Beauty and the Beast (Yggdrasil)
Beauty and the Beast Online Slot
Beauty and the Beast online slot by Yggdrasil

Beauty and the Beast by Yggdrasil - Play Online for Free

Beauty and the Beast is an online slot that is related to the movie and cartoon that were based on the fairy tale. The slot features a Golden Bet option, Wild and Scatter symbols and a round of free spins with additional bonuses provided by three characters.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME TV & Films
Features Freespins, Bonus Game
Developer Yggdrasil
Lines 20
Reels 5
Games played 122
Game Rating
Beauty and the Beast images

Beauty and the Beast Free Spins

Three or more symbols of a red rose landing anywhere on the reels will trigger the free spins mode. The number of free spins depends on how many Scatters have triggered the free spins mode in the first place and your bet settings during the free spins remain the same as they were during the previous spin. The mirror acts as the Wild symbol during a round of free spins and the Scatters will also earn you some coins:

  • Three pictures of a red rose - 10 free spins
  • Four pictures of a red rose - 10 free spins and 1,000 coins
  • Five pictures of a red rose - 10 free spins and 5,000 coins

Two windows will pop up during the session of free spins:

  • Free Spins - shows the number of free spins remaining
  • Total Win - your current win for the free spins that have been completed

Additional Bonus Option during Free Spins

Beauty and the Beast also features a bonus option. Each time you launch or relaunch the free spins, you need to select the butler, the chef or the maid which will earn you a bonus that will be active during each session of free spins.

  • The butler will shift one of the reels one position up or down to help you form a better winning combo. 
  • The chef will synchronise three reels that are next to each other, which means that the symbols on three neighbouring reels will turn into three identical ones during free spins. For example, if the second reel contains a pink, a yellow and a blue rock, then the second, third and fourth reels will also contain a pink, a yellow and a blue rock.
  • The maid will randomly place two to four Wild symbols, however they will not be placed above any Wilds or Scatters that are already present.

By relaunching the free spins mode in Beauty and the Beast you will reset the number of free spins to ten. You will also get the Extra Free Spin Servant option where two characters instead of one will be operating when the free spins mode is relaunched. If both the butler and the chef are activated, all synchronised reels will spin as one.

The third servant will be activated after the second relaunch of free spins. When the butler, the maid and the chef are activated during the free spins mode, the symbol of a red rose will no longer land on the reels so you can no longer relaunch another series of free spins.

Once the free spins mode is over, the number of newly-earned coins will be displayed on the screen. To go back to the regular mode, click anywhere on the game screen.

Golden Bet in Beauty and the Beast

You have the opportunity to either activate or deactivate the Golden Bet by using the button to the left of the Spin button. Once you click on it, a window with the following sections will pop up:

  • Coins - will deactivate the extra options.
  • Boost (A rose) - helps you to win more by allowing you to choose two characters at the start of the free spins round. This option will cost you five coins on top of your bet amount.
  • Nudge (A bell) - will let you launch free spins more often as if a Scatter symbol lands outside of the area it will be nudged in to create a winning combo that will launch the round of free spins. This option will cost fifteen extra coins on top of your bet amount.
  • Boost and Nudge (The crown) - will activate both of the the above two options. It will cost thirty extra coins on top of your bet amount.

Golden Bet can only be activated during regular spins.

Symbols and Multipliers in Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast features thirteen symbols. A winning combo is when a combination of three, four or five identical symbols line up on neighbouring reels from left to right starting from the leftmost reel. Only the highest-winning combination on a payline will pay a reward.

Create a winning combination of three, four or five identical symbols of:

  • The Beast 
  • The Prince 
  • An ordinary young lady 
  • The Princess 
  • A red square gem
  • A green triangular gem
  • A pink ball-shaped gem 
  • A blue heart gem
  • A yellow gem shaped as a droplet 
  • A purple pentagonal gem 

The Scatter symbol is depicted as a red rose. Three or more of these symbols landing anywhere on the reels will trigger the free spins mode.

The icon with a word "Wild" is the Wild symbol. In the regular mode it looks like a cracked mirror. The Wild can substitute for any pictures on the reels to complete a winning combo, except for the Scatter. The Wild operates during the regular spins as well as during the free spins mode. If a winning combo starts with three Wild symbols, the options for payouts will be many, however, only the one with the highest value will pay you a reward. offers an exclusive collection of the online slots to play for free in demo mode that feature the same features and gameplay as the real games.

How to Control the Beauty and the Beast Slot

Before you launch the reels in Beauty and the Beast, you should set your denominations. Click on the +/- buttons in the Coin Value section to indicate your appropriate values. The denomination will determine the cost of one game coin in credits in the range of 0.01 and 5.

The number of paylines in Beauty and the Beast is always fixed at twenty and is displayed in the Lines section. Your bet per line will also stay fixed at 1 game coin.

Your total bet is determined by multiplying the number of paylines by your bet per line. Since both of these values in Beauty and the Beast stay fixed, your total bet will always be 20 coins. You total bet will be displayed in the Cash Bet section.

The Win section displays the amount of credits or coins for your most recent winning combination. Click on the Spin button to launch one single spin. Once the reels have been launched, this button will turn into the Stop button. By clicking on it you can bring the reels to an instant stop You can view the current amount of credits available to you in the Balance section.

All values contained in the control panel can be indicated in both coins and credits. You can switch back and forth by clicking on the Balance window.

If the values on the control panel are displayed in coins, the number of coins in your balance will change depending on your current denomination value. It will happen due to the change of the coin's value so your balance in coins will be determined by multiplying the amount of credits in your account by your current denomination value.

When the values on the control panel are indicated in credits, your bet will be changing depending on the current value of one coin. It means that your bet will always be twenty coins, but as the denomination value changes, your bet size in credits will change accordingly. For example, if your denomination value is 0.1, your bet will amount to 2 credits because you multiply your bet in coins (which stays at twenty at all times) by your current denomination value.

Additional settings in Beauty and the Beast

Click on the plus sign on the left side of the game screen to open the list of auxiliary buttons:

  • Paytable
  • Game Settings
  • Game Rules
  • Mute

Click on the Paytable button to open the slot's info window. It includes:

  • The rules featured in Beauty and the Beast
  • Symbols and their respective payouts
  • Free spins info
  • The slot's payline patterns
  • The description of the Golden Bet and the bonus option that features three characters

You can switch back and forth between the info windows by using the left and the right arrows.

Click on the Game Settings button to adjust the desired visual and audio options and set some additional terms for exiting the autospin mode.

Click on the Game Rules button to view all rules featured in the Beauty and the Beast slot. Unlike the info menu, the rules contain no pictures and describe everything in more detail. The Mute button will disable the sound effects and "Return to Game" will take you back to regular spins

Autospins in Beauty and the Beast

Click on the Autoplay button, to the right of the Spin button, to activate the autospin mode. By clicking Autoplay you will open a list showing the different number of autospins from ten to infinity (well as long as you have enough credits in your account). Select the required number of autospins which will run continuously until: 

  • You click on the Stop button
  • The amount of credits in your account goes below your current bet level
  • The specified number of autospins have been completed

In additional settings you can indicate some additional terms for stopping the autospins:

  • "on single win of at least" - this is when your win for one spin is equal to or exceeds the indicated amount in credits
  • "if cash increases\decreases by" - this is when the amount in your game account goes below the indicated amount of credits in your balance or when your game account goes higher than the number indicated
  • "when entering free spins" - once a combination of Scatters land and trigger the free spins mode

Once the autospins are over, you will go back to the regular spins.

Beauty and the Beast online slot is developed by Yggdrasil and is based on the famous book and movie. The slot has medium variance so winning combinations will land quite frequently and can be high or low paying.