7´s Slot games

Lucky 7, luck for some, but is it lucky for you? If you want to try your luck with online casino games, the online slots that feature the number 7 give you the possibility of playing for free and without registering. It turns out that the number 7 is the favourite number of many people in the world, in fact, large surveys often show that most people with a lucky number chose 7. Why? Who knows for sure, but the keeps on turning up again and again in the gambling world. Try out our selection of 7´s slots for free to see what lucky seven can do for you.

The Magic of the Lucky Number 7

The number 7 is very popular in China, because if you pronounce "seven" in this language it sounds like "life", but if we stop to think a bit, the number 7 is everywhere, 7 days a week, 7 deadly sins, there are 7 colours in a rainbow and 7 wonders of the world, so why is 7 a popular number in slot machines? Apart from being known as a lucky number, it is believed that it came from other casino games, like if you roll a 7 in a dice game it is classed as winning. So when casino slot machines appeared, it made sense to use the number 7 in this new style of betting. The number 7 is a symbol that is classed as traditional and often appears alongside the other traditional symbols of bars, cherries, bells and 777 that are found on retro/traditional slots that have one or three paylines, and you can play them for free.

Characteristics of Online Slots that use the Number 7

The majority of online slots that use the number 7 among their symbols often have other traditional images such as the star, the bell or the BAR and these symbols can be seen in most slots with this theme as well as the Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols. Good examples of online slot machines that use the number 7 are Lucky 7 from Betsoft, Hot 7s developed by GamesOS and Classic Seven by Kajot.

Free spins rounds will be launched when 3 or more specific symbols, such as the Scatter, Wild or Bonus land on the reels and the round can often be re-triggered. Slots within this theme might have special bonus functions and round but they generally do not feature risk games.

There are many developers of slots that use the number 7 among the symbols of their free to play slot machines, we at NeonSlots have included those that have the highest ratings including:

  • Betsoft - Lucky 7
  • GamesOS - Hot 7s
  • Kajot - Classic Seven

The number 7 is popular around the world which encourages game developers to create new games and features that use the number 7 theme.