Chests of Plenty (Playtech)
Chests of Plenty

Chests of Plenty Slot by Playtech Review

Chests of Plenty is a machine with 20 fixed paylines and 5 reels. As the reels spin, you have the opportunity to take part in a bonus round and hit the jackpot. The maximum payout for a combination of this Playtech slot's common symbols is 200,000 credits.

This slot machine is available in a free mode, where special demo currency, credits, is used in the game. Your funds are deposited in the account as the one-armed bandit loads.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Pirates, Treasure
Features Bonus Game, Jackpot
Developer Playtech
Lines 20
Reels 5
Games played 459
Game Rating

Principles and rules of the game

You can learn more about the Chests of Plenty rules in the Paytable and in the Help menu. First of all, it is important to understand the principle of how payouts for various combinations are calculated and how the machine should be set up. Let's consider the main controls in more detail:

  • Bet -/Bet + these two buttons lower or increase your line bet, depending on what you wish. The minimum bet is 0.01 credits, the maximum is 20
  • Autoplay is a feature for setting up a series of autospins
  • The Spin button launches a single spin of reels

Since the lines in Chests of Plenty are all fixed, there is no separate button to change their number. All 20 lines are involved in each spin. An important thing to do before spinning the reels is to find out what your total bet is. It is calculated by multiplying the line bet by the number of lines. E.g. the bet is 1 credit, there is a total of 20 lines so the total bet is 20 credits. The maximum total bet in the slot machine is 400 credits.

The combinations are counted from left to right. Identical symbols must be on neighbouring reels of the same line. Combinations involving the Wild symbol are an exception. The two Scatter symbols are not associated with their location on lines or reels either. They pay out just by coming up in sufficient numbers.

The Paytable shows the multiplier for each combination of symbols. Credits are counted automatically but it is always good to know the calculation formula: the factor from the paytable is multiplied by your line bet. The sum total in credits will appear as a result. In the table you can also find info on earning bonuses.

Additional settings

Besides controlling gameplay, general display settings of the slot are available as well. Once you open the Options drop-down menu, you can activate the Quick Start feature, which will shorten the duration of reel spins. You can also turn on or off certain sound effects that accompany gameplay. Here you can also select the option to turn off the intro animation.

Symbols and multipliers of Chests of Plenty

Chests of Plenty provides you with three special symbols. The Wild symbol is the one that is generated on the reels and interacts with others most frequently. The symbol depicts a lady pirate. The main function of the Wild symbol is to replace common symbols to form a winning combination. If several identical pictures on one line are separated by an "empty" reel, this is when the wild, if any, replaces the missing one.

 Another characteristic is that the symbol with a picture of a pirate turns into an additional wild. If a Wild symbol appears horizontally to the left or to the right of the pirate, it will turn into a wild, too. The lady pirate earns credits as well if she appears starting from the first reel. This includes the largest reward for the full combination, which is 100 to 200,000 credits (depending on your line bet).

All reels contain the Scatter symbol with a picture of a card. By collecting three such symbols, you gain access to the bonus round called Treasure Island Bonus. The Scatter showing a chest appears only on the first, third and fifth reels and launches the 9 Diamond Progressive bonus round.

The rest of the symbols in Chests of Plenty pay in credits only. The smallest winnings are produced by pictures of playing cards — 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. When betting the maximum amount, you get 100 to 200 credits for a combination of three symbols. The maximum payout in this category is 2,400 credits for five Aces.

Symbols with a parrot, sabres and a pirate are more valuable in terms of making payouts. The minimum you can win for three symbols while betting the maximum amount is 800 credits and the maximum is 2,000 credits. A full combination pays up to 40,000 credits.

Bonus round

There are two additional modes available in Chests of Plenty, Treasure Island Bonus and 9 Diamond Progressive. Each one of them can be activated as soon as you collect at least three Scatter symbols. As the reels spin, the prompts on how to access the bonus round pop up at the bottom of the screen.

Treasure Island Bonus — requires from three to five Scatter symbols. First of all, the number will tell you where the "treasure hunt" will begin.

  • 3 cards — Booty Island
  • 4 cards — Isle of Plenty
  • 5 cards — Jackpot Island

Jackpot Island contains the biggest winnings. Each island is presented as a map subdivided into cells. You can make your move by launching the wheel and depending on the sign that comes up, you can move the mark as far as 1 to 7 cells, or you can finish the bonus round if the picture of a skull comes up.

These are the images that you will encounter right on the map of the island:

  • ?x — a random payout in credits
  • ? — a random decision is made whether you get the payout, move on to the next map or get an extra spin of the wheel
  • Fragment of a map — once you collect three such pieces, you move on to the next island
  • Red arrow lets you spin the wheel one more time

All prizes in Treasure Island Bonus are calculated out of your total bet:

  • Booty Island — 15 to 1,000 credits
  • Isle of Plenty — 50 to 1,500 credits
  • Jackpot Island — 300 to 2,000 credits

The 9 Diamond Progressive bonus round is played in the main game. A symbol with a chest must be collected on the first, third and fifth reels for it to get activated. A new window with cells will pop up, each of them containing one of three gemstones. As soon as gemstones of one type are aligned, you receive a certain payout. This is how the payout is calculated: the factor assigned to the gemstone is multiplied by your total bet.

  • Red stone — the 1x multiplier
  • Green stone — the 2x multiplier
  • Diamond — the 5x multiplier

The bonus round continues for as long as identical stones keep coming up. If nine diamonds appear, you get the progressive jackpot. Yet at the same time the bonus round continues for as long as identical stones keep coming up. You can see the amount of the jackpot in the main game, the counter is right above the reels.