Jackpot Slots

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Jackpot Slots, particularly progressive jackpot slots are among the most popular slot machines available at online casinos. Jackpots are winnings which are drawn from a pool of bets which can be won on the production of certain conditions in gambling games such as completing a winning combination playing online slots. Competition in the gambling industry is at a record high which is great for the players. Why? Because that means software developers are fighting tooth and nail to produce ever better games with increasingly attractive (bigger) jackpots, the progressive jackpot, in particular.

Classic Jackpots

A classic or traditional jackpot is made of the accumulation of funds, generally from single game session which may have a number of rounds. Traditional land-based slot machines may have incorporated a jackpot originally limited to a single machine before technologies were developed to link machines within a single establishment. Modern online slots take this to a whole new level. Not being bound to any given physical location, online casinos are able to linking as many games from across the world as they wish in their progressive jackpots, see below.

Progressive Jackpots

Software developers are now able to link multiple slot machines or online slot games played around the work at a virtually infinite number of locations. These linked games each make a small contribution to the jackpot fund each time they are played which allows all players, wherever they might be, whenever they playa chance at winning the collective fund raised by those contributions. In this way, the more players and games that are linked, then the higher the overall jackpot fund will become. Consequently, the higher the accumulated contributions become, the higher the progressive jackpot. The total jackpot available can truly reach astronomical levels. As the progressive jackpot grows, more and more people are drawn to the game, enticed by the chance at a life-changing win. And so positive feedback loop is complete.

Getting a Chance at the Jackpot

To qualify for a progressive jackpot, the online casino or game may require a minimum bet on their online slots. Whether you bet the qualifying amount or not, every wager makes a contribution to the progressive jackpot. Perhaps unsurprisingly, winning is most often possible by producing the highest combination in the online slot, the combination made up of the most valuable symbols in the right combination.


Slot machines with progressive jackpots and other games which may also include them in their gameplay, such as blackjack, will have a jackpot meter or counter clearly displaying the current jackpot in real time. Some players hold off playing until until the jackpot is suitably large (because why bother for 1 million, right?) whereas others might play progressive jackpot games at certain times of day believing that slot machine is more or less likely to drop at given moments. They may base this on historical data of when the jackpot has previously been dropped or a 'hunch'. In either case, you have a fun way of playing which is apt for entertainment purposes but neither of these two factors genuinely make any difference to the game as the software provided by software developers such as random numbers generators and similar preclude any such 'pattern', the results of spins being truly random in nature.

Progressive Jackpot Payouts

There are a number of different ways in which a progressive jackpot can be paid. In the heated competition to attract more players, software developers are constantly tweaking the way in which these jackpots are presented and paid to maximize their appeal. For instance, some jackpots are paid in one lump sum, as is the case for Mega Moolah by Microgaming, whereas with others you may receive an initial payment such as 20% (in the case of 888Casino) with the remaining prize fund being paid in instalments over a given period. That might sound undesirable at first, but if you're taking home millions, it will be well worth waiting for and getting used to having that sort of ready cash for those of us that are not accustomed to having it can take some getting used to and having that slight delay could actually be favorable.

Other online slots may have alternative progressive jackpots in the same game, or different categories or levels of jackpot. Split jackpots may be drawn from the same common fund comprised of the collective and cumulative contributions from all participating games but rather than having a single progressive jackpot, the prize money is split into multiple jackpots (more ways to win).

Slot Machines with Big Jackpots

Slot machines that have been recorded as providing big payouts include:

  • Mega Moolah paid the biggest jackpot for a slot machine ever at €17,879,645 on the 6th October 2015
  • Mega Moolah Mobile provided the largest jackpot ever recorded on the 25th April 2017
  • Mega Fortune developed by NetEnt, paid a jackpot of €17.861,800 in 2013.
  • Hall of Gods also by NetEnt paid a jackpot of €7,800,000 in 2015 and in 2012 it paid a €7,600,000 jackpot

Other online slots have been designed to incorporate much smaller jackpots, in the 10s of thousands and pay out far more frequently. So you can make a choice, play for really big wins or really, really big wins with corresponding odds.