, often have questions. We have prepared simple concise answers to the most frequently asked questions from players and we hope that our advice and FAQs page will be useful in helping to raise your skill level.

What games are available in online casinos?

Licensed online casinos offer a diverse range of gambling games. Users can access dozens of types of slot machines, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, dice and poker games including games with live dealers and different versions of bingo and lotteries. Read the NeonSlots online casino reviews to find a casino to suit you.

Where do I find all the rules of casino games?

Most online casino games have a brief description of the basic rules on the paytables and more detailed information in the Help (info) section. Here at NeonSlots we provide detailed game reviews of popular slots and table games to help you to understand the rules and gameplay.

Is it true that casino games generate combinations at random?

Yes! The spin results of licensed video slots are completely random. A special program called RNG (Random Number Generator) is responsible for forming combinations. It is impossible to cheat or tamper with the program as well as predict the results of any round.

What is RNG?

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a computer program that continuously generates number sequences, each of them corresponds to a certain combination of symbols on the reels. After clicking the start button, the slot displays a random set of images on the screen which may or may not form a winning combination of symbols.

How to choose casino games?

Casino games can be divided into two groups:

  • Those where you can affect the outcome. This category includes blackjack, poker and roulette. By following certain strategies and using skills, you minimise the advantages of a casino
  • Those where you have no impact on the result. This group which mostly relies on luck, involves the majority of slot machines, scratch cards and lotteries

If you are a fan of "intellectual" gambling and are ready to improve, your should choose a casino from the first category. Read the NeonSlots strategy articles to help you to understand the rules of each different strategy. However, if you just want to have fun, you should choose slot machines.

What are slot machines?

Slot machines are gambling machines that use reels with images on them to create winning combinations. They are also known as fruit machines or one-armed bandits. Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of models that have larger numbers of reels, lines or ways to create winning combinations. The availability and number of bonus rounds is enormous and they also use detailed graphics and themed designs. Discover more in the NeonSlots reviews which will help you to understand the features of slots in various categories.

What are online slots?

Online slots are slot machine games that have been designed specifically for online casinos. They feature three or more reels with various pictures or images depicted on the reels. After you hit the start button, the reels start spinning. When they stop, if the images create a winning combination, you will receive a payout.

How to control slot machines?

Online slots have a special control panel, which is generally found just below the reels. It has buttons that you can use to adjust the number of active paylines, bet size, starting a slot opening the paytable or activating auto spins. For detailed instructions on how to configure and manage slots, see the corresponding NeonSlots game review.

What are video slots?

Video slots are electronic casino games including slot machines, table games, card games and lotteries. They work using special computer programs which manufacturers install using computer chips in the slots in land-based casinos and in the software of online games.

What is a winning combination in slot machines?

According to the classic rules, a winning combination in a slot machine is a set of 3 to 5 identical pictures that land (stop) along an active payline on neighbouring reels, starting with the leftmost reel. The exact pattern of each payline can be seen in the paytable or rules of each slot.

However, with modern games manufacturers offer other options for creating winning combos. Read more in our detailed descriptions of the most common types of slots, in the corresponding section of our website.

How to calculate the size of a prize in slot machines?

To award prizes, most online slots use a system where you multiply the line bet by a specific multiplier. Each combination has a so-called multiplier and the exact figures for each specific combination are listed in the paytable of each individual slot. To open it, use the Paytable, View Payouts, Info or "i" buttons, depending on the slot. In the paytables of some slots, manufacturers show the exact payout amounts which change according to your line and bet settings whereas others show the multipliers which apply to the bet per line.

What are bet and game currency?

In general, there are 2 types of bets:

  • The bet per line - a stake for each line in a game currency
  • The total bet - the cost of one spin which is calculated by multiplying the ber per line by the number of lines active in the game

To determine the size of bets, slots use special game currencies called coins and credits.

What is the difference between coins and credits?

Coins are the in-game currency of a slot machine. Usually, you can set from 1 to 10 coins per line. The cost of a coin is determined in credits. The range of values depends on the rules of each slot machine or the casino. Some slots only use one type of game currency, either coins or credits.

What is denomination?

Denomination is the process of changing the value of a coin. Often you can select the value in credits of one coin (eg: one coin = 10 credits).

How to activate a bonus game?

To launch a bonus round, you must collect a specific combination of symbols as described in the game rules. Usually, this involves forming a combination of special symbols like the Scatter, bonus or free spins symbols.

What kinds of bonuses do slot machines feature?

Modern slot machines feature various types of bonus options. The most common options are free spins rounds, which often feature additional wilds or use reels with a different configuration of symbols. There are also pick and win bonus rounds where you need to choose one of the items to reveal a reward. You will also find non-standard ways of forming combinations, re-spins, random bonuses, additional multipliers, expanding Wilds and other bonus options.

What are special symbols?

Special symbols are pictures that perform special functions. The most common types are:

  • Wild symbol - replaces ordinary symbols helping to compose a winning combo. There are also multifunctional Wild symbols with advanced features including expanding Wilds
  • Scatter - creates combinations without using paylines or being on adjacent reels. It often triggers free spins or bonus rounds
  • Bonus - activates a bonus round when they creating a combination as described in the slot rules
  • Free Spins - activates a round of free spins

In addition to performing special functions, special symbols can often create their own winning combinations. A detailed overview of special images is found in the corresponding section.

What is a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a prize that grows until it is won. Jackpot slots are connected to a single network (within one or several casinos) and from each players bet, a small percentage is transferred to the fund.

What combination wins the progressive jackpot?

Different manufacturers have their own progressive jackpot systems, they may require a specific combination to be created which will then trigger a bonus round with the Jackpot as the ultimate prize, or you might be taken to a spinning wheel that has icons on it that award prizes or progress you to the next level and closer to the jackpot.

Are there strategies that guarantee a win?

No! Using strategies will only increase the chances of winning. These are special techniques which as a rule are based on changing the size of the bet, for example, the Martingale Strategy. Players claim if you apply them correctly, they will help you to win when playing online slots and casino games.However, you should remember that video slots operate on the basis of RNG (Random Number Generator) so it is impossible to predict the results and guarantee a 100% win.

Are there any secrets that allow you to beat slot machines?

The main secret to being successful at playing slot machines is the activation of special bonus features and games. If you activate a bonus round, you will get a chance to receive larger and more frequent rewards. Discover more tips of slot machines at NeonSlots.

What is return to player?

Every slot machine is programmed to return a certain percentage of the invested funds. For example, slots with a return to player of 96% should "return" 96 credits from every 100, but since slot machines work on the basis of RNG the actual term of return is unknown. It can take a long time and be related to any player.

Nevertheless, the higher the RTP of the slot, the greater the chances of success. The return to player can be specified on the paytable or in the information section of the slot Rules or Help.

What is variance?

Variance in slot machines is the ratio of the frequency and size of the wins. With low variance, combinations land more often but they produce small payouts. With high variance, the reward reaches bigger sizes but combinations land much more rarely. Players claim that the optimal option is slots with a medium variance.

Where can I find the variance rate?

Manufacturers do not provide accurate data on the variance of slots. You can find such characteristics on thematic forums or in the comments from players.

However, slots can show different results on different equipment. We recommend testing slots yourself using the free demo versions on our website.

Is it possible to play slot machines on my mobile?

Of course! Due to new technologies such as html5, game developers create popular slots that can be opened from desktops, laptops and mobile devices. You can therefore find mobile slots for iOS, Android, Windows and other mobile operating systems. The games will play the same way but the controls are often displayed differently due to the smaller screen size.

How to choose games to play for real money?

When choosing slots and casino games to play for real money, you should take into account three main parameters: size of multipliers, return to player and variance of the slot. Other features such as theme, number of lines and reels, free spins and bonus games are your individual preference.

Are slot machines on the Internet safe?

In general, yes. Licensed online casinos and websites use software with built in security systems and large operators guarantee the absence of viruses on their websites.

How to choose a reliable online casino?

There are many things to consider when you have decided to register with an Online Casino to play your favourite gambling games. Here we provide the answers to the most frequently asked questions about online casinos, such as how to choose an online casino, how to register with an online casino and the type of bonuses that are available.

Read the NeonSlots honest and impartial Casino Reviews as we only review online casinos that are fully licensed and legal to help you to make the right choice of online casino. In these reviews you will find a description of all the advantages and disadvantages of the casino and read the comments left by players. Here are some points you should keep in mind while choosing a game website: whether the casino has a licence or not; minimum deposit and withdrawal limits; bonus options; a range of games; contacts of technical support and whether the website has a mobile version.

How to Begin Gambling?

To begin gambling in the selected casino, you should register and verify your account. Then you should choose a payment method and make a deposit. You can also take advantage of any welcome bonuses that are on offer.

How to Win in an Online Casino?

First of all, you should choose a type of gambling game to play in the online casino. Choose games that you either have experience in or are familiar with the rules. We recommend that beginners start by playing slots. It is vital to begin with small bets and keep track of your funds as the game progresses.

How not to Lose all your Money in the Casino?

To try not to lose all the money you have deposited, you need to control yourself and not focus on playing with high bets. After each big win on the slot, you should change the game as big wins are often followed by a series of spins without wins according to players.

Some online casinos allow players to set limits on their gameplay, including loss limits, amount of money available to use within a certain timeframe (per day or week) and set a limit for the amount of time that you can play. Generally these limits can be set in your personal account area.

What Games are Offered in the Online Casino?

Each online casinos provide players with various games. They can be developed by one or several companies, and the range of games mainly includes: slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack, poker, bingo and scratch cards. Modern platforms also often have games with real money betting including games with live dealers.

It is Possible to earn Money by Gambling?

The key idea of online casinos is entertainment. This is why you should not regard gambling games as a source of income. All winnings should be treated as an extra reward rather than the main aim of the game. Otherwise, you may get excited, lose all the money deposited and could become addicted to gambling.

How to Gamble using a Smart Phone or Tablet?

You can learn about the mobile version of your favourite online casino from the customer support service using online chat or email. You can also open the website using your device to check the availability and if the website is adapted to the display of smart phones or tablets, you should be able to play using portable devices.

Some casinos have an app based on Android and iOS that you can download. You can find out about this option on a separate page of the website.

Can I Gamble for Free?

Sure! Most modern gambling platforms invite players to use their games in the demo mode, even if you are not registered on the website. A certain amount of credits are deposited in your account for free, so that you can make bets, but you can not withdraw them.

Can Gambling result in Addiction?

Unfortunately, yes. If you gamble regularly, you can become addicted to it and spend too much time and money on gambling websites. The consequences of such addiction can be very hard. To avoid gambling addiction, you should control how much time you play and how much you bet and remember that winning in the casino is not a main source of income.

What is Ludomania?

Ludomania is an addiction to gambling. It normally occurs when players spend too much time and money playing gambling games and is treated as strongly as drug addiction. You can help to prevent ludomania by limiting access to the gambling website or by contacting a special support service. Links to well-known websites which help players who feel they are becoming addicted are often available on the home page of the online casino.

What is Responsible Gaming?

Responsible gaming means registering and playing on gaming websites using honest personal data, without fraud, cheating or using banned software. Learn more about Responsible Gaming at NeonSlots.

How to Win at an Online Casino?

Your luck is the main factor that affects your chances to win. However, if you have enough experience in a certain game or you've had your own successful gambling strategy by playing demo versions of slots, your chances of winning also increase. The amount of your win depends on your bet. However, note that the higher the bet, the quicker your balance will decrease.

How to Choose an Online Casino?

When choosing an online casino, you should check whether it is available in your country. You should also check whether the casino is licensed and verify this information with the license issuers. It is also important to ensure that there are different ways that you can contact technical support, that the range of games are provided by licensed developers and what the casino deposit/withdrawal limits are.

How to Choose a Secure Casino?

A casino is considered secure if it has the correct licences. To choose an honest online facility, you can also read forums and special platforms where experienced players share their experience of casinos.

How to Register in an Online Casino?

To register in the chosen online casino, you must be over 18 years old and be a resident of a country where this casino is not banned. To begin the registration procedure, click the button with the corresponding name (for example, Join Now), and you will see a new user form. As a rule, you should type a nickname and a password you are happy with, your email, name, home address, phone number and account currency. Then you should confirm your email (rarely your phone number) and verify your account by sending some documents (usually your passport, photo of your payment card and bank statement).

What is the Minimum Amount that can be Deposited in an Online Casino?

You can deposit any amount of money to begin playing. However, each facility has is own minimum deposit limit, the amount of which ranges from 10 to 30 GBP.

What Bonus Features can Online Casinos Offer?

Modern online casinos offer several ways to earn a bonus. These can be deposit bonuses which award extra money to your account or free spins, as well as non-deposit ones which earn rewards soon after you are registered. Casinos often offer tournaments and loyalty programmes, which give you souvenirs and valuable electronic devices as well as other types of rewards that will be mentioned on their website.

How to Contact the Technical Support of a Casino?

To contact the representatives of the online casino, you can use online chat, email or phone. Online chat is the fastest way but like the phone number, can have a limited service time. Email is the most efficient contact method as you can get the most accurate information 24 hours a day.