Hexaline (Microgaming)

Hexaline Online Slot

Hexaline — online slot game with an exceptional game screen consisting of 3 columns of 4 boxes and 2 columns of 3 boxes. The Slot by Microgaming features cascading icons, bonus and wild symbols and a bonus game with a choice of position. The highest-paying is the Wild symbol.

Game Information
Type Others
Features Bonus Game
Developer Microgaming
Games played 11
Game Rating

Rules of Hexaline

This video slot is a demo version of the real game. Demo credits are the game currency. The other characteristics and functions of the slot are the same as in the original slot.

The total bet can be set by using "-" and "+" in the Stake section in the range from 0.1 to 50 credits. Information windows Demo Credits and Win display the number of credits in the game account and a prize for the previous spin respectively.

Play button starts the gameplay with adjusted parameters. The automatic game menu opens by alternately clicking Expert and Autoplay buttons. Here you can set the number of auto spins and ways to stop them. The Start button starts auto spins. The Stop button stops the mode.

You can find the Game Info section with rules in the left part of the screen. Here you can see possible winning combinations and descriptions of how the bonus game is activated. The View Rules button opens an additional information window that describes a bonus game and other rules of the slot.

In the right part of the screen you can see the Paytable. Figures of the table change depending on the bet you choose and are displayed in credits.

Winning combinations and cascading symbols

Winning combinations of the slot are formed in an original way. The main condition is landing hexagons of one colour in five columns of the game screen. All of the symbols in a combination must contact each other forming a chain with no gaps.

You get a prize, not for a combo itself, but for the number of symbols involved in it.

The slot features cascading symbols. All hexagons involved in a winning combination disappear. After this, new symbols replace them and can form a new winning combo. This process goes on until no combination is formed.

Symbols and multipliers of the Hexaline slot

To make calculations easy and fast, payouts for disappearing winning symbols will be based on the bet of 1 credit.

Symbols of the slot are hexagons of different colours. They can be also divided into two categories according to their individual functions.

Special symbols

Bonus symbol is a hexagon of any colour with the word Bonus. It takes part in building a winning combination like other symbols. Three of these symbols anywhere on the game screen (if none of them has disappeared) activate the bonus game with a position choice option.

The Wild symbol is a hexagon with the word Wild. It is multifaceted and can replace any missing symbol to complete a combination. Also, each Wild symbol will award you with 1.5 credits.

Standard symbols

Standard symbols of the slot have no words on them and produce the following prizes in credits:

  1. Violet and green — 0.1
  2. Yellow — 0.3
  3. Red — 0.5
  4. Blue — 0.8

For example, a combo of five blue symbols with a maximum bet will award you 200 credits.

Bonus game with a choice of positions

The game activates by landing of three Bonus symbols anywhere on the game screen. In every round, you need to click one symbol with a question mark. Your choice starts with the first column of the game screen. Each opening awards you credits and one of three values:

  1. Right arrow moves you one column right. The more to the right the column is, the more credits you get by opening positions
  2. The left arrow moves you one column left
  3. A red symbol X finishes the bonus game

The idea behind this game is to reach the fifth row and choose the position with the right arrow. This way you can get the maximum prize of the slot. At the end of the game, all earned credits are transferred to your account.

Hexaline — is a slot with an unusual gameplay and payout system. Winning combinations of the slot land quite often. The prize depends not only on the bet but also on the number of symbols in a combination. The slot also features the bonus game with a guaranteed prize.