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Lucky Clover

Lucky Clover Online Slot by Casino Technology Review

Lucky Clover is a fruit slot machine with five reels and five paylines powered by Casino Technology. There are no bonus levels and free spins in the slot but each reward, not exceeding the total bet amount by more than 10 times, can be doubled in the risk game. During reel-spins, not only ordinary but also special pictures will land, providing you with bonuses.

Playing with the maximum bet, you can win up to 300,000 credits for the highest-paying combination of symbols — five sevens in a row. The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 95.8%.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Classic
Features Scatter, Gamble Round, Jackpot
Developer Casino Technology
Lines 5
Reels 5
Games played 61
Game Rating

How to play Lucky Clover

Running the demo version of Lucky Clover, the first thing you'll see is an intro window with the description of the game, its advantages and features. Click the Start Play button to go to the next step. As soon as the intro screen is closed, you will be asked to specify the denomination of the slot — the ratio of the currency to be invested in the game and the currency to be used during the game session. Click the pop-up window to close it and go to the game. The demo version of the Lucky Clover slot sets a fixed denomination of 0.01.

Before the game runs, open the Game Menu settings by clicking the button on the control panel. In the additional window you have to:

  • Choose the number of lines involved in the game. To do this, use one of the buttons: 1-2 Lines, 2-3 Lines, 3-4 Lines, 4-5 Lines and 5 Lines
  • Configure the bet per line. Select the bet ranges indicated on the buttons Bet 1-10, Bet 10-25, Bet 25-50, Bet 50-100 and Bet 100. After choosing the betting range, click the button repeatedly to change the bet per line within the limits, selected by you
  • Activate the auto spins mode by clicking the large round button Auto Play. One click will set 5 spins, two — 100 spins. The third click deactivates the mode

In the game menu window, you can open the pay table, examine values of game combinations, the payline pattern and the game rules.

After setting these options, close the menu and start spinning. Launch a spin by clicking the Start button. Monitor the game progress by watching the values in the control panel windows:

  • Total Bet shows the size of the total bet per spin
  • Credit displays the current state of your account
  • Win shows the wins earned for lining up combinations

Compare both Total Bet and Win values to see how profitable your spin was. Pay attention to balance changes. Initially, this section displays 30,000 credits. If during the game session, even taking into account the wins, this number goes down, you play at a loss.

Symbols and prizes

While spinning the reels of the Lucky Clover slot, you will notice several types of pictures. Some of them are fruits and others are symbols associated with luck. You earn a reward when three, four or five identical pictures land successively along one of the paylines. You can check out the wins for this or that combination of symbols in the pay table. All the wins mentioned in it are in credits.

Playing with the minimum bet, you earn:

  • For cherries, plums, peaches and apples — 10, 30 and 100 credits for three, four and five pictures in a row
  • For bells — 20, 50 and 200 credits
  • For coins or horseshoes — 40, 100 and 500
  • For sevens — 10, 50, 200 and 3,000 for two, three, four or five pictures, respectively

You can see in the pay table that even the simplest combination (two sevens or three cherries) exceeds the cost of a two spins. Therefore, any combination of symbols that lands on the game screen is considered profitable.

In addition to regular pictures, you can see the pictures that play according to the special rules of the game. These include:

  1. The star with the word Scatter. This picture can occur on any of the five reels and play regardless of its position. The main goal is to collect three, four or five stars in different boxes of the game window. For this, you will be awarded 15, 100 and 500 coins, when playing with the minimum bet. That is, you get x3, x20 and x100 times your total bet per spin
  2. Banana with the word Scatter. This picture, appearing in three positions, earns you a prize in the amount of 20 times your total bet
  3. The Wild symbol is the four-leafed clover. Such a picture can land only on the second, third, and fourth reels. The feature of the clover is that this symbol replaces any missing image in a combination of regular pictures. Another feature of the joker symbol is the ability to expand, covering the whole reel. This option works out if the clover has played in a winning combination. Covering all three boxes vertically, the Wild symbol raises up the probability of additional winning patterns

Another characteristic of the slot that is not to be missed: ordinary symbols usually land on one reel in blocks of 3-4 pictures in a row. Let us demonstrate you the advantage of this feature using an example. Let's suppose, the first and third reels are completely covered with pictures of plums. Two random icons and the Wild symbol are on the second reel. Having played along one payline and having completed a combination of three plums, the Wild symbol expands, covering the entire reel. As a result, instead of only one combination, you get as many as five winning combinations.


When at least one winning combination lines up on the reels, you can play the earned win in the risk game. The Game Menu button turns into the Double Up button, and the Start button becomes Take Win. The only condition for starting the game for doubling is that the size of the win should not exceed the total bet more than 10 times.

Once you activated the risk game, an additional screen opens. In the centre of it you can see a face down playing card. Next, you can try to guess the colour of this card or its suit. In the case of the correctly guessed colour, the stake put on the risk game is doubled. If you are right with the suit, the win increases fourfold.

Another advantage of the double-or-nothing is the possibility to play not the entire win for the previous spin but half of it. So, in the case of the incorrect answer, you can risk again by putting the rest of the prize at stake or pick up the remaining credits and finish the game for doubling without being empty-handed.

The maximum win in the risk game is limited. You cannot win more than the cost for a spin multiplied 50 times.


The Lucky Clover slot machine by Casino Technology is a slot that fits both beginners and professionals. The game control is quite simple, the main screen is not abundant with additional information and all settings can be configured in the game menu window. But among the disadvantages of the slot, we can note the uniformity of gameplay. The absence of free spins and bonus game makes the gameplay too monotonous.

Among the advantages of the slot machine you can see:

  • The feature of landing symbols in whole blocks increases the probability of winning combinations to line up
  • The Wild symbol not only replaces the missing pictures but also expands along the entire reel, so you can collect more combinations
  • You can place a half of the win in the risk game and this way insure against the complete loss of the prize in the case of failure

The slot features high variance. Combinations line up quite rarely, but even the lowest-paying of them earns you payouts that exceed the cost of a spin.