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Online table game Mini Roulette was created by Playtech. The gameplay is the same as regular Roulette games except that there are only 13 numbers to make bets on, so it is a simplified version of Roulette. You can make the regular roulette bets including black and red, odd and even and bets on single or groups of numbers.

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Mini Roulette
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Mini Roulette Game Parameters

The game of Mini Roulette only has 13 numbers which gives you fewer numbers to bet on and a higher chance to be successful. The regular bets can be made on single numbers as well as on groups of two, three, four or six numbers, alongside the usual red/black, odd/even bets. The chips are valued in the range 0.1 and 100. The buttons enable you to clear the previous bets, make the same bet and spin the Roulette Wheel. You are also able to see the results, winnings and see the last 10 winning numbers. The game is simple to control and available to play for free.