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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Online Slot
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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Slot by Betsoft

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a 3D slot by Betsoft based on the famous novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. The online slot has 5 reels with 30 paylines and you can play demo free at neonslots.com. The game features five different bonus options. You have a chance to earn two bonus payouts, win a round of free spins and two mini games. Besides, you can boost your winnings in the double-up round.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME TV & Films
Features Freespins, Bonus Game, 3D, Gamble Round
Developer Betsoft
Lines 30
Reels 5
Games played 140
Game Rating
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde images

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Free Spins

A bonus round of free spins is represented in a somewhat unusual format. There is a special meter located under the middle reel. Each time a picture of the red potion bottle lands, it will start filling the meter little by little. Once the meter is full, you earn a series of free spins.

The exact duration of the round has not been defined. There is a reverse option operating during the free spins. This time the meter gets filled when pictures of blue potion bottles land. Once it gets full, the round of free spins will be over. All service symbols will maintain their functions during the bonus game. You also have the opportunity to earn some extra bonus options.

Mr. Hyde Bonus Payout

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde can earn you some extra payouts when several unusual bonus combos land on the reels. You will get a reward when pictures of the blue potion bottle and Mr. Hyde land next to each other. The amount of the reward is determined at random. Your total bet can be multiplied 5 to 20 times.

Dr. Jekyll Bonus Payout

A combination of Dr. Jekyll and the red potion bottle landed next to each other can earn you a tangible reward. These pictures will turn into the Wild Hyde symbol that will be able to replace ordinary pictures. All pictures on the game screen will come into motion. While moving, they will take up the fields in such a way that they will form the maximum number of winning combinations possible. Wild Hyde can also produce combos of its own. A combo of 3, 4 and 5 pictures will pay 45, 200 and 1,200 line bets respectively.

Frenzy Bonus

A combination of "Mr.Hyde - the slot's logo - Mr.Hyde" landed anywhere on the middle reels will trigger a bonus mini game. An additional window will pop up on the game screen. An animation will start. Mr.Hyde walks the streets of London trying to rob the people. Your objective is to show him the way (to the left or to the right) at the intersections.

If the character encounters a pedestrian around the corner, you will earn a reward in credits. The bonus round continues. You have to keep pointing Mr.Hyde in the right direction. As soon as Mr.Hyde sees a sleeping policeman, he has a chance to run away. This option will also earn you a reward. Once the character encounters the patrolman who is awake and starts to chase him, the round will come to a close. The highest reward that you can earn in this round is 66 total bets.

Potions Bonus

To gain the access to this mini game, you have to land the combination of "Dr. Jekyll + the slot's logo + Dr. Jekyll" on the middle reels. The exact arrangement of the pictures on the reels is of no importance.

The window will show Dr. Jekyll preparing the serum. Next to him is a table with 12 vials with all sorts of concoctions. Your objective is to pick six of them to become ingredients for the potion. The sooner you pick the right ingredients, the higher your reward will be.

Symbols and multipliers in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde online slot by Betsoft can produce regular combinations by applying both the standard formula and some special rules. Most of the pictures will earn you a reward when 3 to 5 identical pictures land on a payline. These pictures were assigned the following multipliers that will determine the size of the payouts:

  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Combinations of 3, 4 and 5 of these symbols will multiply your bet per line 45, 200 and 1,200 times respectively. The pictures possess an extra capability to form bonus combinations when combined with the pictures of potion bottles or the slot's logos. The functions will be described below in detail.
  • A policeman and a key - 15, 45 and 200
  • A house and a fireplace - 10, 30 and 150
  • A book and a newspaper - 5, 20 and 100

The slot features three types of basic service symbols:

  • The slot's logo is the Wild symbol. This symbol will only land on the odd reels. Their main function is to replace regular pictures when forming the combinations. Its extra function is to launch mini games. To activate this function you need to land the combo of "Dr. Jekyll + the game's logo + Dr. Jekyll" or "Mr. Hyde + the game's logo + Mr. Hyde" on the middle reels. Their positions on the reels are of no fundamental importance
  • The red potion bottle is a picture that triggers a round of free spins. This picture will grant you the access to one of the bonus options once it lands next to Dr. Jekyll
  • The blue potion bottle is a picture that brings the round of free spins to an end. Once it lands to the left or right of Mr. Hyde, it triggers one of the bonus options

The developers have relieved you of making any calculations. The slot will determine the size of your winnings by applying the current values used in the game. The paytable will display specific amounts in game coins. The slot can produce several combos in one spin. This is when all of your winnings will be added up. You can transfer the newly-earned coins to your virtual balance and take part in the double-up game by clicking on the Double Up button.

The Game of Chance

The doubling round in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde movie-themed slot has an unusual design. A picture of a coin comes up instead of a face-down card. You will be invited to play the coin toss of Heads or Tails. Your objective is to guess which side up the coin will land.

The rest of the rules are applied as usual. A correct guess will double your reward and let you continue on with the round. You have a chance to go through as many as five stages. An incorrect guess will nullify your rewards in coins that you have earned both in the spin and in the double-up game. You can exit the round any time you wish by clicking on the Collect button.

How to Play Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Game

The vital advantage that the slot has to offer is its convenient control panel. The rules of the slot let you adjust any of the current values. All buttons for setting the values are located on the right side of the control panel:

  • Bet Per Line - to set your bet per line in coins from 1 to 5
  • Select Lines - to activate any number of paylines involved in producing the combos
  • Choose Coin - to select the coin value from 0.02 to 1 credits

The centre contains the following info blocks:

  • Bet - your total bet Depending on your prior selection, the values may vary between 0.02 and 150 credits
  • Win - the size of your winnings for a successful combo

The left side contains functional buttons that launch the reels:

  • Max Bet - one spin with the maximum bet
  • Spin - one spin with your preset values
  • Autoplay - a series of 5 to 100 continuous spins with your preset values

The slot also lets you change your values in the Options section up on the top. Click View Pays to open the paytable in the upper right corner of the slot.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is designed for the fans of the online slots that feature multiple and diverse bonus options. Experienced connoisseurs claim that the slot makes you happy with the bonus options occurring quite often. The slot has been distinguished for its fabulous 3D graphics, high-quality animation and background sound effects.