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Wild Games Online Slot
Wild Games Slot

Wild Games Slot by Playtech Review

Wild Games is a slot machine with 5 reels, 25 paylines, four Wilds and three bonus symbols that you can play for free at NeonSlots. The slot by Playtech, is themed to animals and sports and gives you the chance to play four bonus games. 

Game Information
Type Online Slots
THEME Sports
Features Freespins, Bonus Game
Developer Playtech
Lines 25
Reels 5
Games played 26
Game Rating
Wild Games images

Bonus Games in the Wild Games Online Slot

The Wild Games slot gives you a chance to play four bonus games: three of them are themed to various sports and the fourth one offers large multipliers.

Freestyle Swim Bonus

The first bonus game starts when bulldog the swimmer lands on the third reel, filling it completely. Choose one of the three dogs that will participate in the swim. You are awarded with the medal corresponding to your place at the finish and 8 free spins. Free spins are spins of the reels that don't cost you anything. This means that you do not need to place the bet to start the reels spinning. The medal that you get in the swim will appear on the reels and the other medals will not land here:

  • If you win a gold medal, you will be awarded with four extra free spins, when it appears on the reels
  • A silver medal - three free spins
  • A bronze medal - two free spins

The Wild symbols in the bonus game do not fill the entire third reel, so you cannot win other rounds. You can earn up to 200 consecutive free spins, following which re-spins will no longer be available.

100M Dash Bonus

The second bonus game is launched if the entire third reel is filled with cheetahs the runners. Choose one of the three cheetahs. You can be awarded with one of the medals and 8 free spins if you win the race.

  • The gold medal will turn into an additional Wild symbol and will expand on the reel, covering it completely
  • The silver medal will also turn into an additional Wild symbol and will be cloned on the reels randomly
  • The bronze medal will simply become an additional Wild

In this round you cannot win other bonus rounds as well. Unlike the Freestyle Swim Bonus, you cannot get more free spins here.

Balance Beam Bonus

This bonus game starts if the picture of hippo the gymnast lands on the third reel. Choose one of the three performances to get the score from judges and 8 free spins.

Here all winnings are multiplied 6 - 10 times, depending on the score. Other bonus rounds are not launched. Medals do not appear here and you cannot get extra free spins.

Win a Medal Bonus

When three or more identical medals land on the reels, the bonus round is launched, where you will need to choose one of three awards. This way, when you start the game, all the payouts will be multiplied several times. Depending on the number on the reels, medals multiply your bet in the following range:

  • The gold medal - from 4 to 100 times your bet
  • The silver medal - from 3 to 70 times your bet
  • The bronze medal - from 2 to 40 times your bet

If successful combinations line up on several paylines, only the largest win will be paid out. Combinations of symbols are counted only from left to right.

Symbols and Multipliers in the Wild Games Game

All symbols in the Wild Games slot themed to sports have their multipliers, the values of which depend on how many identical pictures landed on the payline. Combinations are counted starting with as few as two symbols for higher-paying ones and with three symbols for lower-paying ones. Win is your bet, multiplied by the corresponding factor. The highest-paying picture is a trophy for first place:

  • Five symbols multiply the win 3,000 times
  • Four symbols - 800 times
  • Three symbols - 100 times
  • Two symbols - 5 times

The multipliers of other symbols vary in the same range. So, you can win 750,000 credits with the maximum bet.

Values of symbols

The remaining symbols can be subdivided into two groups, high-paying and low-paying symbols. The former are the pictures of sports animals. Wins for them start with two symbols in the combination.

The highest-paying symbols are bulldog the swimmer, cheetah the runner and hippo the gymnast. All of them pay 5, 50, 500 and 1,000 times your bet depending on how many identical pictures land on the line. In addition, these are special symbols. You can read about them below in the Special symbols section. The low-paying symbols are the pictures of balls and playing cards:

  • The football balls award the multiplier of 40, 150 and 500
  • The basketball balls - 25, 100 and 200
  • Ace and King - 15, 40 and 100
  • Queen and Jack - 10, 30 and 80
  • Ten and Nine - 5, 15 and 50

Special symbols

The Wild Games slot machine has an unusually large number of special symbols. They can be subdivided into the Wild and bonus symbols.

The Wild symbols are pictures that can replace any other symbols, except for the bonus ones. They complete successful combinations, which otherwise would not be formed. In the slot by Playtech, the Wild symbols have a feature: by landing on the third reel, they fill it entirely and launch the bonus game. A more detailed description is found in the Bonus Games section.

The bonus symbols are the pictures of medals in three colours, bronze, silver and gold. When three or more identical medals land on the reels, the Medal Bonus is launched. You can also read about it in detail in the Bonus games section.

How to Play the Wild Games Online Slot

Before the game by Playtech starts, set the options that determine the bet size for the whole spin:

  • Lines - the number of active paylines The payline is the line along which the symbols appear. Several identical symbols earn you a win
  • Line Bet - the size of the bet per line

Both parameters have a window in which the value is displayed, and you can change this value using two buttons, '+' and '-'. The number of active paylines can be changed from 1 to 25 and the size of the bet per line may vary from 0.01 to 10 credits. So, the minimum bet will be 0.01 credit. To find out this value, set 1 payline and the bet of 0.01. The maximum bet is 250 credits. To do this, set 25 lines with the bet of 10.

Starting the reels

Once you have configured the bet, you can start the reels by clicking one of the three buttons:

  • Spin - makes a single reelspin You can stop the reels before they stop spinning automatically. While they are spinning, the Spin button turns into Stop. Click it to stop the spin
  • Bet Max - sets the maximum number of paylines and launches one spin of the reels
  • Auto Play - activates the Autoplay mode, in which you do not need to click the button every time to make the reels spin Put the cursor on it and you will see a list of numbers from 10 to 99. Click any number to start the auto spins. You can stop them at any time by clicking the Stop button, which is activated when the Autoplay mode is on

It is vital to monitor your account in the Balance window, which is found at the bottom of the slot on the grey bar. The win of the current spin is displayed in the Win window between the Line Bet and the Bet Max buttons. The size of the total bet for each spin is shown in the Total Bet window, which is found above the Win button.

The Wild Games online slot machine is a colourful slot with plenty of bonus games and free spins.