Deuces Wild (Betsoft)
Deuces Wild Online VideoPoker
Deuces Wild VideoPoker Game

Deuces Wild Online VideoPoker Game

Deuces Wild is a free to play demo version of videopoker game developed by Betsoft. Rules of the classical card game serve as the basis of the videopoker. However, developers brought in some unconventional ideas. The deuce here is the Wild symbol among the card icons. It plays the part of the Joker and can replace cards in any combinations, except for Natural Royal Flush. Beyond that, certain patterns can be formed only with the help of this symbol.

Game Information
Type Video Poker
Features Gamble Round
Developer Betsoft
Games played 94
Game Rating
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How to Set up the Deuces Wild Game

You can find the control console under the game screen of the Deuces Wild videopoker game developed by Betsoft. The rules allow you to choose the bet size from 1 to 5 coins per hand. To set this parameter you need to use some buttons:

  • Bet One, each click increases the current bet by 1 coin
  • Max Bet instantly chooses the maximum bet of 5 coins and the game instantly deals the cards

The coin value from 0.02 to 5 credits is set in the Choose Coins sector. To launch the videopoker game with the bet size you want, click Deal.

VideoPoker Basic Rules

The main purpose of the videopoker is to collect a winning combination made up of a certain selection of cards. To achieve it you have a chance to change some of the cards once for free. When you click Deal the game deals five cards. You evaluate the hand and analyse which combinations can be formed out of these icons. Those which can win you a prize in the long term are fixed with the Hold buttons. Then you click Deal again. You replace unnecessary cards with new ones. If the hand is successful, you manage to fill the combo set and get the prize. If part of the cards forms a combination during the first deal, the game highlights these icons itself. You only need to decide if you like the suggested option or want to collect another set.

Combinations and prizes of the Deuces Wild

You can see the paytable of the game, on the panel above the cards. The prize is calculated by multiplying the total bet and the multiplier. But the payouts are displayed directly in coins. The game allows you to collect 10 different sets:

  • Three of a Kind — the simplest option. To win a prize you need to collect 3 cards of the same value. The prize size is 1 bet per round
  • Straight — 5 cards of any suit of sequential rank. The bet is doubled
  • Flush — 5 cards of the same suit and rank. The reward is 3 times your bet
  • Full House – a combo of a pair and three cards of one rank. Pays 4 times your bet per round
  • Four of a Kind — a set of four cards of the same rank. The multiplier is 4 times your bet
  • Straight Flush — 5 cards of sequential rank and one suit. The prize size is 9 times your bet
  • Five of a Kind — 5 equal cards. You get your bet back
  • Deuces Royal Flush — a combination of the same suit cards from 10 to Ace. As in the previous variants this combination allows Jokers — the Wild deuces. The reward is 25 times your bet per round
  • Four Deuces — 4 "Wild" deuces. The multiplier is х200
  • Natural Royal Flush — a set of cards from 10 to Ace of the same suit. The Jokers can't take part in creating a "natural" combination. The prize size for the combination is 250 times your bet

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The Deuces Wild game gives you a chance to multiply any wins. A window pops up on the screen after each successful hand. You can play the double-up or just cancel it. The game itself is of a common format. The additional window shows you five cards — one is face up and others are face down. Your task is to guess which of the face-down cards is of the highest value. The right choice doubles your coins, while the wrong choice resets them. There is a special feature you should note. If you accept the invitation to play the double-up game you can't leave the round without making a choice. The players provide different reviews about the Deuces Wild game.