Epic Gems (Gamevy)
Epic Gems

Epic Gems Online Slot by Gamevy

Epic Gems features a game screen with five rows and eight columns — all together 40 fields. Your aim is to collect gems and avoid hidden mines. By collecting several gems you hit a jackpot. Its size depends on the amount of your bet. Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) is 96.5%. You can win the maximum of 250,000 times your bet. You can also hit the jackpot of 100,000 game units.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 5
THEME Jewels
Features Jackpot
Developer Gamevy
Reels 8
Games played 83
Game Rating

Gameplay of Epic Gems

As the game loads, the Play window with the bet size pops up in the left of the screen. Use the '+' and '-' buttons found under and above the Play window to adjust the bet size. A window with a jackpot size is displayed at the top. The higher your bet is, the more payouts you are likely to win. Jackpot displays the maximum amount you can win with the current bet.

Set the bet and hit the Play button. You will see a table with 40 gems. Four of them are hidden mines. Collect the gems by clicking on them and try to avoid the mines. Once you click on the gem, the Random Number Generator comes into action, which decides whether you lose or win.

To the left you will see a window with the payout for the next gem. Seven gems double your reward. You can collect your payout at any time by clicking the Cash Out button. If you open the hidden mine, your win is lost. The word Unlucky pops up and you have to configure the bet and launch another round again.

At the bottom of the screen you can see a bar with the following sections:

  • Balance — the number of game units in your account
  • Bet — your bet size
  • Game — your session identifier
  • Another section shows the time

Multipliers in Epic Gems

The value of each gem is displayed in the pay table:

  • You win 110 times your bet for the first gem
  • The second gem pays 120 times your bet
  • The third gem — 130 times
  • And so on up to the thirty-sixth gem which pays 250,000 times your bet

Therefore, with the minimum bet of 1 game unit, you win 1x110% = 1.10 units. With the maximum bet of 100 units your reward for the first gem is 110 game units. This way you can calculate other rewards for further successful findings. So, your winnings can reach as high as 25,000,000 game units = the maximum bet of 100 x the multiplier of 250,000.

The gear icon in the top left corner displays the pay table in full. Click this button to open the window with main game rules. By clicking Full Rules you can learn the rules and the pay table in detail.

Advanced settings

Click on the gear picture to open the window with extra options:

  • The loudspeaker icon — turns the sound effects on or off
  • The notes icon — turns the music on or off
  • The home icon — helps to quit the settings
  • The 'i' button opens the game rules

The button with two arrows in the top right corner shows the game in full screen or returns to the normal size.


Epic Gems by Gamevy features quite exciting gameplay and allows you to win up to 25,000,000 units. Once you collect enough gems to win the jackpot, you get this prize automatically. The slot will appeal to both fans of small bets and high rollers.