7th Heaven (Betsoft)
7th Heaven Online Slot
7th Heaven Game

7th Heaven Online Slot

7th Heaven is a slot machine with 5 reels and 18 paylines by Betsoft that you can play for free at Neonslots.com. The Wild symbol, Scatter and Bonus appear on the game screen to open access to bonus rounds and increase rewards for spins. A combination of Scatters produce you 12 free spins and three Bonus symbols get you 7 free games.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Sevens
Features Freespins, Bonus Game
Developer Betsoft
Lines 18
Reels 5
Games played 180
Game Rating
7th Heaven images

7th Heaven Bonus Game

Having collected three symbols with a jewel on the first, second and third reels, you get access to the bonus round of Gem Party. At the start, you are awarded 7 free spins and all standard symbols are replaced with jewels of different colours. The prize for winning combinations depends on the bet per line that was set in the latest spin.

When playing with the maximum line bet, three, four or five stones produce: white stone - 50, 375 and 1,000 credits and purple stone - 100, 500 and 1,500 credits. Having collected two, three, four or five symbols along one active line with a bet per line of 5 credits, you will get:

  • Green stone - 25, 200, 750 and 2,000 credits
  • Orange stone - 25, 250, 875 and 2,500
  • Yellow stone - 50, 375, 1,000 and 3,750
  • Red stone - 50, 500, 2,500 and 5,000
  • Blue stone - 100, 750, 3,750 and 7,500

The Gem Party Bonus Game doesn't feature Scatter and Wild symbols. The Bonus symbol is also unavailable, so when free spins are done, you will return to the main game with your win.

By collecting Scatters on the third, fourth and fifth reels, you receive from 7 to 12 free spins and access to the Free Spins round. Initially, a wheel with several sectors appears. As it ends spinning, you will receive a certain number of free spins according to the sector chosen. After that, you will return to the main screen where the automatic spins will begin.

With each spin, one of the four suits is chosen. If at the end of a spin it appears on the reels, then you receive an additional payout according to Bet. The manufacturer did not indicate whether it is possible to get free spins again while the already received ones are being played.

Symbols and Multipliers of the 7th Heaven Slot

As the reels of the 7th Heaven slot machine spin, you will get Wild, Bonus and Scatter symbols. They do not pay coins/credits, instead, they grant you bonuses.

The image with a purple letter "W" plays the role of Wild. It appears only on the second, third and fourth reels. The feature of the Wild symbol on the 7th Heaven online slot is that it replaces the missing symbols only in combinations of sevens of all colours. What's more, when forming a winning combination of sevens and Wild, the reward for it doubles. When landing on the second, third or fourth reels, it expands over the entire reel, increasing the chances of collecting combinations with the sevens. The picture with card suits plays the role of the Scatter symbol. It appears on the third, fourth and fifth reels only. Regardless of the position along the game lines, three of these icons will produce you from 7 to 12 free spins.

The picture with a precious stone and the inscription "Gem Party" plays the role of the Bonus symbol. It appears on the first, second and third reels. Regardless of the lines, three icons will allow you to access Gem Party Bonus Game. Ordinary symbols that only pay coins/credits differ not only in the size of the reward but in the minimum number of symbols to be involved in a combination. Combinations of three, four or five pictures with the maximum bet per line will generate:

  • BAR - 25, 50 and 250 credits
  • Spades - 25, 75 and 375
  • Clubs - 50, 125 and 500
  • Diamonds - 50, 250 and 750
  • Hearts - 75, 375 and 1,000

Combinations of two, three, four or five symbols with the maximum bet per line will produce:

  • Cherries - 25, 100, 500 and 1,250
  • Bell - 25, 150, 750 and 1,500
  • Green seven - 35, 250, 1,250 and 2,500

The top-paying symbols on the 7th Heaven slot themed to Sevens are blue and red sevens that generate a reward starting with one picture along a line. Blue seven when playing with a line bet of 5 credits produces 10, 50, 500, 2,500 and 3,750 credits. Red seven with the maximum bet on a line pays 20, 75, 1 000, 3,750 and 5,000 credits.

Rules of the 7th Heaven Game

When the Betsoft slot 7th Heaven is loaded, 1,000 coins are credited to your account. They are used to pay for spins. The second in-game currency is credits. They are used to set the bet on a line and to pay for winning combinations and bonus rounds.

Two game currencies interact through the exchange of coins for credits. To do this, change the coin value in the Choose Coin window using the arrows. The minimum price is 0.02 coins, the maximum is 1 coin. This value affects the amount that will be credited to your account in coins.

The Bet per Line window is responsible for the bet on a line. This is the number of credits in which a player evaluates one payline. The minimum line bet is 1 credit, the maximum is 5. Bet per Line affects the size of payouts for winning combinations, as well as the total bet.

There are 18 paylines available on 7th Heaven. Each spin can involve 1 to 18 lines. To change the number of active lines, simply click the left or right arrow in the Select Lines section. The number of active lines influences the chance to get paid for a winning combination. For example, the game is played with 10 paylines, therefore, the reward is given for all combinations that landed only on 1-10 lines.

The Bet per Line and Select Lines values form Bet - the total cost of starting the reels. It is displayed on the control panel in the Bet information block. It is calculated by the formula: the bet on a line multiplied by the number of lines.

A combination is considered to be winning if it consists of the same symbols that are along the same active line and adjacent reels. With the exception of special symbols, a combination must begin with the first reel. The prize is calculated based on the bet on a line and the multiplier of a symbol. The pay table, View Pays, displays a payout in credits. When you change the bet on a line, all the values in the paytable change according to the new value of Bet per Line.

Several buttons on the control panel are used to set the reels in motion. Play XXX Spin - initiates a spin with settings that you adjust. Max Bet Spin - automatically sets the maximum figures of the bet on a line and the lines themselves. In both cases, after the end of a reel-spin, the winnings along all lines will be counted. The win amount will be displayed in the Win information section and credited to your account. Play more free online slot games that Neon Slots have selected for you.