American Poker V (Wazdan)
American Poker V

American Poker V Online Game

American Poker V was created by Wazdan. You get payouts in this video poker game for combinations of five cards. The maximum reward is 800 times your bet. You play one deck of cards that includes all cards from two to Ace. The deck also includes a Joker that replaces any card in a combination. American Poker V has a mini-bonus that is gradually accumulated and eventually credited to your account.

Game Information
Type Video Poker
Developer Wazdan
Games played 349
Game Rating

The basics of gameplay

Initially, you get 100 credits for placing bets. The Credit window displays your balance in in-game units during the gameplay. You will see the Win and Total Bet sections to the right. The former displays your win for the round. The latter, like Bet, shows your stake per deal.

Use the + and - buttons in the Bet Section to adjust it. The minimum bet per round is 0.01 credits and the maximum — 100 credits. Hit the Max Bet button to set the maximum bet in one click.

Cards are dealt after you click on the button with two arrows. After that you get five cards to create a combination. If you collect a winning combination at once, you will have several courses of action. You can collect the payouts by using the To credit button.

You can increase your reward in the risk game. Click on the Gamble button to do this. If the winning combo does not include five cards it will be better to change some cards. Put the Stop icons on those cards that you want to keep and click on the start button.

Cards that create winning combinations get fixed automatically for your convenience. Note several important things:

  • An additional bet is debited from your account as you change cards
  • You cannot change cards two times in a row
  • Instead of being added to your initial prize, the reward you get after changing cards replaces it

You will see a clock in the bottom left corner of the screen that shows your local time. Several buttons that adjust the parameters of American Poker V are located to the right of the clock. Click on the gear to open an additional window that enables:

  • A higher speed of dealing the cards
  • The full-screen mode
  • The Spacebar that starts the round

The icon of the loudspeaker modifies background music. Click it to see two sliders that adjust the volume and sound effects.

The loudspeaker button lets you study the controls of American Poker V. The "i" button displays the information about combinations and the mini-bonus.

Combinations of American Poker V

The combinations of American Poker V are traditional with one addition, though. The only difference is in the combination of five identical cards. You can collect this one by using the Joker that is available in the deck of this slot. This combination is the highest-paying one that earns you 800 times your bet.

The Royal Flush pays 400 times your bet. Importantly, Joker cannot replace Ace in this combination. You get 100 times your bet for a Straight Flush. Four of a kind wins you 40 times your bet.

The remaining multipliers:

  • Full House — 12
  • Flush — 9
  • Straight — 7
  • Three of a kind (three cards of the same rank) — 5
  • 2 pairs — 3

One pair does not pay you right away in a round. Each new pair that you get increases the amount of the mini-bonus by one total bet. Once the mini-bonus reaches 100 credits you get them after the next pair of cards appears.

So, in the long-term game you can win back your bets on deals that give you one pair.

Double-up game

In the risk game you can increase your win for any round. Click on the Gamble button to activate this game. After that several buttons and constantly changing cards pop up in front of you.

Once you hit Red or Black, the cards stop being shuffled. If you guess the right colour of the card that remains in the screen, your win will double. The amount of your potential reward appears in the Double to window. If you guess wrong, your win will reset.

If you do not want to risk you can claim the current prize. To do this, hit the Take button. The 1/2 Take button is only active before the first correct answer. This option stakes only one half of your win in the risk game. So, 50% of the payouts for the round are sure to be credited to your balance.

American Poker V is a noteworthy video poker by Wazdan. It has a user-friendly interface, its gameplay is full of special features and there is a mini-bonus and an extra combination.