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Roulette Diamond by 1x2 Gaming is a free roulette game where it is possible to bet on 41 numbers. The playing area is in the shape of a diamond which means you can make additional types of bets. There is also a multiball option so you can play more than one game at a time. Play the demo version of Roulette Diamond for free without downloading.

Roulette Diamond
Roulette Diamond Online Game
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Diamond Roulette
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Roulette Diamond Game Parameters

The game of Roulette Diamond uses the principles of Roulette but has 40 numbers that are coloured black and red as well as a zero. You can place up to 16 bets on the diamond shaped playing area at once using the chips that range from 0.1 to 50.

There are arrows surrounding the numbers that allow you to make bets on lines, columns, diagonals and corners, as well as red, black, odd or even. At the right hand side of the screen there are groups of numbers that you can also put chips on. When you press the play button a coloured ball will travel across the numbers and you can press the play button again to release a different coloured ball which also moves over the numbers. You can continue to do this so that up to 4 balls are moving around the numbers at a time.