Monster Slots Themed

The armies of the undead, things that go bump in the night, ghosts, ghoules, spirits, spectres, phantoms or goblins, at NeonSlots we have them all in our collection of monster slots for free. If you like to feel the adrenaline rush produced by a fright, a scream in the night, or the thrill of being hunted and haunted, then monster themed slot games might just be what you are looking for. They provide a chilling atmosphere that is filled with suspense and terror, themed music that will reach deep inside you and shake your very bones. Beware, for things here are not always as they seem .....

Be Afraid, be very, very Afraid …

… feel the dread seep deep into your bones as you find yourself alone in some narrow alleyway in the ancient city of London or play the role of a tomb raider working together with the likes of Dr. Sinister and his assistant to unearth a dead body during some dark and stormy night.

Monster themed slot games can definitely offer these feelings but you can also find characters that are more comically designed than terrifying, these adorable monsters, which, rather than transmitting fear and dread, provide some light-hearted entertainment and perhaps a much needed break from the horrors of more serious monster games, even, on occasions, when the original goal of a particular game was in fact to frighten us.

Developers and the Most Popular Games

There are many big name developers that design and develop monster themed games, NeonSlots has researched many games to produce a shortlist of the best and most popular, namely:


Frankenstein, developed by NetEnt, with the diabolic Doctor Frankenstein and his assistant Fritz we are carried away to a dark and sinister world of the mecarb, feeling the terror in our own bones as these characters walk the path to the reanimation of the dead in their castle.

Dracula by NetEnt

In the setting of ancient London, the defenseless citizenry live in fear from the enigmatic and terrifying dark lord, Dracula, who scours the streets in search of the helpless in order to feed off them so that he might continue his immortal search for his long lost love, but petrified as we might be, don’t forget to say fangs for the memory.

Monster Wins

The diverse way in which monsters are used in online slot games ranges from attempts to truly terrify us to games which, although falling within the same genre, perhaps add a little mirth and parody into the game, as in Monster Wins, produced and developed by NextGen. The characters are grotesque and disagreeable looking monsters that, despite their appearance, are more cute than they are terrifying.

Alaxe in Zombieland

Alaxe in Zombieland, designed by Microgaming, presents the famous story of Alice in Wonderland but with a twist. As can perhaps be gathered from the title, this particular not so Wonderland would not be complete without marauding zombies, even Alice herself appears with a macabre look on her face, and as for the Cheshire Cat's smile and that of the Hare, well ...., but be brave, don't give in to fear, the potential for rewards might just be worth it, in a trip down the rabbit hole.

General Game Features

Online games of chance themed to monsters usually have the characters from the games' storyline represented on their reels with the intention of drawing us further and further into the plot, allowing us to feel what the protagonist feels during each particular stage of the game and story. Experience the thrill and the fear and remain strong long enough, and you might just achieve your goal. The game bonuses that are found in these types of games of chance are based upon some special characteristic of the game, and the special Bonus, Wild or Scatter symbols are used to trigger them. These can include Free Spins, the Bar Feature, the Dramatic Big City Bonus or the Boss Monster Feature. You may also be given the chance to double your winnings by playing a gamble game after a winning spin.

Monster themed online slot machines have a huge and dedicated fan base and the demand for such games is high prompting many of the most well-known developers to create their own games in this genre and work constantly to improve on established games whilst working on new ones with innovative gameplay. These include free to play games as well as play for real money games.