Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot (Playtech)
Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot

Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot Online Slot by Playtech Review

Symbols in Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot appear throughout the 15 fields on the game screen. Winning combinations can be formed from both the right and the left sides in this slot powered by Playtech. Their number of 1 to 9 can be adjusted manually. The bets are placed only in credits. You can win a maximum of 5,000 times your bet.

The special symbols do not activate any bonus rounds. The Wild symbol doubles your payout for the combination. The second special picture is the scatter which, in spite of its name, earns you winnings only when present on active lines.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME History
Features Scatter, Jackpot
Developer Playtech
Lines 9
Reels 5
Games played 98
Game Rating

The gameplay 

In the trial version of Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot you initially get 2,000 credits. This is the virtual currency used for placing your bets. You can view the amount of credits available throughout the whole game session in the bottom left corner. The Total Bet section in the centre of the control panel displays your total bet.

The bet is calculated automatically by using two specific values. The first one being the number of the active lines. You can see it in the Lines section underneath the first reel. There are two "+" and "-" buttons located under the paylines. Click on them to increase or decrease the number of active lines. As soon as you reach the maximum or minimum value, the appropriate buttons become inactive.

There is yet another value to the right of the section listed above, which affects your total bet. It is the number of credits placed on one line. You can also use +/- buttons to modify your bet per line. You can place a minimum of 0.01 credits on one line and a maximum of 100 game units.

How to spin the reels

Once you have placed your bet, you can move on to spinning the reels. Click the Spin button to launch one single spin. The button is placed in the top right corner and the letters are written in blue.

You can choose to stop the reels. To do this, hit the Stop button, which pops up during the spin. Please note that it comes up only after the first reel stops spinning.

The Auto Play button is located to the left of the standard Start button. Use it to launch autospins. In order to do this, move the cursor over the button to access the scrolldown menu. The menu consists of several figures which correspond to the number of auto-spins. You can set 10, 25, 50 or 99 spins and you will not have to click the start button before each spin.

You can always interrupt the automatic mode. However, you will not be able to change your bet during the autospins. Click the Stop button to stop the auto game. Once the autospins are completed, you will see a window informing you that the automatic mode is over and you will be offered the chance to repeat it.

Bet Max is another button which activates the reels. It launches one spin. The number of active lines is automatically set to a maximum of nine.

Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot also features the acceleration mode of spinning. Click on the Turbo Mode button to speed up the reels. The button is located under the standard Start button. It turns into the Turbo On button in the turbo mode.

Symbols and multipliers in Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot

Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot features a total of 12 symbols of various types. In addition to their external design, they also differ in their payout multipliers and the special features that they offer. For example, the Wild symbol can replace any other picture in this slot. It is a picture of a Chinese gentleman. The combinations with a Wild pay doubled multipliers.

What makes the second special picture of a hat different from the common ones, is that its factors multiply your total bet, not just the line bet. The combination of these symbols awards you winnings only if it is formed on an active line. In addition, the combination has to start from one of the outermost reels. The picture of a hat comes with such multipliers as 1, 5, 10 and 100.

The rest of the ten symbols are common ones. They all pay according to their corresponding factors. Each type has its minimum number of pictures in a winning combo. The playing card symbols from nine to an Ace produce the winning combination only in three, four or five pictures. Their multipliers are as follows:

  • Nines and tens pay 5, 15 and 100 times your bet per line
  • Combinations of Queens of Jacks increase your bet per line by 5, 20 or 200 times
  • The King wins 5, 25 and 300 multipliers
  • The combo of Aces wins you 10, 30 or 500 times your bet per line

There are various creatures depicted on the icons themed to the Chinese New Year celebration. Symbols with a fish and a phoenix bird award 3, 20, 100 and 1,000 multipliers. Therefore, there can be a minimum of two pictures in the winning combination.

The same conditions apply to the dragon symbol. However, this symbol has higher multipliers — 5, 50, 250 and 2,500. You can win the highest payout for the combination of lions. You win a reward in credits for such a combination even if there is only one lion present. The multipliers of these symbols are as follows: 2, 10, 100, 500 and 5,000.

Please keep in mind that the factors of common symbols multiply your bet for one line. Winning combinations can start both from the leftmost or the rightmost reels. You earn credits only for the highest-paying combination on the payline. Please note that the combo of five pictures of a kind pays only one time.

Bonuses and settings

Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot has no bonus game, additional rounds or free spins available. The slot provides progressive jackpots but they are only available in the full version of this game.

There is also a logbook of the game session available in the full version. It is located near the main game settings. To open it, point the cursor to the wrench icon located in the top right corner. By clicking the buttons in a scrolldown menu you can go to the page with the whole set of rules or to the settings.

Music playing in the background is one of the slots options. You can adjust it in a separate section even during the game. If you would like to change the volume, move the cursor to the loudspeaker icon. You can use a special scale for that purpose.

The Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot slot is as good as its predecessor, another product by Playtech. Go to the Info section during the game session to get a quick run down of the rules of the game