Fruity 3x3 (1x2 Gaming)
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Fruity 3x3 Game

Fruity 3x3 Online Slot by 1x2 Gaming Review

Play for free the Fruity 3x3 online game developed by 1x2 Gaming with no download at NeonSlots. The slot combines nine different slots with 3 reels. Each of them can get turned on or off, which will affect your total bet. Fruity 3x3 features 16 symbols of different types.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
Developer 1x2 Gaming
Lines 9
Reels 3
Games played 116
Game Rating
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Symbols and multipliers featured in Fruity 3x3

Activation of game windows in online slot Fruity 3x3 should be approached with attention, since this is what will affect your chances to win a big reward. Each separate slot features only eight symbols out of the existing 16. The reels of the top row have the lowest threshold of possible winnings. Their symbol with the maximum multiplier is depicted as a watermelon. A combination of three of these pictures will earn you eight times your bet per line. All symbols with smaller multipliers will also be dropping on the reels of the top row:

  • Cherries
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Plums
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Grapes

The multipliers for these pictures are one to seven, according to our list. The maximum reward that you can win on the middle row of the game windows is 30 line bets. Such a reward will be paid for three Bar signs on a blue background. This is where the above-mentioned cherries, lemons, oranges and apples will also come up. The middle reels also feature the following symbols:

  • Bells that earn you ten bets per line
  • Red sevens - 15
  • Green sevens - 20
  • Yellow sevens - 25

The symbol with the highest multiplier lands only on the reels of the bottom row. It is a gold star which earns you up to 500 line bets. From among the pictures described above there are cherries, apples, lemons, bells and yellow sevens. Double and triple Bar signs are also possible symbols that can show up on the bottom row. The former earns you 50 line bets, the latter - 100.

How to Play the Fruity 3x3 Slot

Once you activate the Fruity 3x3 online slot by 1x2 Gaming, you will initially receive 50,000 credits. The balance of the in-game currency will be displayed on the control panel at the top. The amount will change only in two cases:

  • Once the spinning is launched
  • Once you earn a reward for the spin

Your bet per spin will be displayed in the Total Stake window. This figure will be affected by two values: One is the number of windows in which the reels will spin. This option can be adjusted by clicking on the game windows. There are no symbols in the windows of inactive slots. Your total bet will also be affected by your line bet. This is the name we gave for the bet of one game screen. Your bet per line is adjusted with the +/- buttons on the bottom control panel. Its minimum value is 0.1 credit. Your maximum bet per line can reach five credits.

You can launch all of the reels by clicking on the button with two arrows. The win for the spin will be displayed in an appropriate window. The win will depend on two values - your line bet and the value of a symbol which has formed the combo on the reels. Credits will be paid only for the combinations of three identical pictures. The sound in the Fruity 3x3 slot is configured in the upper right corner by clicking on the speaker icon. To the left of it you will see the button with the letter 'i'. Click on it to open the rules for an appropriate slot. There is another button in the upper left corner that resembles the face of a clock.

The Fruity 3x3 fruit slot became popular thanks to its unique mechanics and gameplay. But even here you can find a trace of a standard game design. The slot comes with the traditional three reels and a payline, and you are the one to determine how active they will be throughout the game.