Haunted House (Playtech)
Haunted House Online Slot
Haunted House Game

Haunted House Online Slot

The Haunted House video slot developed by Playtech comes with three reels and five paylines. These paylines are used to create winning combinations with any of the 6 symbols. Almost all winning combinations consist of three pictures. You can play free demo of this online slot with no download and no registration at NeonSlots.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Monster
Developer Playtech
Lines 5
Reels 3
Games played 90
Game Rating
Haunted House images

Symbols and multipliers in the Haunted House slot

The reels of the monster-themed slot Haunted House can display a different number of symbols. Either one or two pictures show on one vertical line. Depending on this, some active lines lose the opportunity to bring you a win. For the first line to pay out, you need to land one symbol on all three reels at the same time.

The probability of winning on the second and the third active lines depends on whether another condition is met. This is whether two pictures appear on all vertical lines of the game window. For the fourth and the fifth active lines to pay out, the first and the third reels should show two symbols and the second reel, only one. In the scenarios described above, the combinations of three identical symbols can be formed in the game window. There are six in all, including five that have relatively small multipliers:

  • Candles get you 50 times your single bet
  • Three bowls pay out 75 times your bet per line
  • Daggers have a multiplier equal to 100
  • Coffins return 200 single bets
  • Crosses have a factor of 300

The symbol with the garlic picture stands out among other pictures with its large factors. Their size depends on the active line on which the winning combination is lined up. If three garlics land on the first line, you get 1,000 times your single bet. Further, the factors increase in increments of 200. This way, the maximum multiplier is equal to 1,800. In addition, the garlic is the only symbol that pays when fewer than three symbols land. You get five times your bet per line for one picture of garlic and 25 times for two. In this case, the position of the symbol does not matter. You win if it lands in any box of the reels.

How to Play the Haunted House Slot 

The Spin button starts the reels spinning at the Playtech slot machine Haunted House. It is under the middle of the three reels. You cannot stop the spin ahead of time. Another way to start spins is to enable the Autoplay mode. To do this, click the Autoplay button. It is not on the screen initially. However, it appears when you hover your mouse over the spanner symbol in the top right corner. Click it to open a window in the bottom right corner. Here you can:

  • Set the number of auto spins (from 1 to 99)
  • Start the Autoplay mode (the button with an arrow)
  • Abort all claimed auto spins (the X button)

You can also determine the number of future auto spins with the +/- buttons or by entering the desired value manually. 

How to make bets

Before starting a spin, you should check the number of credits on your account. In this slot, the balance of the virtual currency is shown in the bottom left corner. Initially you have 2,000 credits. Please note that the number of units displayed does not include the bet on the next spin.

That is, you can see the balance that will remain after the current spin of the reels. However, you can find out the actual number of credits too. To do this, add the total bet amount to the balance value. It is located in the Bet section, to the left of the game window.

The total bet is the result of two options: The first option is the number of active lines. You can get a maximum of five and a minimum of one. This number is set by clicking the Bet One button. The second option that affects the total bet helps you to understand how many paylines are active at the moment. This is the bet on one line. It is displayed on the counter in the bottom left corner of the screen. To get the number of paylines, divide the sum of the total bet by the amount of the single bet. You can set it, in the range of 0.01 to 5 credits. One of the valid values is set by clicking the "+" and "-" buttons. When clicking them, you can also find out the number of active paylines. You can do it by counting the number of white lines on the reels.

Additional interface

Several help buttons and sections should be described separately. First of all, let's look at the Bet Max button. One click on it will perform two processes at once: setting the maximum number of active lines and setting the reels into motion.

You can see the Win section to the right of the game window. It displays the amount of credits that you have won in the latest spin. On the bottom panel under this section, there is a clock that helps you keep track of the time. It is especially useful in the full screen mode of the game. To go to it, click the button with two arrows. It is in the top right corner.

The sound in the Haunted House slot machine can be adjusted by using the loudspeaker symbol. If you hover the mouse over it, a scale appears. You can set the volume with it.  The Haunted House slot machine appeals with its special theme and atmosphere. In addition, the slot features a symbol with large multipliers.

If you would like to find out what happened to the unearthly heroes in this story, then try out the full version of the Haunted House slot and other online games for real money, if you dare (ah, ah, ah). If you prefer keep playing for fun, try more online slot games for free available in demo versions at neonslots.com.