Diamond Deal (Gamevy)
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Diamond Deal

Diamond Deal Online Slot by Gamevy Review

Diamond Deal is a 10-reel slot with 5 rows. Gamevy invites you to guess which boxes contain diamonds. The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 92% The maximum win is the jackpot. It depends on the bet and reaches 98,300 credits.

Game Information
Type Others
THEME Jewels
Features Jackpot
Developer Gamevy
Games played 188
Game Rating

How to play Diamond Deal

When the game loads, you will see the Make A Bet caption on the screen. In the central section, you will come across the bet size, with the up and down arrows on the sides. These arrows help you to configure the bet, which in this game is per round. The jackpot is displayed beneath this window. The jackpot changes with the bet.

Clicking the Start button, you open the main game screen. It's a table filled with glittering diamonds. Your task is to open the boxes and find diamonds. The top right corner features four lamps with a Lives caption. It means you have four attempts to pick boxes each round.

You have the following two options to open the boxes:

  • By clicking the Quick Pick button in the bottom of the screen, it will automatically open four random ones
  • Or you can click on the boxes you want manually

The table hides 10 diamonds total. You need to find as many diamonds as you can during one round to hit the jackpot.

Calculating the winnings

If you find no diamonds during a round, the Unlucky caption appears in the middle of the screen and a new round begins. You will see a window where you can adjust the bet.

If you find a diamond, the payout is shown in the centre of the screen and the Cashout button appears near the Quick Pick. Click it to collect your winnings.

Yet, it doesn't end the round. All four Lives lamps are lit again. It means you have four more attempts during this round. If you use the four attempts and find nothing, your win burns. If you find another diamond, the wins stack up. And you get four more attempts.

The Cashout button displays the payout size. Look at the Next Wins caption above the table. It shows how much you get for the next diamond and what the payout for several found diamonds in a row is.

Additional settings

The Diamond Deal slot lets you configure the game as you want it. In the top section of the screen, there's a panel with buttons and windows:

  • The note icon lets you turn the music on or off
  • Speaker lets you turn on/off the sound effects
  • Account shows the number of credits left
  • Bet is the bet size for one round
  • The "i" button in the centre opens the game rules


The Diamond Deal slot by Gamevy is an unusual game which lets you win a jackpot of up to 98,300 credits. The gameplay is simple, you only use two buttons which newbie players will like.