Boss the Lotto (Gamevy)
Play Online for Free Boss the Lotto by Gamevy
Boss the Lotto by Gamevy

Boss the Lotto by Gamevy

To play free Boss the Lotto online by Gamevy, simply select the balls you hope will be drawn. You may choose each ball individually by clicking on each ball in turn or you can slide the pointer to select several balls at once. The winning balls will display the pound sign "£". 

Game Information
Type Lotto
Features Jackpot
Developer Gamevy
Games played 561
Game Rating

Boss the Lotto Rules

Once 6 winning balls have been selected, the 'Cash Out' button will be enabled, allowing the option of either withdrawing winnings or carrying on with the game without cashing them in. After this point, money may be withdrawn after each win. Should one of the 6 black balls have been selected, then the bet any accumulated winnings are lost.

At the beginning of the game, you must decide how much you are willing to bet. The bigger the bet, the more money you stand to win. Onscreen, below the word 'Jackpot' the maximum amount that can be won with the current bet is displayed.

The Boss the Lotto board consists of 49 balls, of which 43 are good and 6 are bad. When a ball is selected, the random number generator will determine whether the ball is good or bad. The ball will begin to spin to reveal its hidden value be it a winning ball or a losing black ball. The rotating "€" sign indicates a winning ball. If the ball is black the game will end and the positions of all 6 bad balls in the current game are revealed.

Once you have chosen at least 6 good balls, the cash out button will begin flashing allowing winnings to be withdrawn . You may then choose to make a withdrawal on your winnings by pressing this button or continue playing by selecting more balls. After selecting each good ball, you can choose to withdraw the winnings or continue the game. To win the Jackpot, you must select all the winning balls without selecting any of the black balls until you have correctly selected all 43 winning balls.


Occasionally, the jackpot may be limited to a certain amount. This amount will be displayed under 'Jackpot'. Should you select all 43 winning balls in a single game, the game will automatically publish the prize won and you will be able to withdraw the winnings of your good fortune. This is perhaps the most exciting target in the game, the chance of hitting the Jackpot, difficult odds to overcome but just imagine hitting 43 good balls in a row and while avoiding the 6 black balls, definitely something to write home about.

Average Payments

Boss the Lotto is a game based on chance where the result is not predetermined. This means that the player's choices are significant within the context of the random number generator, which uses an algorithm that calculates the probabilities of a ball being good or bad.

You may choose whether to withdraw the winnings obtained or not after choosing 6 consecutive balls are correctly selected. The theoretical return to player (RTP) is calculated on the premise that it is equally likely that you will cash in their winnings or continue after each ball selection, the game provides RTP of 91%.

Demo Game

The Demo game provides an opportunity to try out the game, get used to the easy-to-use game controls and play for free before, should you wish, go on to try the play for real money option which operates under exactly the same rules using the same digital random number generator. The demo mode version allows you to play for fun with game credits that have no financial value.


Gamevy reserves the right to return winnings and cancel bets if a player manipulates the game in a fraudulent manner or if the game system malfunctions. The definition of such malfunction extends to an error in the published odds or paytables, or a game that does not work according to its published rules.

If you are looking for a little more thrill in your gameplay having tried out the free play demo version, you may like to find out more about legal online casinos, where and how to play for real money.