Gamevy Casinos & Games

Gamevy was founded in 2013 and is a British developer of gambling games for online casinos with over 10 unusual slots that are based on quizzes, scratch cards and have jackpots, some have even won awards.

Gamevy Casinos and Partnerships

Gamevy has occupied a niche in the gambling industry that was empty for a long time. The company focuses on the distribution of its products for online and mobile platforms. They have made partnership agreements with major gambling software developers, publishers and providers, including Microgaming, Greentube, Kindred Group and Infinity Gaming Solutions. 

Partnerships with major companies have allowed this small studio to enter the European market and provide its products to leading online casinos, such as PafThe Online Casino, Interwetten,  Conquer Casino and 22Bet. 

Gamevy Slots

Gamevy has not released many slots so far but all of them appeal to users due to their unusual gameplay. The company's products are most popular in the UK, Germany and Austria. The most popular are:

  • Gears of Fortune - a trivia game where you have to spin the gear to accumulate winning images on the scales. A special symbol opens a window with a question and the correct answer will increase your payouts
  • Boss the Lotto - a video slot based on the "pick me" principle. You must collect six balls with prizes to get a guaranteed payout and all subsequent winning balls increase the prize already awarded. If you open a symbol that closes the round it will burn the awarded win
  • Diamond Deal - a video slot where you must open the boxes on the game screen. You have four attempts to find the diamond in the boxes. One diamond gives you an award and restores the "lives" lost during your search and you are allowed to make another try to find one more winning symbol
  • The Link - a video slot with three reels, five types of pictures and a Wild symbol. Winning combinations land on eight paylines, three of them run horizontally, three vertically and two diagonally. You get the maximum payout for the diamond and the Wild symbol that occupies the entire game screen
  • SpinLotto Scratch - a lotto based scratch card it features two lines, one with your numbers and the other with winning numbers. You get the prize if at least one number appears in both lines. The slot also has an additional multiplier, up to a maximum of x10

The innovativeness of its products has lead to Gamevy's popularity in the market.

Gamevy Games

Gamevy stands out from other popular companies in the gambling games market and its products can be conveniently classified into the following categories:

  • Skill-based gambling games - you should have some skills and knowledge to successfully complete a round, however, your win also depends on luck
  • Games with accumulative jackpots
  • Games with instant payouts

The Heist could serve as an example of the first category. You are given 5 lives to pass 10 steps to get a reward, any mistake will cost you one "life". Each step has three boxes that contain a hidden arrow which will quickly move you to the next step, a circle that takes one "life" away, or a question mark which activates a quiz. In the quiz, you have to select the correct answer from two options. If your answer is correct, you will move along the game field, however, if your answer is wrong, a "life" will be taken away.

Their games with accumulative jackpots operate differently to video slots and are more like classic "pick me" bonus slot machines. You will see clickable objects in front of you, some of them hide rewards and others have symbols that end the round. In order to win the basic payout you should open a certain number of objects with prizes. All subsequent winning objects are accumulated on the prize scale bringing you closer to the jackpot.

Games with instant payouts include scratch cards and their variants. In this games you need to remove the "protective cover" from each section of the card to collect the required amount of winning pictures.

Gamevy History and Structure

Gamevy was founded in London, Great Britain and was registered on 14th February 2013. The company's office is located at: 87-88 Turnmill Street, London, EC1M 5QU and their official website is You can contact them via email or on the telephone: 020 7253 2380. The company’s activities may also be followed via social media on Facebook - and Twitter -

The company’s key figures are:

  • CEO and Company Director -  Paul Dolman-Darrall
  • Marketing Director - Helen Walton
  • Technical Director - Dan Rough
  • Board Member  Robert Lenzhofer
  • Finance Director Natasha Mockett

Apart from the members of the board, the company employs 15 specialists dedicated to the constant growth of the company.

In terms of video slot development, the company aims at quality rather than quantity. This approach ensures its applications are offbeat and appealing. Gamevy has firmly secured its place in the undeveloped market segment of video slots that are partially based on the user's skills. They have been awarded Pitch ICE in 2015, won the nomination for Game to Watch at the ICE Totally Gaming Conference and won the EGR Skill Gaming Supplier Award in 2016.

The company has received licenses for the development and distribution of applications from the UK Gambling Commission and the Gambling Commission of Gibraltar.