Sapphire Lagoon (Casino Technology)

Sapphire Lagoon Online Slot

Sapphire Lagoon powered by Casino Technology is a slot that has five reels and twenty five paylines. The changing number of free spins adds some drama to the game. The maximum bet is 500 and the maximum win is 20,000 credits.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Treasure
Features Scatter, Gamble Round
Developer Casino Technology
Lines 25
Reels 5
Games played 26
Game Rating

How to play Sapphire Lagoon

Your first action in Sapphire Lagoon has to be done before you see the reels. You have to select the denomination — the value of an in-game credit during the opening animation. More specifically, select one possible denomination set by default — 0.01 coin.

You will not see the usual buttons that place bets on the control panel. Hit the big orange Game Menu button on the left to place your bet. After that you will see an additional window where you can set up the number of lines (Lines) and your bet per line (Bet). Instead of the +/- buttons, the developers have provided several ranges for each of these values:

  • Lines — 1–10, 10–15, 15–20, 20–25 and 25
  • Bet — 1–2, 2–4, 4–10, 10–20 and 20

Click on Max Bet to set these two parameters to their maximum — both the number of lines and line bet.

This window features several more buttons:

  • Music — adjusts the volume or turns it off
  • Auto Play — enables an autospin mode. At the same time you can choose between two variants — 5 or 100. You can also disable this mode
  • Help Pays — displays the paytable

You can go back to the main game screen after placing your bet. Instead of the usual buttons, here you will see only three of the following windows:

  • Total Bet/Max Bet
  • Credit/Cash
  • And Win

Total Bet displays your total bet. Click on this window to turn it into Max Bet with the bet of 500 credits. Credits — shows how many credits you have left in your account. Bets are placed and payouts calculated in credits. The slot features yet another game unit — Cash, which is measured in virtual coins. Before the game you are always initially given 300 coins. You get 30,000 credits at the beginning of the game since the only denomination option available is 0.01.

Please keep in mind that all credits are virtual. The game is totally free, and the trial version of the slot has been designed for introductory purposes only so that you can learn the intricacies and features that the gameplay has to offer.

The Win window is located to the right. It shows your win for the successful spin.

You will see a long window above all these buttons and windows, which wishes you good luck and provides some tips. The same window displays the Bet and the Lines sections on the left, Auto Off and Auto On 5/100 that show current status of an autospin mode and the Pay Table button that opens the table of payouts to the right.

The big blue Start button is in the right corner of the control panel. Look at the two buttons underneath this button before hitting the Start button:

  • The picture of a speaker turns the volume off
  • The picture of a frame (or a cross) expands the game to the full screen (or returns it to its initial size)

Symbols and multipliers in Sapphire Lagoon

This slot is themed to the life of primitive tribes on a paradise island somewhere in the ocean. The blue sky, branches of palm trees and a flock of seabirds serve as a background.

The slot features both regular and special symbols.

The Wild symbol

The mask of the island God is the Wild symbol. It comes up only on the second to fifth reels and can replace all other symbols, except for the Scatter to complete winning combinations.

The Scatter symbol

The picture of a black pearl in a shell is the Scatter.

Regular symbols

The slot features eight regular symbols. The four highest-paying ones are themed to the life of islanders. These include:

  • The picture of a hunter pays 20, 200 and 1,000 credits for three, four and five symbols respectively
  • The picture of a lady gatherer — 15, 75 and 150 credits
  • A wooden flask and a fish hook — 5, 50 and 100 credits

Then there are four symbols of the playing cards — Ace, King, Queen and Jack. All of these pay 5, 15 and 100.

Please note that all the payouts are indicated for the minimum bet per line of one credit. The payouts increase along with your bet. For example your winnings with the total bet of 500 credits will be totally different. The man pays 400, 4,000 and 20,000 credits and the playing cards earn you 100, 300 and 2,000.

Double Up

Sapphire Lagoon comes with a lucrative feature in the risk game. You can try to multiply any win, yet at the same time you may lose it either completely or only half of it. The Game Menu button turns into the Double Up button and Start turns into Take Win after each successful spin. You can refuse to gamble and claim your winnings by using the latter button. Click on the former button to play the risk game.  

Once you select the double-up game the additional window with the deck of face down cards will pop up. Click on the word that stands for colour or the sign that stands for the suit to guess the next card dealt. If you guess the colour correctly you winnings will be doubled, if you guess the suit correctly, your rewards will be quadrupled. If your guess is wrong, you will lose your credits for both the main game and the previous rounds of the risk game.

You can risk a half of your win if you do not want to risk losing everything. To do this hit the Half Gamble button. You can stop playing and claim your winnings at any time by clicking on the Start button.

The game will go on until your first failure or until your winnings reach 50 times your bet. In this case your win is credited to your balance and you automatically go back to the main game. 

Free spins

Scatter is the picture of a pearl in a shell. Unlike in many slots, you win payouts and free spins not for three, but for six or more symbols. At the same time, the more pictures that come up on the game screen, the more credits and free spins you get:

  • 6 pictures of the pearl in the shell — 75 credits and 10 free spins
  • 7 — 125 and 12
  • 8 — 250 and 14
  • 9 — 375 and 16
  • 10 — 500 and 18
  • 11 — 625 and 20
  • 12 — 750 and 22
  • 13 — 1,000 and 24
  • 14 — 1,250 and 26
  • 15 — 2,500 and 28

The above payouts are indicated for the minimum bet per line of one credit. Six pearls earn you 1,500 credits and 15 pearls, 50,000 with the maximum bet.

All of your rewards during the free spins will be doubled. You can relaunch this round during the free spins.