Forest Mania (iSoftBet)
Forest Mania
Forest Mania

Forest Mania Slot by iSoftBet - Play Online for Free

The Forest Mania online slot with a free play option was developed by iSoftBet. The game is played on two game screens at the same time with five reels on each one of them. The first set of reels is in a 5x4 format, and the second one is 5x12. The slot comes with 100 paylines, some of which are on the first screen, and some on the second. The patterns for winning combinations are listed in the paytable.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 16
THEME Magic, Different
Features Freespins, 3D
Developer iSoftBet
Lines 100
Reels 10
Games played 40
Game Rating

Symbols and multipliers in Forest Mania

Forest Mania features 12 basic symbols and one special one. Basic ones will create winning combos with 3, 4 or 5 identical pictures. A combination will pay a reward only when the pictures are aligned on one active payline with no gaps in between. One of the symbols must land on the first reel. Each winning combination will pay you the following rewards in credits:

  • 3, 4 or 5 pictures of a red critter will pay 25, 50, 250 credits respectively
  • A green critter with antenna eyes — 20, 40 or 200
  • A crown and a glass heart-shaped flask — 10, 20 or 100
  • A green octopus in a propeller hat and an apple with purple bumps — 5, 15 or 75
  • A red heart, a blue crystal and a bright pink artichoke — 5, 10 or 50
  • A green ball, a spiky orange plant with thorns and a purple snail — 5, 10 or 25

To convert your reward to game units, you will have to multiply the amount of the newly-earned credits by your preset value.

The game features one special symbol, which is the Wild. This symbol is depicted as a gold coin with the letter "W" on it. At first this symbol does not come up on the reels. It lands in randomly selected spins thanks to the bonus options that will be considered below. The Wild symbol replaces any picture to complete or complement a new winning combination.

The slot's theme is related to the magic, namely to the dwellers of the magical forest — the reels contain the pictures of mysterious creatures with mystical objects. The highest-paying symbol is the slot is a red critter with teeth and little wings. The reward for a combo that it is a part of can reach 12,500 coins. The slot features three bonus rounds triggered by the Wild symbols and a round of free spins.

Bonus options in Forest Mania

Forest Mania features three bonus options that are launched at random after any of the spins:

  • Wild Symbols. The sign that this option has been activated is an evil monster appearing above the first game screen, who will drop the bucket with the Wild symbols. One of the symbols will be selected at random and all of its copies in that window will turn Wild. Then the same symbols turn Wild on the right screen as well. These transformations will increase your chances to produce new winning combos
  • Wild Reels. This bonus round also starts with the apparition of an evil monster dropping the bucket with the Wilds symbols. But in this case the entire reels will turn Wild on the first screen. These columns will be duplicated on the second set of reels as well
  • Free Spins. A round of free spins gets launched with no extra conditions applied. You can get 3 to 10 free spins at any time throughout the game. During this round you can get even more free spins. It is worth noting that the Wild Symbols and Wild Reels bonus options are encountered more frequently during a round of free spins

Forest Mania Game Controls

Once you load the Forest Mania slot by iSoftBet, you will initially be given 1,000 game units in your account. Credits are used for the internal game. You have a chance to set your own value in correlation with the game units. These are the options provided: 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 and 1. Please keep in mind that when you change the denomination, the amount of credits in your balance will change as well. The value of a credit will also affect the amount of your prospective rewards. You can select this value by using the up and down arrow buttons in the Coin Value section.

The objective of the game is to increase the amount of credits in your account. In order for this to happen you will have to land winning combinations on active paylines. It is recommended that you learn the rules of the game and study the paytable prior to launching both sets of reels. Click on the "i" button (Paytable) on the control panel to open this section.

To launch the game you need to hit the big round button with a round arrow in the centre of the control panel. This button will spin the reels only one time. To launch a series of spins that will be running without your involvement, you will have to use the Auto Spin button. By clicking on it you will open the menu of settings for your desired number of autospins from 5 to 1,000 and the conditions for stopping them. Hit Start to launch a series of autospins.

Info windows on the control panel include:

  • Bet — displays the size of your current bet per spin. In the free version of the game this value is constant and always stays at 50 credits
  • Coin Value — displays the value of credits in correlation to the game units
  • Win — displays the amount of the most recent reward in credits

In the bottom of the screen you will see several sections that will let you monitor the game balance:

  • Bet — your current bet per spin in game units
  • Balance — your current balance in game units
  • Credit — displays the amount of credits in your balance
  • Win — displays the amount of the reward in game units

To maximise the game to full screen, click on the button in the upper left corner of the screen. Opposite that button you will see another button with three dots and stripes. By clicking on it you will open an additional control panel where you can adjust the sound effects and access the stats and the section containing the official rules of the game.

Forest Mania will appeal to the fans of uncommon slots. The game is played on two sets of reels at the same time. The slot can be noted for its unique bonus options that can be triggered at any moment throughout the game. They will earn you a large number of Wild symbols and free spins. The slot features somewhat uncommon design, magic theme and high-quality graphics you will especially appreciate while playing with real bets at legal online casinos.