Dino Reels 81 (Wazdan)
Dino Reels 81

Dino Reels 81 Online Slot by Wazdan

Dino Reels 81 is a slot that comes with 4 reels and 81 paylines. The slot was developed by Wazdan and its theme is related to the Jurassic Period. The pictures on the reels have the appropriate theme: a mammoth, a sabre toothed tiger, a pteranodon, an indominus rex, a stegosaurus, a triceratops, an apatosaurus, a lady and a hunter. This online slot features the Wild symbol and the doubling risk game. Your maximum bet per spin can reach 100.00 credits. At the same time the reward will reach 1,200 if you land a combo with four rexes.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Animals
Features Gamble Round
Developer Wazdan
Lines 81
Reels 4
Games played 78
Game Rating

Game principles in Dino Reels 81

Once Dino Reels 81 is launched, you will see a cut-scene animation. Click Continue if you want to skip it. Next it is recommended that you look through the game rules and the paytable that displays all possible winning combinations and their appropriate rewards. The control panel is located right under the game screen and consists of the following function buttons:

  • Autoplay — to launch a series of autospins. This button is unavailable in the trial version
  • Gamble — to access the risk game. This button becomes available once you land a winning combo
  • The Bet section with the +/- buttons — to adjust the value of your bet per spin (from 0.10 to 100.00 credits)
  • Max Bet — to launch the reels with the maximum bet per spin
  • A round button in the centre — launches one single spin with your preset values

Under the control panel you will see the windows that let you monitor the game process:

  • Credit — displays your current balance
  • Win — displays the amount of your last win for the spin
  • Total Bet — displays your bet size for one spin

In the bottom of the screen you will see some auxiliary buttons:

  • A gear — to access service settings
  • A speaker — to adjust the sound effects
  • A question mark — to open the window containing the main rules
  • I — to view the paytable

At the beginning of the game you will initially be given 5,200 credits. To increase this amount you will have to land winning combos of four identical symbols on a payline. If several successful combinations come up, their payouts will all be added up.

Symbols and multipliers in Dino Reels 81

The Dino Reels 81 online slot features 8 basic symbols and the Wild. The Wild is the picture of an indominus rex. This symbol can substitute for any picture missing in a combo. The rex can also produce combinations of its own. 4 of these symbols will earn you 1,200 credits with the bet of 100 credits.

Regular symbols will produce combinations with four identical pictures on any of the 81 paylines. The paytable lists the rewards for combinations with the minimum bet of 0.10 credits:

  • An apatosaurus. A combination of 4 of these symbols will earn you 6 credits
  • A pteranodon — 1.20
  • A triceratops — 1.00
  • A stegosaurus — 0.80
  • A tiger and a mammoth — 0.20
  • A lady with a lasso and a gentleman with a rifle — 0.10

The amount of your winnings with a certain bet will be calculated by multiplying the above data by the number of bets. It means that with a maximum bet of 100.00 credits a combination of 4 apatosauruses will earn you 600 credits.

Double Up

Each time you land a successful combo on the reels, you will be invited to try your luck in the risk round. To join the doubling game, click on the Gamble button, or click on the round button to decline the game and claim your winnings. The rules state that you have to determine behind which gate a piece of ham is. If your answer is correct, your reward will be doubled, if not it will be nullified and you will go back to the main game. The risk round will give you a total of 7 attempts to double your winnings.

In the bottom of the screen you will see two info windows:

  • Current Win — displays your winnings in the main game
  • Double To — displays the win if you guessed correctly

If you located the piece of ham successfully, you will face two choices: to claim your winnings by clicking on the round button with a handful of money or continue with the risk round.