Fortune Cookie (Microgaming)
Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie Slot by Microgaming Review

Fortune Cookie is a classical slot that comes with three reels and one payline developed by Microgaming. This slot is distinguished by the feature of a special Wild symbol that can act as a multiplier. The logotype of Fortune Cookie can quadruple your reward for the combination. The highest-paying combination wins you 1,600 coins. Theoretical return to player (RTP) is 95.58%.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Classic
Features Jackpot
Developer Microgaming
Lines 1
Reels 3
Games played 32
Game Rating

How to play Fortune Cookie online

The Fortune Cookie free slot is the trial version of the full game. As the game loads, you will get 2,000 credits in your account for placing bets and spinning the reels. An additional currency unit is the coin, which is used for the convenience in calculating the rewards and adjusting your bet level.

You set up the values of the gameplay and run the spins by using the options on the control panel found at the bottom of the screen:

  • Click on the +/- buttons to assign the amount of credits for one coin in the range between 0.25 and 5
  • Use the Bet One button to adjust your bet by placing one or two coins on a spin
  • Click on the Bet Max button to set two coins for the spin and launch the reels one single time. The coin value will remain unchanged
  • Spin is a button that makes one single spin
  • The Demo Credits window displays your in-game account. Figures in this window will change once the reels are activated — your total bet will be deducted from the initial amount. If the win is credited to your account the figure will increase
  • Bet — your total bet in credits. This value depends on your bet level (one or two coins) and the denomination that you have set (ratio of coin to credit)
  • The Win window displays your reward for the winning combination landed after the spin

The rewards that you earn for the combinations will depend on your bet level and your preset denomination. The more coins you bet and the higher the denomination, the greater your reward for a combination will be. On the other hand, the more costly the spin, the less number of spins you will make during the gameplay.

Symbols and rewards

You can view the payouts for winning combinations of various symbols in the paytable located on the main screen to the right of the game window. Fortune Cookie features six types of symbols:

  • Cherries — pay 20 or 40 coins with the bet of either one or two coins respectively
  • A single BAR sign — 10 or 20 coins
  • A double BAR sign — 25 and 50
  • A triple BAR sign — 50 and 100
  • Sevens — 100 and 200
  • A fortune cookie — 800 and 1,600 coins

You can also encounter some special combinations:

  1. One cherry will pay two or four times your bet
  2. Any three BAR signs will win you three times your bet
  3. Two cherries award 5 or 10 coins with a bet of one or two coins respectively

Since combinations land rather rarely we can say that special combinations can be considered as an advantage that works in your favour. The lowest-paying special combination covers the cost of two spins.

Features of the Wild symbol

The Wild symbol is a special picture that performs a special function in this game. The logo of the Fortune Cookie slot acts as the Wild symbol. The Joker, which comes up in a combination of regular symbols will substitute for any missing picture.

If the Wild symbol is involved in the combo, your payout will be credited with an extra multiplier:

  1. One Wild doubles your reward
  2. Two Wilds quadruple your reward

So, if one Wild drops on the reels but two remaining fields remain empty, the logo will act as one cherry. Your reward will double. It means that while a picture of a cherry with the bet of two coins earns you four coins, the Wild symbol will increase your win up to eight coins. 


Fortune Cookie by Microgaming is a classical slot. This slot has low variance — winning combinations land rarely yet they win you substantial rewards. While playing with the maximum bet and denomination (bet per spin of 10 credits) you will get 16,000 credits for the highest-paying combination.