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Good To Go Online Slot
Good To Go Game

Good To Go Online Slot

The Good To Go slot powered by Microgaming comes with five reels and nine paylines, you can play free demo featured at NeonSlots. The bonus incentives are paid by the Wild and the Scatter symbols. You have a chance to earn some free spins in the bonus round.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Sports
Features Freespins, Gamble Round
Developer Microgaming
Lines 9
Reels 5
Games played 17
Game Rating
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Good To Go Bonus Game with Free Spins

Three, four or five Scatters landing on neighbouring reels will grant you 3 free spins and an access to the bonus round. Free spins are the spins for which you do not have to pay with your in-game credits.

Once the Good To Go Free Spins bonus round is active, each Scatter symbol landed on the reels will reset your free spin counter to 3. Yet at the same time it will not matter where exactly the symbol will land and how many free spins you will have remaining.

Once five Scatters land on the reels before you have run out of your free spins, you will qualify for a reward as indicated in the paytable, yet at the same time the reward will be tripled, meaning that you will earn 150 total bets instead of 50.

The bonus round is played in the autospin mode. The line bet and the number of paylines that you had in the most recent spin during the main game will be used in this mode as well. All payouts will automatically be added to your balance.

Symbols featured in Good To Go

Good To Go slot themed to sports features the symbols themed to auto racing. Special symbols, which earn you more than a payout, are represented by the Wild and the Scatter. Detailed description of these symbols is contained in the paytable and in the help section.

The Wild symbol is a young lady holding the Wild sign. Once landed on a payline with a winning combo, the Wild symbol substitutes for any missing picture. As is the case with calculations of rewards for winning combos, the Scatter is the exception - the Wild symbol does not interact with it. This is the way the Wild symbol can form a combo with all regular symbols and increase the number of symbols in it. If, however, it lands on a payline starting with the first reel and there is no higher-paying combo present, you will be entitled to a reward in coins. The Wild symbols has the following multipliers:

  • 1 symbol - 2 line bets
  • 2 symbols - 25
  • 3 symbols - 500
  • 4 symbols - 2,000
  • 5 symbols - 5,000

The Scatter symbol is depicted as a speedometer. Two, three, four or five Scatters landing on neighbouring reels will earn you 2, 6, 20 and 50 total bets and 3 free spins.

Regular symbols that earn you only a payout are subdivided into two groups by their multipliers. The low-paying ones are pictures of playing cards. All of them except for 9 will form a combination starting from three pictures on a payline.

  • 7 and 8 - 6, 20 and 100 line bets
  • 9 - 2, 6, 20 and 150
  • 10 and Jack - 10, 40 and 150
  • Queen and King - 15, 50 and 250
  • Ace - 40, 75 and 500

The picture of a race car has the same multipliers as the Ace. Themed symbols with flags and helmets are the high-paying ones that will form a combination starting from two symbols. Their multipliers for two, three, four and five symbols on a payline are 5, 100, 250 and 1,000 respectively. The remaining two symbols will earn you a payout starting from one symbol on a payline. G2G - 1, 5, 120, 500 and 2,500 line bets. A racing car - 1, 10, 120, 500 and 2,500


Once you land a winning combo, you will get a chance to take part in the double-up game. Your main objective is to guess the colour of the card. You will bet the entire amount of the credits that you have earned for the spin and if you fail, i.e. if you guess the colour incorrectly, this amount will be forfeited. If you guess correctly, your winnings will be doubled.

Click on the Gamble button to open a new window that will obscure the reels. In the centre you will see the card lying face down. To the right of the card you will see two buttons for picking the colour - Red and Black. Above the card you will see the window with the prior history of cards that were opened over the past game session. the "You Win" info block - displays the amount that you have earned in the main game. The "Gamble To" info block - the amount of your reward if you have guessed the colour correctly.

You can claim your reward and go back to the main game screen at any time by clicking the Collect button, even before you start guessing the colour. You can play only five rounds in a row. After that the reward will automatically be added to your balance and you will go back to the main game.

Rules of the Good To Go Game

The introductory version of the Good To Go slot by Microgaming will give you 2,000 credits that you will be using to pay for the spins. The other virtual currency in the slot is coins. Coins will be used for betting on paylines and calculating the payouts for landing the winning combos. If you reload the page with the slot, your balance will be reset to 2,000 credits.

The first available setting is the coin value in credits. You can change the denomination of the game currency in the Coin Size section in the range between 0.01 and 1 credits. The higher the coin size, the more substantially the size of your total bet per spin will change, which will be displayed in the Bet section.

Another value that you can change is your bet per line. You can adjust it by using the Select Coins button. You will have a total of 10 coins available as a bet on one payline. Please do not confuse the line bet with the total bet. The former one sets the value for one line only. The latter one sets the total value for all paylines selected.

And finally, the third adjustable value in the Good To Go slot is the number of paylines. Click on the Select Lines button to set one to ten active paylines. Another way to do it is by clicking on the numeric value to the right or left of the reels.

The probability of earning a payout for a winning combo will depend on the number of active paylines involved. Suppose a game is played with four active paylines. It means that the reward will be paid only by the identical symbols landed on the first, second, third and fourth paylines. Regardless of the length of the combo on the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth or ninth paylines, you will not be entitled to the reward.

So, a reward will be earned only for the combos that have landed on an active payline. Depending on the type of the symbol, the minimum number in a combo will range between one and three. Since combos are being read left to right, the identical symbols must be aligned starting with the outermost reel. The exception is the Scatter symbols, which will pay you a reward for landing on neighbouring reels starting with the first one, but without being tied to any of the paylines. If you land several winning combos on one payline, you will earn a reward only for the highest-paying one of all.

Both your line bet and your total bet will affect the size of the payout for each individual symbol. For example, the line bet is important for regular symbols, besides their appropriate multipliers. All multipliers are listed in the paytable, which you can open by clicking on the Help button. The multiplier for each symbol is multiplied by your line bet, and the result is your reward for the combination indicated in coins. Your reward will be paid in credits depending on the value contained in the Coin Size section. For Scatters the size of the appropriate multiplier for a combo and the total bet are important.

To launch the reels all you do is hit the Spin button. The other way is the Auto Play option. The button with the same name becomes available in the extended version of the control panel that you can open by clicking on the Expert button. Auto Play - launches autospins. Once you click on this button, a settings menu will pop up:

  • Number of spins to play - to set the number of autospins
  • Stop when all spins are complete - to stop the reels once all autospins are completed
  • Stop if win exceeds or equals - to stop the reels once your reward reaches or exceeds the figure indicated

All you do is hit Start to launch the autospins. The control panel contains the info blocks that will display your preselected values.

  • Demo Credits - your game balance
  • Spins - your preselected number of autospins (available only in the extended version of the control panel)
  • Lines - active paylines
  • Coins - your bet per line
  • Bet - your total bet
  • Win - your win for the most recent spin

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