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Heroes of myth and legend, find here Hercules the strongest man in the world, son of Zeus King of the Gods and join him an an epic adventure Or King Leonidas, famed for his famous last stand with his 300 men against the armies of the Persian empire. What riches may be uncovered on these journeys, only you can find out by taking that first step, but take care where that first step will lead you. Games can be played for free online via your browser without download. NeonSlots wishes you well on your quest offering the greek slots for free.

Greek Heroes throughout History

Rewind the clock back to the time of ancient Rome and its magnificent Colosseum and gladiators, or join the Vikings in a Nordic epic adventure where the God of Thunder Thor and his father Odin help you to acquire wealth, abundance and adventures, no castle or tower will be safe from your plundering. Whatever your destiny, by playing in the free online casino slot machines with different heroes you can enjoy a great variety of characters, have a good time, and, without a doubt, get riches along the way!

Characteristics of Online Slots with a Greek Theme

Most of the symbols that we find in the machines with a heroes themes will be related to the character and their appearance in history, myths and legends. This also depends on whether it is a hero type God or a human hero, the powers they have and also the objectives you pursue can mean that you will find similar or repeated symbols from one machine to another. All slot machines that use this theme will still have the basic symbols of any slot machine, including Wild, Scatter or bonus symbols.

Among the games with a Hero theme you will find the free Thunderstruck slot developed by Microgaming. This game features Thor, the God of Thunder, wielding his righteous hammer, while the sound of the horn will transport us to his castle in Valhalla, Hall of Gods developed by NetEnt is another of the games that features the Nordic gods with mythological heroes like Odin "the Father of All", Thor "the God of Thunder", Freya "the Goddess of Beauty and Love", Loki "the God of Deception and Idun "the Always Young". In this online slot game we will have symbols of old chests, hammers and relics, so be prepared for the trips to Valhalla where a wild sea serpent will also appear, representing the image of evil. In the game Zeus, developer WMS make you feel like one of the Gods of Olympus, you will see how the winged horse Pegasus takes flight to warn the God Zeus of all the movements and plans that humans intend to use to free their destiny from the hand of the Gods. You will also see culture and art, represented by allusive vessels and the musical instrument of the harp, because for the Greeks these items were very important too.

Within the heroes themes you will find slots like the very popular Game of Thrones produced and developed by Microgaming where you will have to join some of the noble houses of the 7 kingdoms to be able to conquer the Iron Throne and overcome the threat of the White Walkers. In the Gladiator slot machine Playtech have created a feeling of adrenaline as you become a brave warrior who struggles to survive just one more day in the arena hoping for his courage and honor to infect other citizens to fight against the corrupt empire.

These online slot machines usually have symbols of the hero and his adventures on the reels which will make you feel like you are the hero, fighting against adversity to achieve your goal, even the bonus games are based on a special feature of the hero. Usually free spins rounds will be activated when 3 or more specific symbols, such as scatter, wild or bonus land on the reels and you can win additional free spins, obtain bonuses that multiply your winnings, or launch different bonus features that are specific to each free online game, including, the Coliseum or Gladiator Bonuses. Risk games offer you the chance to double your win by correctly identifying the colour of a facedown card or choose if a coin will land with heads or tails up.

NeonSlots have selected the most popular games with this theme from the top developers that you can play online for free, these include:

  • NetEnt - Hall of Gods
  • Microgaming - Thunderstruck, Games of Thrones
  • WMS - Zeus

The Heroes theme remains popular and slot game developers continually produce new games with this genre and use it to create exciting gameplay, bonus features and iconic symbols.