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Premium French Roulette Online Game

French Roulette has been played down the years by rich and poor alike, it is a game that has captured our imaginations and made individuals millions while others have lost fortunes. This classical version of the game has now been reproduced in digital form as Premium French Roulette, by Playtech, a most elegant and easy-to-use online roulette that you can play for free at NeonSlots. 

Game Information
Type French Roulette
Developer Playtech
Games played 1,246
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Premium French Roulette Betting Options

There are an incredible range of betting options available for Premium French Roulette by Playtech. Newcomers to the game will find it very easy to play, by hovering over each possible bet a small window appears detailing: how much is bet, the name of the bet, the payout, the minimum and maximum bet. provide the following description of the bets available in Playtech's Premium French Roulette:

  • Manque (Low numbers, 1-18) pays 1:1
  • Passe (High Numbers, 19-36) pays 1:1
  • Impair / odd numbers pay 1:1
  • Pair / Even numbers pay 1:1
  • On all Red pays 1:1
  • On all Black pays 1:1
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd dozen numbers are paid 2:1
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd column numbers are paid 2:1
  • Split is paid 17:1. A split is, for example when you place a bet and chip on the line between two numbers
  • Zero is paid 35:1

There is also the option of placing neighbouring bets, there being 4 additional neighbouring roulette wheels available for this betting option by selecting the Neighbouring Bets button. Multiple bets are available simultaneously, for different quantities providing each is within the betting limit for each bet. This again is shown in the legend which appears by each bet when the cursor is moved over the bet. 

The numbers 1 to 36 appear on the spinning wheel, which, if we add them all together equal 666, the number of the beast. At some past moment in the game's development, the zero we can see today was added which, according to superstition, dispels the notion that by beating the wheel, you beat the devil himself.

Game Rules

The french roulette game rules are extremely simple in practice although the number of bets at the outset may give a very different impression. In Playtech's Premium French Roulette all the betting options are given a brief and succinct explanation in the window which appears by each bet whenever the cursor is placed over the bet you happen to be interested in. A great reference tool which overcomes the need to dedicate each and every betting option and payout table to memory. Just place the bet or bets you happen to be interested in and spin the wheel. Each bet can be for a different amount and may be cleared before spinning the wheel by selecting the clear bets button or doubled be selecting the double and spin button.

History of Winning Numbers and Roulette Strategies

Winning numbers are recorded and displayed in a table at the top right of the screen. Many players enjoy employing one or other of the various roulette strategies while betting to maximize their winnings and minimize their losses, strategies based upon mathematics and laws of probability. These strategies are of course primarily for entertainment, allowing an additional dimension to gameplay. For the main part, the laws of probability are applied to the historic winning numbers produced during the game and based on that history, what numbers or other bets are more or less likely to be produced in subsequent as yet not produced bets. For further information on roulette strategies, you might like to read one of our many articles on the subject. Good luck, enjoy the game and discover more roulette games online for free at