Online roulette - types and rules

Online Roulette

Roulette is a game of chance where a ball spins inside a roulette wheel and when it stops it indicates the winning number. To play the game you need to make different types of bets to guess on which number the ball will stop. You can play roulette in online casinos with real money or for fun in demo and free mode. The game is accessible from your computer, PC, laptop, Android mobile phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad. Some casinos offer the possibility to download an app to access online roulette games directly. Learn the rules, strategies and types before playing in an online casino.

Roulette in Casinos

Roulette can be found in practically every online casino. However, the range of games differs from one casino to another, due to the variety available from different software developers. Casinos offer roulette tables with different betting limits (low, medium and high), so you can find a game to suit all pockets and levels.

It is possible to play roulette for free at online casinos thanks to the free or no deposit bonuses. To obtain these bonuses you must register at the casino. Learn about the safest and most reliable casinos in your Country with no deposit bonuses and promotions.

There is also the possibility to play roulette with real money and take real prizes. You can use the welcome bonus when you register at a casino and directly access the casino's roulette games.  Some casinos have an application that you can download, so you can play the games, directly from the casino app without interruptions.

How to Play Roulette - Rules

Roulette is a game of luck where bets are made before and during the initial stages of the ball spinning around the roulette wheel. As soon as the ball stops, the winning number is indicated and payments are made, ending the round. A new round starts and players can make new bets. Each online casino can determine the payout ratios of each bet in the games they offer.

Online Roulette

Roulette Bets

You can bet on a certain number or groups of numbers, such as the 12 numbers in the first, second or third column or the 18 numbers in the first or second half, odd or even numbers or all red or black numbers. You can also make bets on groups of one, two, three, four or six numbers that are located next to each other on the betting field. As a rule, a bet on a single winning number will be paid at 35 to 1 and bets for even/odd numbers or red/black only pay 1 to 1.

Roulette is a gambling game related to mathematics, since it is a game based on possibilities. Payments per rule are less than the chances of the ball falling on a winning number. That is, if there are 37 numbers the chances of winning is 1 out of 37. In case of winning, you receive a total of 36 chips, taking into account that they are paid to 35 for 1, plus the remaining winning chip. The casino always takes a chip as a commission regardless of the bets placed. The game of roulette is unpredictable and you can win or lose.

Types of Online Roulette

In the world of games of chance and especially in the sector of online games that evolves at great speeds, you can find many types of roulette online that have their own characteristics. According to the way of manufacture, operation and development of the game, there are three main types of online roulette:

  • Live roulette games are broadcast in real time from a game room and use a live roulette dealer. Bets are made via special software from the PCs or mobile devices of users who are connected from an online casino which gives players the option of making bets in real time 24 hours a day. 

  • Electronic Roulette, also known as automatic roulette, is where an automatic electronic roulette machine randomly throws the ball and performs a continuous cycle of turns through a special program without needing a dealer. It consists of a metal box with a wheel controlled by a circuit with an algorithm of independent turns, a digital screen and a tactile keyboard to place bets. Also in this category is pneumatic roulette whose name is due to the pneumatic ball launching mechanism. It ensures the continuous cycle of turns and the uninterrupted operation of the game in casinos and gaming rooms. You can find these types of games at some online casinos that use the software of the main developers in the industry.

  • Online Casinos offer online roulette games that use flash technology, so you can play from your computer via a flash media player or that use HTML5 technology so you can play from your mobile. These virtual roulette games can be played without downloading, although there are also several mobile apps and downloadable versions available for computers. 

You can play online roulette at no deposit casinos, depending on the software they have available. There are many varieties of this game that differ in rules, bets and casino advantages, however, they all give the same odds of winning to players.

Roulette Games

The word Roulette comes from French and means small wheel. So any game that includes a wheel in motion could be considered a roulette. Currently there are many roulette games in physical and online casinos. The main types are:

European Roulette Uses a roulette wheel that has 37 sectors numbered from 0 to 36. The rules of the European variant are common for all roulette games. You can place bets on individual or groups of numbers or possible outcomes including red or black, even or odd, numbers 1-18 or 19-36, a column of numbers or bets on groups of figures, depending on their location on the betting area. 
American Roulette Uses an additional number, the double zero which is located at the opposite end to the first zero on the roulette wheel. The betting table has the same bets as European roulette with the addition of the additional 00. However, the numbers are in a different order on the wheel. The casino advantage increases to 5.26%.
French Roulette Is the traditional and oldest version of roulette that appeared in France in the 17th century. Like the European variant, it contains sectors from 0 to 36 and is played with similar bets. It is differentiated by the inscriptions in French and the two special options that apply to the 0: "In Prison" allows you to keep bets for the next turn and "Le Partage" enables you to recover half of the bet. There are also different additional bets that can be made relating to the location of the numbers on the roulette wheel.
Russian Roulette Although this term is usually applied to a game of mortal chance with a revolver that has 5 empty chambers and 1 loaded bullet, in casinos it has a totally different meaning. It is a game of roulette that is in Russian and uses the rules of the European variant with a unique difference, the dealer launches the ball into the wheel with their left hand.

Mini Roulette

Is a smaller version of European roulette that has thirteen slots, red and black numbers from 1 to 12 and a green 0. On the one hand, there is more chance of hitting a single number but on the other hand, the advantage of the casino goes up to 7.69%.
Wheel of Fortune Is a spinning wheel with a pointer that chooses a number or a winning symbol when the wheel stops spinning. There are many variations in design, rules, symbols and bets and in some versions it can have several circles of prizes. A popular version of this game is called Dream Catcher and it is available to play at most live online casinos.
Chinese Roulette In this game the numbers 1-36 have been replaced by the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, that each appear three times and the 0 has been replaced by an 8 which is a lucky number in Chinese culture. There are many different types of bets that can be made including being able to bet on all the animals that are associated with a specific season or element. 
TV Roulette

There are many TV Channels who show live roulette games that viewers can participate in. The games are broadcast live and the presenters and dealers interact directly with the viewers and players. To join in you need to register with the casino and make a deposit. You can also participate in welcome bonuses and promotions. Any winnings you earn are credited to your account instantly.

You will also find roulette or spinning wheels in many popular TV Game Shows. They are often used to select prizes or score points to progress further in the game. 

There are more varieties of roulette such as La Boule, two ball or double ball roulette, multi-ball roulette, astro roulette, Premium and Gold roulette.

How to Win at Roulette

Since the time roulette was invented, many strategies have been developed to help players win. Many of them are based on the desire to find a relationship between the box in which the ball will fall and the number or group of numbers that have previously been winners. For example, it is difficult to imagine that if number X just came out 6 times in a row, the next roll will be the number 11. We can think that number X is more likely to come out on the seventh roll than the rest of the numbers, but mathematically it is not, since the probabilities do not vary depending on the winning number from the previous roll. According to the Guinness book of records, six is the maximum number of consecutive times that a number has been repeated. For that reason, it is recommended to consider the mathematical base games as a fun instrument, never as a real method to earn money. However, experienced players claim to know some tricks that help them win. Discover the most common roulette strategies such as the Martingale Strategy or the Law of the Third and practice their effectiveness when you play for free before applying them in the game for real money.

Who Invented Roulette?

It is difficult to discover the truth about the history of who invented roulette, as there are many theories but no-one knows exactly who created the game. It is considered that a game that used a spinning wheel and a ball appeared in the Middle Ages. However, some classic works also tell how the Roman legionaries placed a carriage wheel horizontally and rotated it to determine a winner. Therefore, it can be assumed that the history of this game began at the time of the Roman Empire. It is known that the appearance of the game of roulette as we now know it, is due to the French mathematician Blaise Pascal who divided a revolving wheel into 36 sectors with numbers (without zero) as a non profit fun game. On a commercial level the game only became profitable in 1842 when brothers Louis and François Blanc added a 0 to the wheel. The additional number was a benefit of 2.7% for the game organizer who kept 1/37 of the winnings. This is also when roulette games first appeared in the first casino in Monte Carlo. Little by little, most of the nineteenth-century gambling venues, first in France and then in all of Europe, began to offer revolving wheels with numbered squares that rotated with a small ball of ivory inside. In the twentieth century, the game crossed the ocean and appeared in the United States where the owners of the casinos experimented with the appearance and standards of the roulette wheel before adding the double zero to give more profit to the house. Nowadays, uniform rules for the three main types of roulette are in place, however the bet and payout rates can still be changed by the casinos.