Pharoah Slot Games

Slot machines themed to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt are set in one of the most beautiful and historically romantic landscapes that have been home to humans for over 200 thousand years. Play pharoah slots for free and witness the beauty of manmade structures such as the great pyramids of the Valley of the Kings, the enigmatic sphinx and the temple of Hatshepsut together with the immense wealth of the ancient world in the form of gold and precious stones, ancient artifacts and holy relics. The pharaohs may have departed, but left behind are all the death traps and deadly curses.

Characteristics of Pharaoh Themed Online Slots

Egypt, land of the Pharaohs and cradle of civilization, from where the unique hieroglyphic writing system emerged as well as the continued development of mathematics, great advances in construction, irrigation and more. Famous personalities from the period still captivate your heart and imagination and many have become household names today, living on in popular culture in our stories, films, books and in modern times video and gambling games.

Playing these slot machines allows you to become an explorer, a daring treasure hunter in search of the Pharaoh's treasure, the riches of Cleopatra or of Egyptian gods such as Ra. Upon progressing deeper and deeper into the pyramids, you will become immersed in all the riches you might expect to find therein, but beware of the devilish traps set for scurrilous tomb raiders (such as yourself), and look for clues that may be hidden within inscriptions such as the eye of Horus, hieroglyphs or upon sarcophaguses. Enjoy other images of the age including scorpions, horse drawn carts, Egyptian ships and papyrus - all a stone's throw from the majestic river Nile. In fact even the graphics and background music are cleverly related to Ancient Egypt!

These games unsurprisingly enjoy tremendous popularity and are found the collection of games pertaining to online casinos, often within their lists of most popular online slot machines. They are also listed by contemporary developers on their websites as well as other gaming platforms. Our culture is so intensely interested in this theme that it has produced an endless stream of films, books, historical research and now online slot machines allowing players to experience first hand ancient Egyptian culture, particularly the enigmatic personalities of the Pharaohs which even today have become household names across the globe, including: Tutankhamun, Cleopatra and Nefertiti as well as all the surrounding paraphernalia associated with the mythology from the period, a little magic and the chance to win some cash along the way. Below, our researchers have provided details of some of the most popular and most played online slot machines themed to Pharaohs. So why not Toot and Carm ooin?

Games Developers and Most Popular Games

Tutankhamun is a online slot by Realistic Games that is themed to the famous Pharaoh or King Tut as he is also known. As you would expect the symbols of this slot include the Eye of Ra, a vase, hieroglyphics and a lotus flower, the Wild symbol is the famous Tutankhamun´s mask and it has a bonus multiplier. There is a round of free spins with an additional multiplier that is launched by the image of the pyramids, which is the Scatter.

The Ramses Book slot by Merkur gives you the opportunity to solve an ancient mystery in your search for the Ramses book which is a powerful artifact that can provide great rewards including free spins. The symbols used are hieroglyphics, flowers, the sacred black cats and the symbol of horus, the eagle. Even the playing card symbols represent the wealth of the Pharaohs as they are four different coloured gems that are shaped as a heart, spade, club and diamond.

The Power of Ankh is a slot that was created by Casino Technology and has really detailed graphics and symbols. The Ankh is the most powerful symbol in this game as it acts as a Scatter and launches up to 100 free games. Also spinning on the reels you will see some very ornate symbols of King Tut´s mask, an Ankh, the sacred black cat, the eye of ra, the eagle symbol of horus, a scarab beetle piece of jewellery as well as hieroglyphics, fans and playing cards. It has a risk game where you can double or quadruple your winnings so walk like an Egyptian and be lucky as you watch the symbols spinning on the reels.

Of course, as you would expect from a slot machine themed to Pharoahs, there are a number of bonuses and special functions. In some of these themed online slots you will find bonus games organised into various levels that allow the player to progress from one screen to another, each screen forming a more specific aspect of the more general theme, for example, one screen might be set just inside a pyramid, a later screen perhaps deeper inside moving closer and closer to the heart of the pyramid and the intended final resting place of the Pharaohs and the treasure which you, plan to recover, after all, you can't take it with you, as the saying goes, the richest and powerful have tried and failed, better in your possession than in some dusty old tomb. But there is a long way to go before reaching your ultimate goal of winning big prizes, many challenges, each more difficult than the one before and all the while, lady luck is ready to foil your chances or maybe, just maybe, lend you a helping hand. There are doors to be unlocked in order to advance towards the centre of the pyramid, you must choose the correct Egyptian tiles, and pedestals, just as we see our heroes do in similarly themed films, books and video games. There is also the possibility of rounds with free spins, which are automatically activated upon the appearance of the Scatter, Bonus and Wild symbols which provides the opportunity to gain some additional rounds during free spins and, in some online slots, there is the coveted chance of getting the multiplier, and if 3 Bonus symbols appear during the free spins round, the prize is multiplied by the number of paylines. And what's more, you can double your prize in a traditional game of risk, in which you must guess correctly the value of a card which is presented face down, will it be red or will it be black? Special games are played either on the main screen or some additional screen which in any event will also be in settings reminiscent of the Pharaohs of Egypt.

Imagine then, that while you desperately fight your way through devilishly constructed traps designed to deter even the most daring of tomb raiders, pitting your wits against those of long dead architects in your favourite online slot machine in the land of the pharos, watching the reels turn again and again hoping that finally they will turn in your favour to produce a combination of hieroglyphics representing card symbols as follows 10, J, Q, K and A, as well as other symbols fitting to the theme such as the adventurous explorer in explorer outfit complete with beige hat, Egyptian gods such as the sun god Ra, or Horus the falcon headed god, Cleopatra herself, the sacred book, the Eye of Horus, the golden sphinx, the sacred beetle, the pharaoh's sarcophagus, pyramids, horse drawn carts, the river Nile, Egyptian ships, the ankh or Egyptian cross, panthers, cats as descendants of a god and many more all relating to the age of the Kings and Queens of Egypt, the games interactive storyline and novel personalities all wrapped up into your favourite online slot machine.

Pharaoh-themed slot machines are definitely in big demand right now and the trend certainly seems to be that this demand will only be greater in the near future with better games, graphics and sound. The incorporation of all the best ideas to-date, together with all the latest innovations in special features, bonuses and plotlines, not to mention the latest releases from the silver screen making their debuts in times to come, are all available from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you can connect a mobile device to the internet, playing here at NeonSlots for free or in online casinos.