Illuminous (Quickspin)

Illuminous Online Slot

Illuminous is a slot game powered by Quickspin. It consists of five reels and twenty paylines. The slot features auto spins, Wild and Bonus Wild Scatter symbols, a round of free spins and re-spins.

The maximum win can be earned in the round of free spins. The highest-paying pictures are pink crystal, Wild and Bonus Wild Scatter symbols.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Jewels
Features Freespins, Scatter
Developer Quickspin
Lines 20
Reels 5
Games played 33
Game Rating

Rules of the Illuminous online slot

The slot is controlled using the panel at the bottom of the screen. Here, you can find information sections and buttons. Info blocks of the Illuminous slot show:

  • Balance — the number of credits in your current account
  • Bet Lines — the number of paylines (20). It is a fixed parameter. You cannot change it either in the normal game mode or during the free spin mode
  • Win — the number of credits earned for the latest winning combination

The button with the gear icon opens additional settings of the slot.

Buttons of the slot panel are:

  • Total Bet — click it to open a list of all possible options for the total bet from 0.4 to 80 credits. A click on one of the numbers will set the bet as the current one. You can also configure the total bet by using the up and down arrows
  • A button with a circular arrow — starts one spin of the reels
  • A small button with two circular arrows — activates auto spins of the slot. Click this button to open settings for auto spins. The desired number of auto spins is selected here
  • The Advanced button is found in the settings for auto spins. It enables you to adjust additional options for stopping them. Once you configured them, you need to click the Play button and auto spins will start

If three Bonus Wild Scatter symbols land during the round of auto spins, you need to intervene to run free spins.

Auto spins will stop in the following cases:

  • When the number of credits in your game account is less than your current total bet
  • When your reward for one spin is equal to or bigger than the specified amount
  • When all auto spins are performed
  • When you lose the number of credits equal to or bigger than the specified amount

The Paytable button, as well as the button with the "i" letter, opens the information menu. It includes game rules of the slot, symbols and payouts for them, patterns of paylines, as well as the description of the slot bonuses.

A winning combination is a set of at least three symbols. All winning combinations are lined up from left to right. Only the highest-paying combination is counted.

Symbols and multipliers of the Illuminous game slot

You can see thirteen kinds of symbols in the game window of the Illuminous slot. You get a reward in credits for a winning combination of three, four and five identical pictures. With the maximum total bet, payouts will be as follows:

  • The Wild symbol — 100, 300 and 1,000
  • Bonus Wild Scatter — 100, 300 and 1,000
  • A pink crystal — 100, 300 and 1,000
  • An orange crystal — 60, 200 and 400
  • A green crystal — 60, 120 and 300
  • A blue crystal — 60, 120 and 300
  • "A" — 20, 60 and 160
  • "K" — 20, 60 and 160
  • "Q" — 10, 40 and 100
  • "J" — 10, 40 and 100
  • "10" — 10, 40 and 100
  • "9" — 10, 40 and 100

The Bonus Wild Scatter symbol, a picture of a sphere with the letter W and the Bonus word, is the Wild symbol. It replaces any picture in the game window. The Bonus Wild Scatter can activate the rounds of both re-spins and free spins in the Illuminous slot.

The picture with the letter W is also a Wild symbol. It replaces any other picture in the game window to form a winning combination, except for the Bonus Wild Scatter symbol.

Re-spins in the Illuminous slot

When two Bonus Wild Scatter symbols come up on the game screen of the Illuminous slot, a re-spin is launched. The Hot Reel Effect is activated during this re-spin: one or several additional Wild symbols will come up on the highlighted reels.

If Bonus Wild Scatter symbols land during a re-spin, they activate an additional free spin.

The free version of the Illuminous game slot is available on our website. To try re-spins and other bonuses of the slot for real money, go to XXX online casinos.

Round of free spins in the Illuminous slot

Three or more Bonus Wild Scatter symbols activate a round of free spins. The round of free spins consists of five free spins.

When they are launched, the Hot Reel Effect is activated. It will act until free spins are over. Wild symbols land on the highlighted reels during the Hot Reel Effect.

Re-spins can also be started during the round of free spins. Their activation is done the same way as in the normal game mode.

During free spins, two additional sections come up on the game panel:

  • Free Spins — displays the number of remaining free spins
  • Total Win — shows the reward earned for the completed free spins

During free spins, the bet is the same as it was during the spin that activated them. After the round of free spins you return to the normal game mode.

The Illuminous game slot has medium variance: winning combinations will land in the game window relatively often. This slot is good for both newbies and experienced players.