Cleopatra Slots for Free

Would you like learn how to play Cleopatra? NeonSlots is your starting point. You will find the chance to play Cleopatra slots for free. There are a large number of online slot machines themed to the life and times of Cleopatra, often shrouded in mystery and intrigue, action and adventure, Cleopatra the VII, the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, has served as the inspiration for countless films, books, stories, operas, games of all sorts and in modern times now serves as the theme from some of our favourite online slot machines. Look out for free spins and respins.

Cleopatra Themed Online Slots

The slots themed to Egyptian Queen Cleopatra are set in the last century BC amidst some of the most spectacular landscapes in the entire world, travel along the River Nile, witness the progress of mighty Egyptians ships contrasting against the ingenious yet humble watercraft of the peasantry, the pyramids in all their splendor, palm trees outlining the sky in a desert oasis, the almost unimaginable riches that surround Cleopatra herself, the Sphinx, hieroglyphics, the lotus flower, sacred cats often considered gods or demi gods, and personal effects such as Egyptian jewellery, including Cleopatra's own sizable earrings bespeckled with precious stones.

Cleopatra's famous, or perhaps infamous, charm and powers of seduction helped her recover her kingdom in turbulent times, conquering the heart of Julius Caesar, Rome's most famous military leader, bearing him a son, Caesarion (or little Caesar) in the hope of sealing a long lasting alliance with and the protection of, Rome. Including this history, passion and interest into online gambling games certainly serves to spice up the gameplay, Cleopatra's charms changed the course of history, the effects of which still ripple out into the world today, how could we not be enthralled in a game centred on this epic historical figure? There are many online casinos, online games platforms and modern developers that have made very successful games based on this particular genre, and the following is a list of the most popular and most frequently played games which are themed to Cleopatra.

Developers and most Popular Games

Below, NeonSlots presents some of the most popular online slot machines by the biggest names in the business themed to the life and times of Cleopatra:

Cleopatra and Cleopatra II

Cleopatra, developed by IGT, is very popular, so popular in fact that the developers considered it worthy of investing a great deal of time, resources and effort into developing the first game and extending it to become a saga with Cleopatra II. In both cases you will be captivated by Cleopatra's gaze which will lead you to games with magnificent graphics and a series of symbols based on the exotic atmosphere enjoyed by Cleopatra, such as the lotus flower, the sacred beetle, the sphinx (featured as the game's Scatter symbol) the eye of Horus, distinct hieroglyphs representing the cart symbols and certain Egyptian gods, gold and of course Cleopatra herself. Even today, nobody knows in which Egyptian pyramid Cleopatra's mortal remains rest, will you be the first person to find out?

Cleopatra Treasure

In this game by GamesOS, you can actually sneak into the queen's own chamber and witness first hand her ostentatious apparel, such as her azure blue earrings, grand Egyptian style collars and ointment jars. You will then see scenes from the life of Cleopatra, such as when her servants attend to her in her personal quarters, or visit her sarcophagus which itself becomes a hiding place for what may be the most valuable treasure of all.

The Grace of Cleopatra

The Grace of Cleopatra is an online slot machine developed by EGT where you will be embroiled in an action packed adventure involving the various love and political interests between Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, as well as Mark Anthoni, which the game represents beautifully as symbols, together with the cat, a sacred animal in ancient Egypt considered as a demi god being, according to myth and legend, a direct descendant of the god Ra, the sacred beetle, all of which are surrounded by gold during a truly epic stage in human history. This slot machine in particular allows the player to travel through two great classical civilizations at once, namely the Roman Empire and that of Ancient Egypt.

General Game Features

Naturally, online slot machines themed to Cleopatra include all the usual bonuses and special functions we might expect from such games. You take the role as an intrepid explorer attempting to gain access to the death chamber in which the Pharaohs' sarcophaguses are held, along with their treasures originally destined to be taken with them to their afterlife but, with some skill and luck, could ultimately end up destined to your wallets and purses. You must advance towards the treasure by completing tasks such as opening locked doors in order to move one stage closer to the main objective of recovering the treasure in the innermost sanctum of the pyramid selecting the correct Egyptian tiles each time, turning revolving doors of seemingly impossibly heavy solid rock, just as in the countless films based on the same idea, or jump upon successive pedestals in the right order.

Of course, it's also possible to obtain free spins rounds, which are activated automatically upon the appearance of 3 symbols, the Scatter, Wild and Bonus symbols, or perhaps the opportunity of doubling your winnings with a Pharaoh's Special Bonus, where you must attempt to guess correctly the colour of a card placed face down, which may be either red or black. These special games are always based on the theme of the game in question.

Imagine for a moment, playing your favourite game of Cleopatra when suddenly, perhaps even unexpectedly, one by one, luck begins to align all of the winning symbols for which you are hoping. The following symbols are of particular interest, the adventurer clad in beige, egyptian gods, such as the sun god RA, or Horus, the falcon headed god, the sacred book, the eye of Horus, the river Nile, Egyptian boats, papyrus, the Egyptian cross, various jewels beset in Egyptian style, panthers, cats and, of course, Cleopatra herself, including scenes from her life and her lover, Julius Caesar.

As can be seen from the extensive list above, there is a colossal number of industry giants weighing in to design, develop and produce online slot machines themed to Cleopatra in order to meet the intense demand of one of online gambling games most popular genres producing a virtually continuous flow of new games, updated versions and sagas based on these most sought after slot machines.